Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

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electronicsNmore : Some companies love you, and some aren't too happy with you, but your viewers love what you do. 😀

Matt J : All seafoam products continue to impress me.

Kpop Lab Pro : You could have had put a nice twist in the story by trying the best of the penetrating liquids - good old coke😉

Bardahl Officiel : Next time, we'll send you our products for testing :D

PRANKurFACE : Panther piss....

Jttv : Love the acrylic demo. Would not be surprised if that method gets used to advertise in the future.

Mike Thompson : What about PB Blaster? It's got to be up there with sea foam...

Tony H : Love the videos my freind. Keep up the good work......

Howard Kurtus : i would have preferred the seafoam on bolt on its own as opposed to the all mix for the last test

Im Not A Player : Stil forgot to use a Coca cola for penetrating fluid :(

gbin21 : This is some quality content here.

GTOGregory : I would like to know if any of these fluids work to loosen up or dissolve Loctite Red.

VenomGT87 : The ones that don’t wait 3 hrs (or over night for me) have never experienced a broke body or turbo exhaust housing bolt and the royal pita that follows breaking one (depending on the location) 😂😂

VOSSENGS300 : Great video. Have you ever tried Kano labs aero kroil or Kano sili kroil. I work in a marine environment and it has been our go to penetrating fluid.

Dada : 7:56

Uriah Siner : Just like last time, Id like to see the comparable effectiveness of a simple whack with a hammer.

Mitch Williams : Please try aero kroil I'd love to know where it stacks up, it seems to me to work better than any other similar product.

mys721tx : On 7:49, analysis of variance (ANOVA) should be used to test the difference of breakaway torque. I have run the numbers and obtained a p-value of 0.0582. Therefore at 0.05 significance level, we fail to reject the null hypothesis under which the population mean breakaway torques of five penetrants equal to each other. Since there are only four replicates per group, the sample size is limited and may explain why ANOVA fails to detect any difference at 0.05 significance level. Of course, at 0.1 level, there is a difference.

2 cycle Stress out : First I like how you use the acrylic glass to see if it penetrated and second you have inspired me to create my own channel I’m gonna call it 2 cycle stress out and give hell to some weed eater engines

Bartek Babczyk : *PENETRATION* oil

AmxCsifier : 7:56 *deez nuts*

Gator boi rob : I’m high

Semper Fi : I'll wait overnight for penetrating fluid to work. 3 hour test is valid.

Azri'el Collier : It seems also that brake fluid that came in at 3rd place is the cheaper alternative as it still does the job of penetrating the rust, just not as fast or powerful as the more expensive first two products. And since I buy brake fluid from the dollar tree, then it is only a buck and well worth the money. BUT, I would only use it if I did not have old used tranny fluid available. I found that to work very well and since I go to auctions, I get the rusted old tools no one else wants to bid on super cheap and simply throw them into a bucket filled with old tranny fluid. And I can go to any of the smaller auto repair shops and get pretty much as much as I want for about a buck. So, I usually get about 5 gals and it lasts me many many years.

kens97sto171 : Just a little heads up the fluid film is not really supposed to be used to loosen Rusty nuts. It's designed to be sprayed on as a film to prevent things from rusting in the future. I watch a lot of mechanic videos and I've never seen anyone use it as a penetrating oil. It's something you would put on the flat surface of a wheel bearing under the brake rotor, or anywhere else that rust might cause the parts to stick together. it's designed to stick to what you spray it on not penetrate

The Rhins Ranger : Try ‘Love Oil’ it’s a great penetrating oil

Game Loot : Preeeeety sure Fluid Film is a protector fluid and not a rust release fluid. Pretty sure the "penetrating" part of it in this case means penetrates to protect better... again not to loosen rusted parts.

Bob Saget : please wear gloves when u handle dangerous solvents... these chemicals are not designed to be safe

Targus Mack : Thank you for your testing. It would be interesting to do another round of testing with wives tales and home remedy's such as diesel fuel, candle wax, etc.

Imagine A World : Blow up another lawn mower engine!!!!! >:)

Cruzredeye : Pb blaster

DE Nichols : While I understand that you needed the same amount of product on each, the fact that BG foams initially, I think makes it more useful than this test suggests. That initial foaming, I think helps with penetration. Of course, I never had a controlled test like yours, but when I went from a shop who gave us PB Blaster to one with BG Inforce, I felt like my job got easier doing alignments.

peter1rock : You should submit these videos for Home Depot Paint Department training. I work in their paint department and these are really interesting. I just watched the super glue one and a few others

gnewb e : So, DOT-3 Brake Fluid is efficient.

MJR Performance : The real test of a "penetrating" oil: For bolts that will break free, and then seize/snap, like exhaust heat shield bolts, or break free, and then go tight and eat the threads. Opens a half turn and goes tight. Hit it with oil, and tighten it again. Rinse...Repeat until it comes out. For bigger hardware that just won't break free, nothing beats induction heating, like the Mini Ductor.

Bingo Bingo : There is also a trick where you heat the bolt then apply candle wax, it wont evaporate such as penetrants and you get the best from both worlds with heat and lubrication.

1972 T56 LSX : The blue wrench works well

DeltaGaming : nice video! is that pen you're using a spacepen or Zebra pen, reliable pens those are

Ralph Macchiato : Long story short: Use brake fluid for loosening bolts. And cool it with the DeadMau5 ripoff music.

RingQuest 1986 : I clicked this because the thumbnail looked like two stacks of Ritz Crackers

Sami Bätman : how did you make the metal so rusty?

Positrack : Fluid Film doesn't really belong in this test as it isn't designed or sold as a "break it loose" penetrating oil. It's made to protect against corrosion, more like a type of undercoating or maybe really thin cosmoline. I can attest to the fact that it WILL eventually penetrate rust and creep all over creation, but it's way thicker (more viscous) than real penetrating oil, so it takes a long time. I love the stuff for its intended purpose, but if I need to break an exhaust manifold bolt loose, I definitely wouldn't reach for the Fluid Film.

Byrod1 : Project Farm, I thought the purpose of your endeavours is to help us find out "what works best" not "science" not esoteric removed from reality experiments. (mixing all the fluids ? what for ? who would buy 10 fluids and mix them ?)

deanmoncaster : You're ace! I show all my friends your videos

big smoke : What about antifreeze as fuel?

MattsAwesomeStuff : Suggestion: I like to see more context in the conclusion. For example, I don't think you mentioned that the control beat 2 of the release agents. That's a hilarious result that, I guess kind of undermines your methodology unless two of them actually make things worse. A little bit of talk about not just who was best, but what it means when using a penetrating oil. It looks like you could expect up to about a 13% reduction in torque on the best case scenario, which, as a takeaway for me, is pretty insignificant and perhaps why bother. I was kinda figuring 30+%. Obviously you're not going to re-visit this a third time, but just food for thought in future videos.

Mario Lopez : Almost 2 million views ! This channels is awesome.

Levi Gladman : Have you ever tested Kano Aerokroil vs. all you have tested?

Corry Smith : Seems to me that the brake fluid gives you the most bang for your buck.

Nadejda Schmidt : i use heat and WD-40 to evrything, and it works on all the trucks i make and fix. Scania and Volvo Trucks, 40-125 Tons Trucks, not a small one on 2-3 tons,, it's not a Truck in my world, a truck in my world have to waight 12 tons or more..