Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

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electronicsNmore : Some companies love you, and some aren't too happy with you, but your viewers love what you do. 😀

David hunsinger : *I can smell this video*

TheRgregor455 : I use KY before penetration.

Allen Edwards : My mechanic recommended PB Blaster. But the real point is that if a bolt is stuck, you don't put the penetrating oil on for an hour, you put it on and wait overnight, come back the next day. That is the real test, not this 1 to 3 hour stuff. I am talking about so stuck that if the penetrating oil doesn't work, you snap the bolt in two trying to get the nut off. That is the test I would like to see.

Liamautomechanic : in the old days we would mix car thinner with tranmission fluid 1to1 it worked good.

Duebers : It's been a while since I've asked my self how I got to a video. How the hell did I get here

Blaine Ralph Trarop Jr : Now am I right in assuming cost for results, brake fluid wins hands down?

China Town : Хах, тормозуха показала себя лучше чем вдшка

Skizat's Reps : You just can't beat Dr.HEAT when it comes to rusty nuts and bolts👍

a bit of country life : Fluid film works good for lubricating squeaky parts and door hinges. Have never used it as a penetrating oil so can't tell you how it works for that. But it's definitely a product I recommend and personally use.

Jttv : Love the acrylic demo. Would not be surprised if that method gets used to advertise in the future.

N0TS0SUBTLE : To be fair, you didn't use as much fluid film which is more of a rust preventer than a bolt loosener. Thats not what its designed for.

normal citizen : did you bust any nuts while making this video? Just wondering

Big Steve : I wasn't going to comment, then I read most of the comments and figured I had to. Some of you might find problems with the whole test, but overall, it's informative and helpful. There are an extreme amount of variables that anyone who works with rusty parts has encountered, but this video was very, very good. I appreciated it.

STEPHEN MARTINI : I use tranny fluid, sit over night, bolt comes right off. Or I use PB Blaster.

gbin21 : This is some quality content here.

Prelotlord : I’d like to see what PB Blaster is actually doing I’ve tried several different methods of knocking out old rusted bolts and PB Blaster knocked out bolts that had been sitting on the exhaust of a 23 year old car for the life of the car. Never been serviced (lots of headaches when discovered this). I sprayed it on heavily and tapped with a hammer for about 40 min reapplying a little more halfway through. With a little torque they came out and were still usable (didn’t as they were 20 plus years). Only have a 140 torque wrench and before spraying couldn’t budge it. I’ve used wd40 penetrating and on parts that aren’t too old it seems to work okay. I did like sea foam as it seemed to work like my PB Blaster but haven’t had to use it in anything older than 10 years yet.

John Bertotti : Kroil has always worked well for me.

barry noel : Test kroil please

vuduhwy : This guys videos are really cool. The best part is how is more than willing, even eager for legit criticism. That's the sign of a person who is genuinely striving to be better.

09ThunderOne : Have you given thought to doing the plexiglass one but seeing if the penetrant will work upwards? Not all bolts are facing so that you can apply it from the top. Seeing if it wicks upwards would be interesting

philod902 : Re Brake fluid: people who don't see it on a regular basis may not know it can be highly corrosive. Trash the nut and bolt when possible, otherwise clean it off very well using a degreaser and coat with anti-seize.

James Exploring Online : Why did you jump past the WD40 product ?

Hans Pcguy : I have had by far the best success with using a candle to loosen rusted nuts, bolts and petcocks. Just heat the bolt to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, hold a candle or other paraffin wax to it and it comes right off. For me it works much better than any penetrating oils. I also use ATF a lot for cleaning...I have found a difference between regular ATF and synthetic ATF. Synthetic seems to work noticeably better.

sirgallium : When you dropped the seafoam on it didn't go all the way around the threads like the others. Or maybe it was the fluid film. Keep up the good work. Rust is the worst. The clear plastic is an especially nice touch, you can really see what's going on in there, and how far each one gets. I always wondered if that stuff actually can get down into the threads like that or if the space was too tight. I wonder if the bolt was super rusted if it would still be able to penetrate down into the fitting like that. A lot of times what you will have is somebody who has been driving through salty briny slush water for 3 or 4 winters and now they need new brakes because they are making noise. Well guess what all that brine splashing constantly on the rotor bolts and the 3 or 4 years of seasoning time makes these some of the worst offenders possible. Typically the only method I've seen to remove them is to torch them red hot and use a sledge hammer.

