Avicii dead at 28

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SKG Explores : You're cute.

Nick Davis : Hmmmm... let me guess...single, lonely and miserable.

diablo c : He died of health problems he had suffered since 2016 that's why he gave up being a dj get your facts straight biggot your better normally for facts

Therese Bonath : You are an awful human being !!!

Blyme : Retard

Hihihihiih : is he seriously happy that a 28 year old died. is he ok?

nizarul ikhmal : bastard.

Gandie GT : You know, maybe you should show some respect instead of bashing onto him. Read some about his health problems first and then talk. Also this video is such an unecessary thing to upload since the only reason for it is to get some views you damn sell out.

Gabriel TV : Ok just wait. How do you dare to say that to him when he just passed away? Fo real?! He had health problems since 2016! Get your shit straight.

Mr Crack : I bet that this bald retared is listening to Christian rock

Alexius Ridderlantz : Just because he was successful and your not get a life😡🤬🤯😤

barents : a drunk like u

RAY RAY : You hit a nerve with this one. Its going anti-viral with 1,000 dislikes.

Juan Ramírez : I don't need drugs for having fun at an electronic concert. Respect the opinion of the other people bro, respect someones death a...ole. Also, who are you? If I know you it's just because of this sh...ty video of you trying to get likes and money for someone you didn't really know.

Julien J : "No taste at all ?" You seems pretty happy to say this. I hate judging people but you should learn about life...EDM forever !

_pagliari_ : He died. have some respect

Alexius Ridderlantz : The only thing that is horrible is you😡🤬🤯😫

XoClutch : Hit 10000 dislikes

Malin Krantz : It was his health. not drugs. He stopped playing in 2016

Constantinos Attouni : I know what you need. A bullet in the head.

SM peace : your momma didnt raised you right buddy. so sad for you

YouOnly LiveOnce : Dickhead

Alejandro Rios : lol this guy triggering folks out here

Samurai SubzterBT : What r u saying😠😠😠😠😠. Avicii was one of the most influential people in the world. He inspired those little kids like u said to become succesful. He is AWESOME. So font argue with a fact.

Talha Hussain : I don't blame this guy. It must be hard waking up looking in the mirror and seeing an egg. He has to take his frustration out somewhere...

Mr. Fluffy : 2k dislikes....lol. Good work Biggot. Triggered!

elliot ness : Wtf look at you, you prob take drugs. Bro a 28 year old lost hes life and he helped many with hes music, its not the right time to say somthing like this... He died cuz of healt problems btw get you facts straight.

Archie Bunker : I stopped buying music since the 90s

Bork04 : Im pretty sure that guy was on drugs tbh

MlgMaťko : he died? really? 😭😭

Aaron Arshad : He died the day before his birthday we buried him on his birthday. If I met u I would kill a family member that u know and say completely horrible stuff about them and see how u like it

FreepFrops : *1000 Dislikes?* Can we make it guys!? 😂😂😂

dawe 1 : coolest monkey in the jungle

Sand Army : Bashing someone who struggled with health problems and then generalizing about drugs+electronic music... We are all entitled to our own opinions but cmon man.

Tunsia Football : Fuckyou.

Μαρτ Μ : Can you tell me what type of music do you listen to?

Anuj Sarkar : Arsehole!

The Soulless Trench Coat : Nice video Biggot I get what your saying.

Sebastian Persson : haha you not gonna have a nice life in the future... one tip HIDE!

Abhijeet Etwarysing : may your children do drugs

Viggo Birkler : your virgen aren't you

FocusBeats : Hey Black Biggot, I actually agree with you disagreeing the drugs, But I do not agree that his music was bad.

sparky Tuttle : Holy crxp BB, you have triggered the preteens, I said it before, it is more sad that these bunch of snowflakes have so much free time that they give a damn about what you say. Now they gather to push a thumbs down. Oh my god, lets flip out over the American right to have an opinion. ⚰

Aaron Arshad : So u dont care about my dad dying and my family still in grief after 4 years

Andrec Seck : You look like you're 40 years old, and you probably haven't accomplished anything in your life. That's why you're so bitter. Cheer up man.

Батюшка : Asshole :)

Sandrine Skerlj : 40 y/o bald man triggered by the fact that a young dj passed away because of dRuGs!!1!1

Arnulfo Garcia : Actually ummm he died of health issues, more specifically pancreatitis and honestly you should keep an open mind and experience new things.

Kayla Josephine : Btw he died of heart conditions and he died on holiday not in his house taking drugs so before you start making assumptions go ahead and maybe do a bit of research then start criticising dead people.

Grassroot : He's allowed to have his opinion, and he did have some points. It's a shame Avicii has passed as he was a good artist (even though aside form "Wake Me Up", I don't care for much of his work or EDM in general either, I like jazz/soul and soft/lite rock and disco music). But he's allowed to have his opinion, though.