Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?
Penetrating Oil Showdown

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This test demonstrates that not all penetrating oils are equal. In fact, the see-through plastic/rusty bolt test shows which ones actually penetrate and which ones don't. Which penetrating fluid is best? In this showdown, Brake Fluid, Seafoam Deep Creep, Fluid Film, BG In-Force, WD-40 Rust Specialist, CRC Knock'er Loose. Consider selecting the bell in the upper right hand corner to get notified of future videos. Deep Creep won the competition with CRC Knock-er Loose coming in a close 2nd. Thank you very much for supporting the channel through Patreon and watching the commercials.


S WORLD : this is not the kind of penetration 4.6k dislikers were expecting

Jon long : "in the real world, no one waits three hours before doing the job" as a government employee I can tell you that you are wrong.

Best Bro : Could monster energy work better?

CSGrey : Don't ever stop what you're doing. You're 1 in a million. Most others in your position would've taken sponsorships from companies to talk up their products a long time ago.

Internet Internet : 7:55 "What I'm going to do now is remove each one of these nuts to see how much penetration occurred."

love sobhani : As a Design Engineer, I Love the vids! You conduct these experiments adhering to the scientific testing principles. Other YouTube videos don't come close! Buuut please WEAR GLOVES our human bodies don't like exposure to harsh chemicals like this. It'll absorb and could cause cancer and other bad things. Cheers.

Violent Kisses : Test K-Y Yours and Mine I ask for a friend > . >...

DuckmanCycles and VW Garage : How about testing high temperature spray paints, like the kind you'd use on an exhaust header? I've been wanting to know! Thanks!

bald hier : Some need the cold from the spray - so it’s not honest to do it this way

Winston Smith : Rule 1, never science without a Fisher space pen.

zplazh : 7:56 these nuts

Jaime Casa : Fluid film is an undercoating spray not penetrating oil.

David hunsinger : *I can smell this video*

buckeyful : Kano Kroil Is The Best..Made In Tenn.

William Westcott : How about testing Kroil against PB blaster. I think kroil will beat all other penetrating fluids

Kent : thoroughly penetrating ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Fred Ingebritson : i will switch to brake fluid because i am a cheap bastard in no hurries. Thank you for the video.

09ThunderOne : Have you given thought to doing the plexiglass one but seeing if the penetrant will work upwards? Not all bolts are facing so that you can apply it from the top. Seeing if it wicks upwards would be interesting

Nazimelon : try ballistol Its basically edible and pretty much organic and seems to work better than WD40

Justin Crediblename : summary: torque results at 7:51 , cost at 9:56, breakaway torque (test #2) @ 10:00 Winner: major budget: brake fluid, consistent good performance: CRC, best maximum performance: sea foam. testing was done with improper application of foam product and less than adequate time to allow penetrants do their job. results in ft-lbs for bolts torqued to 80 ft lbs: brake fluid: 104.3, 129.5, 126.6, 129.3 crc: 107.2, 121.6, 114.2,120.7 seafoam 108,103.7,112.1,136.8 fluid film 122.1,118.1, 145, 145 BG in force: 137.3,124.4,122,128 wd-40: 140,134.9,137.1,132

Mike Parsons : Anyone else use Zep45? It works really well I think. I keep a case of it and WD-40 on site.

smiley454jmw : PB blast ? Normally works for me

Avery Alexander : I would love to see rust preventives tested. As I say, prevention is the best cure.

Philippe52 : If you mix the fluids, wont they penetrate each other ?

warehouse 15109 : Wish ya tested KROIL I use it over all others Also use it 60/40 copper solvent/ kroil in gun cleaning

martin smythe : For many years I used a product called gibbs and always thought it worked a little better than some of the rest. Recently I purchased a can of Kroil as it seemed to get a lot of good reviews. No opinion yet. From what I see none are far above the others.

Jessie Bear : That was awesome. Yes have a sea foam vs CRC competition

SuperDave9871 : Do you ever use LPS? I would be interested in seeing what it could do against other products. I work on aircrafts and it's the only product we use.

David Bowser : I'll have to try sea foam deep creep when I pull head off my Mack flat head engine. Love watching the video! What you should do if you wanna do another test. Get an engine block that sat outside or anything that has a bunch of bolts and do the test again. Just as a suggestion 😁

steve dental : All I ever hear from mechanics is to use PB blaster penetrating lube . Will you test it ?

sublimeracer : That was very informative...thanks @Project Farm!

Duebers : It's been a while since I've asked my self how I got to a video. How the hell did I get here


Jesus : Right... Brake fluid it shall remain.

BRONZ ALBA : A very interesting comparison and test , your work was done in a technical manner Thanks، great job

Billy Bob : You should probably be wearing gloves when testing with oils

JerryRigEverything : That electronic torque gizmo is sweet.

dgott7726 : Results: The #1 best thread locker: Rustite

Jaeden de Boer : I’ve used this stuff called catz azz and I think it works well but would be curious on this kinda test to see how it stacks up

Ryan Sewell : Would love to see a comparison between White Vinegar and PB Blaster. I've used Plain old distilled white vinegar for EXTREMELY rusty parts, I haven't found anything that works better for the cost.

Scarakus : Nicely done. I've been seeing this one pop up for a while, just now getting around to come in and giving it the big ole 'Thumbs Up'!

CNY review : I would have liked to have seen the results from PB B'laster Penetrant. I've used it for years with great success. Great video!

Ray Bragg : I'd like to see how PB BLASTER stacks up. It's my go to

Daniel Casiano : @Project Farm PB blaster would blow all these products away!

Jerrod Wilson : you should start putting lucas products in the test

XlxFLIPxlX # : I know this is late. But i use a 50/50 mix of ATF fluid and acetone.

Jttv : Love the acrylic demo. Would not be surprised if that method gets used to advertise in the future.

hugolafhugolaf : First vid I ever saw from you. I've been hooked ever since. Awesome channel.

Brandon Ross : Would have been curious to see PB Blaster included in this. That is my go-to, but I may switch to Sea Foam