Iklan TV Commercial Magnum Ice Cream for Pleasure Seeker

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Yonnicl Matthews : Nice Play on Magnum condoms... typically a black man's Johnson can fit... get it now?

DiggyElites SZ : 0:09 Black Cock

Lucian Gray : Awfully looks alot like bbc

Carlos Leon : como se llama la chica del comercial? esta guapisima!!

Hazel Eyes : I hate this comercial. They want the comercial to look something sexual.

Carol P : weird way she eats it. ugh

New Era : Porn commercials 😂😂

Valiant Crusader : 0:09 that's not the only long brown thing she puts in her mouth

Archie Bunker : 0:09 Nice mustache you got there skank.

n n : The comments on whatever Lola wants brought me here

Gamebreaker08 : Nice subliminal advertising.

chia boonleng : Lkkk ⛵️🏤🎠🚜🚜⛵️⛵️🚗🚗🚗🚗🚍🏤🌆🚄🚘🚘🚘🚘🚄🚄🚄🚥