Monkeys react to magic

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Xppier : 1:00 the orangutan was like They think I’m stupid and then dies laughing 😂

Zortec : 1:00 You're A Wizard Harry!

No : Perfect species to trick. Smart enough to understand its a magic trick but not smart enough to understand the reason behind it

kerubim * : I like when the chimp hugs the magician. So sweet.

joanna ruiz : Im going to sleep. 2 am "monkeys react to magic"

Justin Y. : 1:43 Dude's an actual wizard

Cedrick Sisk : They're just reacting to make humans feel smart.

Finn Paul : 2:45, when your mom tryna steal your ipad.

popular pubgm player : 3:34 bring tears to my eyes

AdeptDope : Df if only u could do that with money 3:17

Stang the pro channel : 1:54 is he casting a spell? And how did he get his magic wand?

Demeralds : Did you hear about the Italian Chef that died? He pasta way He cannoli do so much His legacy will become a pizza history Here today, gone tomato

UIShaggy : The chimp at the end must think that guy is a god materialising shit outta nowhere

DIY : 1:05 omg his/her reaction was so cute

Shivansh Jaiswal : 1:00 the monkey was like these fools are trying to fool me 😒😒

Jordan Brown : 1:20 WHAT!?!?!? OKAY!? Now *I'm* wondering how he did that!!! O.o

Alba Arias : The orangutan at the beginning looks so happy 😊😇

London Is my village : 0:53 so cute!!

TheGuyWhoIsAustralian : How can anyone watch this and not think we're related to these guys?

TheRedBloxxer : 1:43 when you find out that you got an F on a test.

SkaiXMask : 1:05 That’s what a level 100 mage looks like

QuitOak QuitOak : 1:55 it’s Hairy Potter

Choo Yong Ming : 1:15 Orangtuan: What is he doing 1:20 Man: Watch 1:45 Orangutan: Well, I can do that too... *Man smiles* 1:59 Orangutan: There. You think I am stupid? I am as smart if not smarter then u, you see.

Talia Draws : I like how the orangutan in 1:39 ish poked the card with a stick As would I, mister orangutan, as would I

TheNestBruh Waffle : 2:50 ITS MY IPAD NOW

Lumovest - Investing Channel : If you play this video in slow mo, you'll be fooled in slow motion instead of normal speed.

Emmanuel Pagan : These humans are so easy to fool

Video Clips : Why we keep our brothers locked up?

VARUN.N RAO : Seriously wtf @1:14 how does he do it!?

MainSkillz : *ok so basically im monky*

Keroro Gunso : Baboons have the greatest reactions ever 😂😂😂

NmvCkvdm ! : 3:33 awww so cute

Henrik Westin : 1:00 the orangutan was like They think i’m stupid and then dies laughing 😂

krish chandel : 1:05 the orangutan is an elder (orangutelder) Orangutelder: let us honor our cousin harambe With a card I got from a magic trick

Tero Tauko 'o' : Monkeys are cunning, rude & mean While Apes are intelligent, adorable & friendly

Fressh : 0:59 When Germany was knocked out of the world cup

ЕВРEЙ : Сука Ночь на дворе ЧТО Я СМОТРЮ ?!?!!?😂😂

Boots Q : Don't confuse the simple primates... I'm of course referring to myself.

TheNestBruh Waffle : This is so irrelevant but that is my local zoo at 1:19 lel.

현동 : When we watch third scene, we also become monkey

Gonxa frost : 1:42 WTF

ConfuserM22 : I want to comment in every youtube video, but i have no idea what to comment.

Ty Striet : How did he do that at 1:58

Crystal Diamond : just wait until that monkey throws that i pad at the camera

Stuart Stevenson : Before 1:10 was that monkey world in England!!!

Jason Damrau : Ok who else was hoping the orangutan was gonna blow that guys mind by repeating the trick back

RK MENACE : Ok so basically I’m magic monky

Evan Devin : 1:14 ok, i am just as confused as the orangutang

Boruto's dad : When i read the title i thought someone filmed me doing magic tricks for my friends 😂

Lorance Gautam : Now i wanna see a baboon reaction to "planets of apes"