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Lana gives all male cats a hard time. Will the male cats give up because she keeps on rejecting them? Watch the video to see more of these funny cats. Subscribe: Get social with Kritter Klub On Instagram: On Twitter: More videos about ‘Cats’: Kritter Klub- Club for Critter Lovers Looking for some critter stories? You are at the right place! We're Korean animal lovers who have been filming critter stories from 2001 until now. That’s where the “K” comes from! Join the club by subscribing to our channel, and enjoy three new videos posted daily!


ビド :3マルク : She read too much fantasy romance and put her standards up high.

Viquers Vikers : Mongee cry : *I still saw your shadow in my room*

bowiie : I always thought that having a ‘spirit animal’ was pretty stupid but now after watching this video mayhaps I have found mine


Chickenfarmer10 : The fact he isn't showing major aggression is the sign of a very good cat! Edit: I've never gotten this many likes before! Thank you!

mmyesss ss : Mongee is a hopeless romantic.

copper redd : She be like "Come near me and I'll cut u... 👀👀👀👀"

Tarun Guha Roy : How the hell did I go from cute animal vids to a cat reality show

Christian Abad : when the female rejects the male be like *O0o.ppsss i did it again*

J. Kahu : Your cat isn't crying, he just has conjunctivitis 😂🤦‍♀️

Paolo Vallejo : good edit but that male cat might have an eye infection 😐

Flying pheonix : *Legends says Mongee is still trying on Lana*

DarkArts 6631 : Just get lana fixed if it's not working, like damn.

Spear Bee : lana is s strong independent female cat that doesnt need male's approval to be happy. lana is my spirit animal.

Jønathan Alves : She's from the valley 😝🏳️‍🌈😜 go girl!!💪👊

Malgosia Milczewska : I have no idea what I just watched or why it was in my recommended but it’s absolutely my favorite thing in the whole world Remedy for anything: watch this 10 times a day

Jimins smol hands : Mongee: I'm going to make you Mine Lana Me: *SKSJSJSKSJKSSKS* 💀💀

Laura Arellano : Mongee seems like a good guy, I mean he didn't respond aggressively when she got mad and he's great with kids

Spaghetti O's : You should just let her live her best life man. She don’t need no man.

SkgstfoIg LPS : But mongee what is so cute I would have him as my pet

ᴘᴜʀɪɴᴇᴋᴏ_ : I can relate to both Lana and Mongee 👀👀👀

Lorenna : i saw this thumb so many times and always read "40 years old in human rage"

nonamemandy • : Damn I loved this k drama

Bloobfish : She protecc She atacc But most importantly Mongee can’t fight bacc Edit: how did I get 287 likes Edit: now it’s 549 likes Edit: now it’s 736 likes Edit: now 742 likes Edit: now 838 likes Edit: now 892 likes Edit: now 1.k+ likes

Ah Excuse Me : 0:10 shook 0:48 shook 1:02 shook 1:04 shook *SHOOK*

Kirke Sych : The caption is so extra I lmao 😂

NekoNeko Jimin : Okay why do I imagine Irene rejecting men?

Irridessa Amore : mongee would make a good dad but you can’t force lana to have kittens when she doesn’t want any...

simpleplanfan011 : Nobody: JK Rowling: Lana was actually an undercover animagus working for the Ministry of Magic and rejected the males because she was also a lesbian.

Lynette La Roche-Cervantes : That's right! Lana says "I don't know you!" Get Lost! I'm not Easy!"😂🐈

Jv Oquendo : SPAY AND NEUTER. That's less stressful for the cat esp to avoid them fighting.

Sapphire Katz ツ : 1:06 Mongee's face tho 😍😍

Ryan Manoj : BAKA ItS nOT liKE I LIke you. *UWU* lol thas what must have been going through her head...

Michael Jackson HeHeHEHEEE : Even Brittany Spears is playing in the background

Alex M : Just like women in Portugal nowadays...

Blanka Bontovics : Maybe she's don't like male cats? 😂🚩🌈

Bangtan Army : The captions😂😂😂😂 whoever write them is amazing 👏👏👏😂😂😂

Poker the joker : I hope mongee gets new cat love EDIT: forget about Lana she is a single witch find a new girl who love you 😇

sweet potato : Male cat : wiggle wiggle flirt flirt attack yush you're already mine ! Female cat : 0:48 Death stare.

Christian Abad : the backround music is the reason why i still watch this 😂😂😂

Obsidian Wildfire : Good for her. He ain't to cheap brood mare. She is not here for consumption or to be used and toyed with. You go girl!!

Higurashi Iroha : Everyone: what if she is a lesbian Me: what if 'she' is actually a 'he' Or What if she is spayed and can never be in the mood? 🤔🤔🤔

ぉヴぇAkai_NekoJie : Poor mongee TwT Edit: i bet lana is a tsundere

Joaozinho Da Naiti : Another episode of: What will YouTube recommend to me today?

Chicken wing : Sounds like a legit romance webtoon

paramini08 : Move on mognae let lana live her single life

Kay Karma : My cat has a temper like this, but when she’s ready to cuddle she’s the first to sit on my lap🤣

Izna Tahir : The song made the video even more better😻

Juria Manga : Me: I think Moto Moto Likes you. Lana: NOOOO 2019 Anyone? Edit: I have more likes than my self asteem. Thank you