Myrtle Beach tornado/water spout up close 2001 Seen on The Weather Channel Weather Gone Viral

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GEES44DC : It's all fun and games until a fish slaps you in the face.

kizza1991 : ''look at that damn tube goin' yonder'' haha!


GMoney Funk Daddy : Thanks for the positive comments! From what we understand, it was on land, came to water, then back to land. So tornado, water spout, awesome is all i know! Lol

C. Frank : That was the MOST AWESOME footage I've ever seen. storm chasers don't get that great of footage. Fantastic video

RockHead TM : I live in sc.... when I saw this I said "only people in South Carolina would be running in circles around the beach during a tornado.😂

Alex Tocqueville : Our videographer is quite correct in his intuitive statements in the first part of the video. They were staring directly at a rapidly rotating wall cloud. Bad shit happens when you see one of those.

john doe : Just goes to show you that even tornadoes need a day at the beach.

Brandon Jones : Rumor is a a few sharks were spotted inside the tornado

Fred Thompson : WOW!!! a beach tornado! Did not see this video until now 14 years later!  AMAZING!

Assata Giovanni : A Shark sighting wouldve been amazing lol

Michael Ellestad : That's a giant tornadic waterspout amazing tornado there!

GMoney Funk Daddy : It still amazes me to watch it. appreciate all the comments!

mgrella63 : That couldve been a major tragedy if it tracked closer to the hotels! Thank God it didnt

MikePlaysIt : Amazing opportunity to study the anatomy of a tornado/waterspout and to actually see how they work. With the water and sand getting sucked in along the ground in bands, being drawn up along the side. Man this was an amazing video.

Poop McFarts : I remember seeing this from my hotel room. I was about 5 when and I remember being amazed by the power.

Kazz : "Look at all those people down there, those idiots" - man standing on the highest floor outside near glass windows not going for cover with a tornado coming toward him 2001

tori t : Wild. I left the beach 5 minutes before this tornado hit. I was on vacation to visit my family. Then the second tornado struck down near us after we left! I was a kid, so I was scared shitless

Muzikrazy213 : you got the waterspout. on the other side of it, there was an actual ef2 tornado on land. this is by far the best footage of the waterspout though. amazing

GMoney Funk Daddy : Good news!  A clip from this video is going to be on The Weather Channel tonight, 8-13-15 at 10 PM.  The show is called Weather Gone Viral, Vacations from hell.  Be sure to tune in if you get a chance!

Bill Loman : Lucky people. I would have been down on the beach filming that. Death wish? Maybe, but damn thats pretty

ThatStormEnthusiast : That lightning is scarier than the tornado; sheesh!

《Crxbaby》 : "OH MY GOISH"

HairoftheDog : The older guy is great! 😂

hatanka : this video is just amazing! thx for sharing!

Pyro Maniack : Not sure if I want to see a tornado, but I definitely want to see a waterspout since they are safer

hebneh : "Look at that damn tube goin' yonder!"

Sora B : it seems like the water spout was pulling everything towards it

Wayne Clark : Look at the bird he is flying backwards lolololol

Keith Grillman : Excellent footage!!

The Welfare Racers : No wonder I never knew about this, I was born 5 days before

Angela O'kane : hi absolutley outstanding vlog. this is what i would love to have been there to see it. thats on my bucket list to go tornado chasing well done.

Ricovali : Great video.

*Lady Voldemort* : That must be a very amazing experience! And you people are a cool bunch, no one screaming and shouting in panic, or whistling and woohooing like baboons. This is a very nice video to watch...I just felt sorry for those birds... 😥 Even if the waterspout didn't kill them, the exhaustion might...

Kevin Adams : Best moment in the entire video: 9:10

Amos Johnson Jr : I was there on the 17th floor of a hotel. I took some great shots before it tried to blow me of the balcony.

s4ujcd : Tornado Porn

Danny Jenkins : I was there in November 2000. I just missed it by 8 months. I would have loved to witness it live. So exciting!!

ColdplayFan360 RollerCoasterFreak : I only saw a Waterspout once when I was in Florida in 2006 in Destin Florida

Kelly Ellis : Awesome!!!

SUGAR XYLER ! : ~ Front row seats, priceless ! And published on June 12th, my birthday!

Amy Wonch : totally awesome.

ShayPeee : This was awesome bro!

Valerie Teti : Love the LOUD thunderclaps

scrappinkar1 : Great video! What hotel were you at?

PixieRealm : This is amazing

Lucas Hedgespeth : I was there on vacation with my family when this tornado hit we have it on video as well pretty crazy

Fultonfalcons86 : Hey one yall get me a damn sammich we got a tonornady on the ground.......

Jojo iz Supreme : Hell yea

Eric R : I was there that day. There were a couple tornadoes. One went right through my hotel but it was relatively weak. Made the lowest sound humanly imaginable. Picked up all the plastic chairs at the pool and tossed them around like rag dolls. Shattered every window at the adjacent hotel but ours was relatively unharmed. I watched a transformer malfunction while staring at the one caught on this video. It emitted a green flash. I was about 2-300 yards away on the other side of it.