Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

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electronicsNmore : Some companies love you, and some aren't too happy with you, but your viewers love what you do. 😀

Duebers : It's been a while since I've asked my self how I got to a video. How the hell did I get here

leokimvideo : Don't buy any of that rubbish, Diesel fuel is by far the best penetrating oil and rust preventer. It's also an excellent weed stopper. But no one ever wants to let that be known.

N0TS0SUBTLE : To be fair, you didn't use as much fluid film which is more of a rust preventer than a bolt loosener. Thats not what its designed for.

Robert Kraft : Whoever said 3hrs wait time is unrealistic in the real world, has NEVER removed ANY exhaust manifolds. Lol

Jttv : Love the acrylic demo. Would not be surprised if that method gets used to advertise in the future.

Jr TuMacho : I have better penetrating fluid, i had five kids

CALI FRIEX : nuts... lol that was interesting! now I know what to buy... 👍

Heath Freppon : Schaeffers pentrol90 is all we use here at my shop. Works wonders, I would love to see how it compares to some of the top performers in penetrating oil.

Sapphie : It's 2am Why am I watching this

gbin21 : This is some quality content here.

Comely : I came from csgo pro plays to here. Nice video though.

Teonyi : A video about nuts, screwing and penetration, sounds good.

Ry low : I got about 54 seconds into this video was already disappointed. Soon as he said i torqued them you notice that the threads are clean yes rusted but clean this is not the same thing you need to do this with something that has been rusted on for a long time for it to be accurate. But im going to watch the rest maybe i jumped the gun on this lol the reason for using break fluid is to eat away at the access rust build up from years of sitting rusted

The Fallen Bansko : There YouTube i watched is now stop spaming it in my recommendation

A P Developments : Which one will work in the wife? She’s dryer than any of those nuts LOL.

David hunsinger : *I can smell this video*

Zebra Swag : N U T

RWBHere : Real world exception here. I was taught to wait for at least 24 hours, and still do that. Please also try paraffin (kerosene), to see how well that works. Sewing machine oil is another contender. Finally, ordinary rust remover might be useful. Thanks.

Uriah Siner : Just like last time, Id like to see the comparable effectiveness of a simple whack with a hammer.

77gravity : If you include Cost in relation to performance, Brake Fluid wins, hands-down (in these tests). It's a fraction of the price of the others, but performs almost as well as some, and better than others.

Il Sindaco di Australia : I have no idea why YouTube recommended me this video. No idea what i'm watching, either. But liked every bit.

"Memelord" Murphy : OHHHH you mean THAT kind of penetrating oil. The thumbnail threw me off

Ken MacMillan : Knockerloose did almost as well but costs significantly less so I consider it the winner.

AmxCsifier : 7:56 *deez nuts*

SHANUSHAH : To make it easier try heating the nut with blow touch before loosing, it expand the nut that works well.

Alien Hybrid : K.Y. Jelly works well as a penetrating fluid.

Specialized 29er : No body uses an eye dropper for the application method, better to use a spray can.

Daniel Smyth : IMHO...After the product is supplied it's necessary to tap the bolt with a hammer to set up vibrations within the bolt! An additional step would be to apply the flame of a torch forcing expansion and contraction.

The Rhins Ranger : Try ‘Love Oil’ it’s a great penetrating oil

Allen Edwards : My mechanic recommended PB Blaster. But the real point is that if a bolt is stuck, you don't put the penetrating oil on for an hour, you put it on and wait overnight, come back the next day. That is the real test, not this 1 to 3 hour stuff. I am talking about so stuck that if the penetrating oil doesn't work, you snap the bolt in two trying to get the nut off. That is the test I would like to see.

Ray Maritz : Oh, you were talking about that kind of penetration.

Skizat's Reps : You just can't beat Dr.HEAT when it comes to rusty nuts and bolts👍

STEPHEN MARTINI : I use tranny fluid, sit over night, bolt comes right off. Or I use PB Blaster.

Cruzredeye : Pb blaster

battu tulu : What about gravity..?

Divine Fist : I saw penetrating in title I clicked

Ectos : Rust penetrators dissolve acrylic

roodboy606 : Do the top 2 of the part 1 video vs sea foam and crc

Bingo Bingo : There is also a trick where you heat the bolt then apply candle wax, it wont evaporate such as penetrants and you get the best from both worlds with heat and lubrication.

optimusprimo2012 : I like the test my only complaint is that all bolts and nuts are in a control environment. I understand you are testing the liquid penetrating through, however; to be a consistent test you need to test them in different temperatures, environments and materials. For instance; What was the standard deviation for all ?

Lucas Sääf : Love your videos

Lammiwinks : “I’ll just remove these nuts to see how much penetration occurred” 😂😂

dlyciousmusic : VEGETABLE OIL and OLIVE OIL should be included on the next test.

HumbleMechanic : Man this is a great video! I really appriacte your testing methods.

deftoner : awesome video! thanks

Isaac Griffin : @BEST PENNATRATING #myweiner

Logan Adams : Info justice brothers JB 80 it works

2012isRonPaul : what about dot4?

oskarpukk1 : how did you make the metal so rusty?