Best view of super explosion at Tianjin Binhai New Area

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CamoFlex : Potentially the greatest thing he, or anyone in that room will ever film in their entire lives and he holds the camera vertically...

Satellite : That`s what you get when you divide by zero.

onlineamiga : The people filming it sound like they're watching and enjoying a fireworks display.

Panzar Hamstern : forget about micheal bay...

Ouskiller : Chinese: OH GOD, RUN!! Americans: Wooah awesome! I love chemical fireworks!

Carl : What a bunch of mental midgets here in the comments section. These people are NOT laughing in a "haha funny" sort of way. Anyone with the slightest bit of personal experience with fear and panic can tell that they're having an uncontrollable reaction to what is unfolding in front of them.

Jackson Vladimir : 0:21 censor via explosion. WHAT THE *BOOM*

Bartek Bieliński : Although it was tragic event I am somehow pleased and thankful to that cameraman that he filmed it all the way!

Indo Science : Hundred of people died in this explosion. I don't know the exact number, but I do know about 800 were injured. According to the man recording, he and everyone around him believed they were going to die. Word for word. When people see this, it's be so unbelievable and awesome that they would be awestruck, meaning they would feel the need to react in some way, like laughing, even though they feared for their life.

jezu : only time ill accept vertical filming

Sean Snowden : This video is terrifying. Think of all the hurt, burned people, destroyed buildings, glass and materials that were under no caution or evacuation measures. The nightmare caught on "tape". The second detonation is a double explosion is you listen closely. Peace-

PanzerKampfwagen VI Ausf B [H] : Girl: Is it a gas station? Guy: Yea,it's a gas station. Explosion: Can a gas station do this!? * Explodes*

Monad Rymael : I'm surprised by the number of comments who are misinterpreting these peoples' tone of voice. Saying they're "excited" or "happy", because of the higher pitch of their voices. They are in "awed horror". It sounds similar, but the emotions are different..

Ky Neb : people laugh when they are in shock it's not because it's funny. something to do with your brain when something crazy happens and you don't know how to react. I've done it too even though I was terrified I didn't actually think it was funny!!

Geoff Horvath : If you view this at 1.5 x playback speed oh, he actually sounds normal.

Tim Yang : the girl sounds excited

SpecialSunflower1008 : Chinese Government "what explosion"?

happytappyslappy : Way too massive for a gas station explosion.

Johnny : Michael Bay: Oh that's cute.

Xavier Perez : At 0:54 it looks like hell was rising

贡布 : Another super explosion: 00:53

Alec : what is the thought process... Fuck look at that explosion we might die, but wait I gotta get this on camera


Congrats You just wasted your time reading my name : Directed by Michael Bay

Nicolas : Yeah, I'd shit pants if I see this outside my window...forget filming I probably faint!

just s a u c e : That's ammonium nitrate for ya... Not very fire-friendly

Rory Cheeney : He had a strong accent, perhaps Philadelphia? She was Chinese.

Nspinicelli : The timing is perfect: "What the BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM"

Sand BM : this makes them laugh? :/

ΛΕΥΤΕΡΗΣ ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟΣ : it looks like hell

P h a t M e m e : When the beat drops too hard

Władca Wymiaru : Stupid firefighters uses water and make minor fire in to major disaster! Never use water in port !!!

Anonymous User : That wasn't a gas station is was a place were they store dangerous chemicals

Mica B : Was it Michael Bay?

JANES MARTA DE ANDRADE RICARDO : They're filming Transformers 6 in Tianjin

Zillxionaire : this was all because someone lit a cig around some highly explosive chemicals

Dana Kocourková : Laughing.... one second later: HOLY SHIIIIIT!

Endless Bliss : When someone passes me the AUX cord

Joe Shmoe : So I read in the comments below that someone takes offense at people laughing from something which at first, didn't know what they were seeing. I agree it wasn't funny at all. Let me tell you something that is funny, very funny; Morons that think they know the proper storage procedures and transportation of chemicals. This could have only happened in China. Where else are people as stupid to think that just because they see others do they think they can do it too? It reminds me of Chinese drivers and airline pilots.

sacr3 : 170+ people dead, crazy shit. Imagine being close to that? Lot of the folks running away didn't think it would explode, yet it did and lots of them got blown to shit, swallowed by the flames, torn apart by Shrapnel, blown apart by the shockwave.. Hopefully it was fast for most of them.

Nate W : Are we dangerous here? Oh ya were dangerous.

Farting Badger : i have found Michael bays favourite video

Gabriel Prananda : it's not funny dude-_-

OVP Bryce : Imagine how hot it was when they were that near the explosion

captainremo : For any of those wondering, a quick search will reveal the explosion was due to ammonium nitrate being stored nearby and when the fire fighters sprayed water on calcium carbide they produced acetylene which set the chain reaction and got the N2H4O3 to blow. There's more to the chemistry but this is the simple version. Dont mess with chemicals, they will kill you.

anime thotn't : now imagine being on the roof on one of those towers at the time.

ok then : 0:54 "I think we are dead"

CooManTunes : Nothing but chills as he says 'What the F.....' and the explosion mutes the rest. Utterly spectacular.

weezamon : are we dangerous here?!?!

SpecialSunflower1008 : When you say hello to a feminist