Monkeys react to magic

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Justin Y. : 1:43 Dude's an actual wizard

Marius Tiberian : See them in a cage breaks my heart....

Svasim : at 1:53 it's just sad when the ape tries to hammer the card through the glass

Ariel Jones : 2:21 VS 3:19 Just realized those are two different Chimps.

Syrtech : 0:59 that was 100% a pity laugh

Sieger : You're a wizard, Hairy

game Power : it keeps amazing me how human apes really are

Toby Vlogs706 : 1:00 When you step on Lego 🤣

DeadlyRiot : the guy with the ipad can end world hunger

Ufcfan Maker : 1:56 that orrangotan is a paid actor

Xppier : 1:00 the orangutan was like They think I’m stupid and then dies laughing 😂

Dr. Avalanche : Wait.. how did he move the card from inside the enclosure?

Juan José : 3:08 My cousin when he is playing at my cellphone XD

C : 0:24 "It's a piece of paper." "Yeah, it's a piece of paper, so wh-- WHAT"

Andy Mo : I dont understand how 10K people gave this video a thumbs down. Are they against magic or monkeys?

Beyond Tubular : *_When a type I civilization discovers type III technology_*

Giant Robot : I LUV the baby orangutans reaction at 1:00, adorable...

10MIL subs with no videos : 1:05 what a weird looking chicken

BigReggaeMix : Somebody please explain to me how in the hell that guy put a playing card on the inside of the enclosure like that

anonymous : They're so intelligent

SkaiXMask : 1:05 That’s what a level 100 mage looks like

gian.chris bros : 2:43 me trying to understand math

????? : 3:30 the monkey is so happy🤗

Reham Sataa : 1:25 illuminati confirmed

iovanas : That moment when you can't perform magic to anyone else besides monkeys.

Ryaquaza 1 : 1:33 Hagrid?, that that you?

Dan R : 0:16 This is EXACTLY how intelligent beings from other planes see us "A bunch of monkeys"

varvin Karun : 1:54 - That orangutan monkey is adorable.Nice try buddy😂😂😂

Sha Gonzalez : Awwwwww 🤗🤗🤗 but it make me sad to see them in jail 😢 or the “zoo"

AronappleStudios55 : Orangutans are so cute😊

Stang the pro channel : 1:54 is he casting a spell? And how did he get his magic wand?

Bubbabluehorn : Funny looking dog you got there

SharieTV : *2:03** the monkey so cutee😂😂💕*

Slylie Zeroseven : 1:30 even the "Wise One" is confused by this black magic

1000 subs and no videos. : 2:01 when mom tells me to pause an online game.

whats doin chap : Its so sad and gets me really angry how they keep these beautiful animals in some cage for peoples entertainment

spock GD : 3:34 aaaaawwwwwww 😭😭

Lukas Hillström : *Anyone who didn’t get this in their recommended is a mad lad*


Jordan Brown : 1:20 WHAT!?!?!? OKAY!? Now *I'm* wondering how he did that!!! O.o

KangaTUBE : 1:00 *When you think it’s Friday, but it’s Monday...*

Mr.吉澤 : in the cage "next second" *OUT OF CAGE* Not so funny huh? Human

oh yeah yeah : 1:53 the monkey trying to nail the card to glass xD

rushmanzero : This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen

Ursus Discursus - Bricolage en Français : 2:36 Instant regret by the human.

Jc Dennison : 2:03 to 3:43 is the best

Iván 1oB Gómez : *When your friends say to you that you will pass the exam **0:59** :v*

Nachiketh Bisani : That last hug though

dextor0000 : Imagine an alien species so smart, we are like ape to them... Although we might look a little like them and understand some aspects of their civilization, we can can never ever be as smart as them.

Zortec : 1:00 You're A Wizard Harry!