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Classic Klamer

Comments from Youtube

Chris Cyanide : "The uh, the famous 50s, 60s, and 70s ummm.. person." Ya blew it kid. Ya blew it.

Fractal Lad : He must be exhausted at the end of the day.

Brian Jordan : It feels like the pink haired guy is reading a script written by Klamer, but keeps screwing up his lines and gives up at "just the randomest crap".

GeneralGeorge : I could do my PHD dissertation on Autism from watching this.

Arlandah : The accent comes from sniffing your own farts at every opportunity 

Andy Wobbler : Zen master of autism

Dan Bull : What is Klamer doing these days?

burnzy3210 : the embodiment of reddit users

welp : the fact that he goes to a community college makes this perfect

Matt M : 3:40-3:46 his actual voice

k1d : he's probably kicking himself over the fact he didn't call Elvis a "troubadour" before his brain short circuited and he managed to stammer out a "...person" which didn't impress m'lady who was about to google all the words he forced into conversation.

Jay Freeman : that stuff in his pockets was just loot from his slain enemies

Venkman : When the cops stopped him (In his douche accent) "Dearest Gentlemen am I being Detainedith?"

SuperNuela : do you wanna know how Klamer developed this "unique way of speaking"? VIRGINITY

Joseph be stallin' : maybe if he was born in colonial britain... nah he would still get bullied

tmf344 : I know how he developed his way of speaking. It's called autism.

Stacey Ramos : You can tell he's struggling at the end with his accent and he can sense it slipping away as he tries to tell a story with it

MyPchacker : i can smell the euphoria coming off him

philipeafroboy1 : Eloquent? Not in the slightest

Barbara Lewis : Watched too many Frasier episodes as a child.

Ben C : Pfft.. Eloquent? He struggles numerous times to string his sentences together during the interview, let alone make them 'eloquent'. Typical cry for attention from a plain, normal (albeit strange) dude. I bet he stopped that accent real quick when he was speaking to the police.

Adam . G : "......person". Nope.

Top Lists : I think we all had someone like that school. I remember a guy just like him at my high school, 

MrTsquared88 : please, if you know this guy, kick him in the balls for me. thanks.

Plaguesworth : Me see nothing wrong here. Back in country we carry Norwegian flag filled with metals too.

YourPalHDee : Klamer definitely thought this was his chance to be famous. The real truth with the police story, is he broke back into his real voice and said "please don't tell my mom, Sir"

Bojan Milankovic : I don't think it's possible to tip your fedora any more than this guy is. 

The Great Danku Tree : so wise, so individualistic, I bet he's subscribed to r/atheism

Artie Duckface : Totally classic Klamer. I wish Klamer was my dad.

Zargabubblebath : 1:57 "Oh my, oh my." LOL I'm done. I can't anymore.

jjj uuu : OH MY OH MY

Ian Le Jeune : Goddamn that interviewer is absolutely gorgeous...

Stephan Viljoen : Man he's going to be watching this in ten years, and he will cringe so hard he will actually turn inside out.

InstantOnyx : This guy is most certainly a Redditor.  No doubt about it.

The2005rwb : "He's some sort of witch doctor." xD

Canuckpirate : Jesus bro, Frasier stopped filming a decade ago; you can stop auditioning!

mavis tweedy : I used to work with a dude like this. He could barely operate a cash register.

Steff Brockley : Pink Hair guy at 0.36: That's right. I thought of the words "Unabashed" and "Oddities" all by myself. I think that's worthy of a smug look.

Garry S : Like a sir. 

Chip Rockefeller : why would you reupload this? It's embarrassing for everyone involved.

RobotObelisk : This guy is a cannibal 

Victor Xie : classic klamer

rkgk1517 : Can we please give credit to the interviewer for holding it together?

mr johnson : LEAVE HIM ALONE. He is most likely in 'le reddit army' so you'd better watch out or he'll be coming for you!


sondanielshah : chillfully.thusfar.

tadm123 : Does he also speak in an English accent when he's getting beaten regularly at school?

gpwnedable : I don't know what's wrong with young people these days. Back in my day kids like this would get beaten up. 

Walker Kuntz : when he was getting vaccinated, his parents told the doctor to "just fill em up"