Uriah Siner : Just like last time, Id like to see the comparable effectiveness of a simple whack with a hammer.

Magic Yeti : 8:49 YES!!!! DO IT!!!

Scootersnmore : kano Kroil is one of my favs in the HVAC field Blower motor shafts ? Use it !

Jake Lakin : put fluid film on nuts and bolts before you seat them. i put it on every exhaust stud i put in place. had an old club wagon roll back into the shop i did a Triton swap on a few years back and their wasn't a single spot of rust on them. get kroil in on these tests next time. i have had great success with that penetrate.


Gearhead Daily : GOod idea for the see through resin. Always wondered that.

IamUncledeuce : The best penetrating fluid I ever made was a 50/50 blend of acetone and automatic transmission fluid.

Proto Propski : I’ll never ever need to use this information, but I like your video’s, it’s mainly your presentation that I enjoy.

883Realtree : I have always found that it helps to prepare a week or so before a project involving rusty bolts. Whenever I change out shocks or other suspension parts, I spray PB Blaster once a night all week. Hit it with the electric impact when the time comes and they come apart. Sometimes they need heat, but usually just a Propane torch.

A P Developments : Which one will work in the wife? She’s dryer than any of those nuts LOL.

Avery Alexander : I would love to see rust preventives tested. As I say, prevention is the best cure.

Kyle Galvin : Good vid except bolts seen on a daily basis at least here in New England are in a lot worst shape, I usually pray for threads and nuts that are in that good of shape

lesal : test yield best i have ever seen

Lucas Kellermann : Why am I watching this? Why it appeared in my suggested videos?

Ronnie Deeder : Looks like his nut got penetrated😰😰😰 but he said no one wants to wait 3 hours for penetration. I thought u had to wait for the second date?? And who said they soak in tranny fluid ?? Lol

mercman446 : I like the Seafoam vs. Liquid Wrench showdown idea! Another good video, BTW.

Les Brown : Another trick is to smack the bolt head really hard with a hammer and then try tightening it. Yes, tightening it. Then back it off.. Always use a six point socket. Another little trick is to use a 14 mm. wrench or socket on a 9/16 nut. Just a scratch tighter.

dazmac15 : Excellent information thankyou. I have always had good results with diesel, it works well, it's cheap about $1:50 per litre. How diesel would compare to your tested products under these conditions might be interesting?

Dr. Dumbass : Nuts and penetration ...everything i need right here 😂😂

Heath Freppon : Schaeffers pentrol90 is all we use here at my shop. Works wonders, I would love to see how it compares to some of the top performers in penetrating oil.

Cruzredeye : Pb blaster

dan rieco : In the real world, professionals know what to do about fasteners that are stuck, they get out the "Fire Wrench". Or soak them with Pb Blaster. Ask any Marine technician, Pretty much any petroleum product will work, then add some heat. I have been work in this industry for 40 years. It's my honest opinion that PB Blaster is by far the best hands down. As pre packaged canned spray. I have tried them all. Seafoam is just glorified kerosene. Why would anybody pay 5 times what kero costs with the same results?

Joel G. : I think the 3 hours seems reasonable. I always soak my rusted bolts the night before.

Brad Campbell : I want to see an inductor and oxy acetylene heating the bolts and torque removal values

blow0me : Bottom line is though, with seized fasteners patience is important to allow such products to work