Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

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electronicsNmore : Some companies love you, and some aren't too happy with you, but your viewers love what you do. 😀

DuckmanCycles and VW Garage : How about testing high temperature spray paints, like the kind you'd use on an exhaust header? I've been wanting to know! Thanks!

CNY review : I would have liked to have seen the results from PB B'laster Penetrant. I've used it for years with great success. Great video!

DURAMAX_DELIGHT : So.... I've bin spending thousands on WD 40 FOR NOTHING!??

Fudgedajudge 28 : Your really smart

love sobhani : As a Design Engineer, I Love the vids! You conduct these experiments adhering to the scientific testing principles. Other YouTube videos don't come close! Buuut please WEAR GLOVES our human bodies don't like exposure to harsh chemicals like this. It'll absorb and could cause cancer and other bad things. Cheers.

Winston Smith : Rule 1, never science without a Fisher space pen.

Billy Bob : You should probably be wearing gloves when testing with oils

buckeyful : Kano Kroil Is The Best..Made In Tenn.

Duebers : It's been a while since I've asked my self how I got to a video. How the hell did I get here

Creek da sneak : All I'd suggest is wearing gloves when touching all those solvents. Good video though, more nuts and penetration than I would've thought 😂

Vinreeb : One comment about the fluid film stuff. that stuff is actually made to protect metal against corrosion on surfaces and in cavities like in the sills of a car. I once bought a rusty classic that had been sitting for more than 40 Years in a garage and as i couldnt proceed in taking it apart right after purchase to restore it, I wanted to protect it against future decay... so i removed the interior an soaked it completely in fluidfilm NAS just to prevent further rusting of the panels etc, took me som 4liters with a spay gun. Well... a year later i was able to proceed the restauration and took everything apart. Every single bolt on this car came loose without any problems, the whole car was one fatty piece, fluid film has well done his job. So I wont recommend that stuff for quick jobs, but if you have a piece of machinery or car you want to keep rustfree/from seizing sitting in a barn or a less than bone-dry place... thats the way to go! (But keep in mind that the fatty panels are a b**ch to weld if not cleaned properly)

rapskallion : Two things will help get rusted nuts loose. The first will help the penetrant do its job. The first is to rap the bolt/nut every now and then with a hammer while it's working. The vibration helps the penetrant do its job. The second is, if it's in a safe location, hit the bolt/nut with a propane torch a few times while letting it cool in between. This will help break rust loose as the two dissimilar metals and/or different temperatures between them cause the bolt and nut to expand at different rates/amounts which also dislodges the rust between them. The other advantage to using the second method is that anything is better when using a torch. ;-) Regarding this test video, may I suggest using kerosene as one of the base fluids (or by itself) mixing it with the brake fluid. Liquid Wrench is mostly kerosene and it works pretty well. Any questions? Good. Class dismissed. And don't forget to do your homework!

Jaime Casa : Fluid film is an undercoating spray not penetrating oil.

Jttv : Love the acrylic demo. Would not be surprised if that method gets used to advertise in the future.

Bill Kenny : Vibrating the part by lightly tapping on the bolt/nut is also something that is a real world scenario and I believe some of the products instructions mention do it.

Milspec Machine : PB Blast is by far the best penetrating oil on the market hands down! If you take PB blaster and spray it on a rusty parked and let it sit overnight come out the next day and rinse it off with brake clean or wipe it with a rag and that Rusty part will look brand new it also seems to penetrate deeper into threads then anything I've ever tried and I've been in the machining & mechanic industry for 35 years plus

audiefied : Good info, now I know what to do with left over brake fluid.

Nathan Schou : He use full film wrong

Frederick Burns : Fluid film is not a penetrating oil it is a rust preventative it was developed for the US Navy back in the forties. Kano kroil penetrating fluid is what they sneak into the nuclear plants to break loose the big nuts on the reactors coolant flanges.

zplazh : 7:56 these nuts

PowerSports : How long do you leave those assemblies in the salt fogging machine?

Dohammedd : Deeeeez nutz

JerryRigEverything : That electronic torque gizmo is sweet.

Jeff Beech : Isn't fluid film meant to be applied before assembling to prevent things rusting together?

Ryan Sewell : Would love to see a comparison between White Vinegar and PB Blaster. I've used Plain old distilled white vinegar for EXTREMELY rusty parts, I haven't found anything that works better for the cost.

jayjdw : Get kriel. Find it on the coast in the shipyards ect. It actually works. Run your test with that stuff

Bone Stock Garage : Good test, I’ve never been a fan of wd40, never seemed to work. Cleans sticky residue and protects metal fairly well.

Uriah Siner : Just like last time, Id like to see the comparable effectiveness of a simple whack with a hammer.

Higor Guedes : Penetrating oil ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

micglobal : Why wasn't Liquid Wrench included in this test round?

STU : 0:04 "Rusty Balls"

Joe Gelencser : Well it's my opinion if you're serious mechanic you really want to get rusty parts You have to be patient and apply the stuff and wait a couple days that's called penetrating well that's how it works it's not instant penetrating means you'll have to spend some time

gbin21 : This is some quality content here.

Ron JL White : PB Blaster is #1

Uts9000 : wait, the purpose of penetrating oil is not to loosen a nut but to loosen the bond created by the rust. A bolt torqued to 140 ft lbs will require the same torque to loosen. What I found enlightening was the amount of fluid that did seep the length of the threaded area. thanks for showing us sometime cheaper is better.

Joe Valdrighi : You mention using acetone with something else as a penetrating oil . Acetone is extremely dangerous to humans . I'm sure you know that I would not recommend it. Something else is also just as good . Diesel fuel yes I said diesel fuel .

Angel FernandeZ : Wheres the liquid wrench test at? Thats the real game changer

09ThunderOne : Have you given thought to doing the plexiglass one but seeing if the penetrant will work upwards? Not all bolts are facing so that you can apply it from the top. Seeing if it wicks upwards would be interesting

Annihilator 2000 : 7:56 deez nutz

Clayton Taylor : 420k subscribers. Wow. Just ran across your reviews tnt....very well done!

Suzanne Skeels : Have you tried using Kroil??

Emarati Gamer : Use some soap man !

Avery Alexander : I would love to see rust preventives tested. As I say, prevention is the best cure.

JTN 02 : 1:50 4th NUT!!! Holy crap no nut November failed, Caught on video. But other than my no nut failure. This video was amazing. And the glass penetration test was really cool. Very informative.

Rafael2884 : They do work with ur mum

TrollFaceTheMan : Another good vid thanks.

Cameron Bohman : Although it's not a penetrating oil you could test the candle wax theory.

Cruzredeye : Pb blaster

Tigre Fuego : Your awesome. My dad died and I know how much he would of loved this. Thanks for giving me the basics, awesome teacher