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Shoe0nHead : >video game apologists OH.

Glink : Chris, lets be honest, this video was just an excuse to show off your Halo 3 gameplay. We get it.

Bunty King : 7:52 lol

Alex Holly : I heard about this really violet game where you murder an army then a royal family. It's been around for ages and has loads of players. This sick murder sim game called Chess needs to be banned immediately.

Cole Dewitt : Ive made so many friends playing games i actually met one of my best friends at school when i made a Age of Empires joke

WOKEN'T : You know, I've played _Civilization_ off and on for like 22 years now, and I've never *once* had the urge to raise and equip an army and invade another country. Damn, what the hell's wrong with me?

Alan Weebus : To be fair, I love doom because brutally killing everything gives me a giant boner

sarah mc hugh : My mom doesn't even let me say the words dungeons and dragons without going into full blown ranting. Also on my mom's shit list: Pokemon, Harry Potter, any magic, dragons, snakes, and leviathons. Because all of those things are Satanic. Just in case you didn't already know.

Guy The GalaXII : When people say Chris ray gun only makes fun of the left Me: this video

racer164 : Yes super smash bros has taught me how to load a gun

SomeBlackGuy : miss me with that being alive shit

Mr Sarcastic101 : i remember bonding with my dad over halo combat evolved before he joined the peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, and i didn't see him for three years and when he came back we played halo combat evolved through on legendary, so i don't really like cunts like these saying that video games make people into serial killers and rapists etc etc

ShyGuyPro : My parents had the best strategy. Anytime I’d play something violent or something inappropriate came on TV they would consistently ask me if it was real or pretend consistently. Really beat that into my head rather than just banning me from them.

Vex Solar : You remind me of idubbz so much lol

mewkuro12 : What’s wrong with being for restoration of natural harmony or being against a disease killing everyone? Does the person who wrote this even read back what they write or rethink? Or is this just a draft they put out as finished?

Just An Edit : _Yesterday I was playing Angry Birds and I managed to get to this one level that I couldn't complete. I kept trying it over and over yet I didn't manage to finish the level and getting that one last Hypochromic Anemic and limbless Swine._ _I remembered spending my whole afternoon trying to complete it yet I had no idea how to do so. It got me angry so what I did was took a deep breath, stepped back to think of how to calm down._ *Then I went on a murderous rampage and started molesting children on Pictochat.*

2006 Impreza : And not to mention racing games that can turn dumb kids into car enthusiasts, which is what happened to me

Dullbaltic : Just played Metro: Last Light again and now I'm going to restore the British Empire

person Parson : The rating never mattered to my parents and I've been perfectly sane after gaming. 🙎

SRR Krieg : "Video games makes kids dumb"..."Video games turn kids into murderers" Meanwhile some of the brightest minds in the world are working on creating hyper intelligent AI and training said AI with???????... Video Games ROFL.....oh boyee

ImperfectWeapons : I adore how the author at 4:15 unwittingly credits the right-wing as having exclusive ownership over every single practical means of upholding a civilization.

EliasLevin : I wonder if these people can find if there is something wrong even with *Kirby games*

Luniz Moonz : PC master race, console Exlusive, and mobile gaming race unite!!!

Athlynne : When Nintendo ruled (yes, I'm fucking old), my mother played it with me and my sisters, seeing the games bring us together, inspire our imaginations, help us with hand-eye coordination and decision-making. She got as into them as we did and spent SO much money on those evil tip lines because we didn't have internet and walkthroughs. My sisters and I have never engaged in anything evil or violent, we're reasonable, functional, working adults. (I'm autistic, but I was born that way.) Thank you, Chris, for defending games and gamers.

BajiBunny : Much like with Violent Video Games, it's all in the matter of supervision when it comes to something making you a bad person. If you feel your child is becoming overwhelmingly affixiated with GTA? Make sure to bring them back to reality! But I'd imagine it would take a bad parent to, in the same way, not present to their child a vicious backhand when they start turning into Self-Righteous, Egotistical, know-it-all asshole journalists who think because they saw the mainstream news reactions that they are the all-knowing scholars on the subject. It literally takes a google search of "Are violent video games bad" and ten minutes of reading to see that their arguments are wrong, their facts are debunked and that they've effectively wasted their time writing an argument so they can sit on a pedistule to be laughed at, mocked, and tossed to the side for their sheer, unadulterated lack of credability.

Post Disclosure World : Does paintball also lead to serial killers? Just curious.

HeyHerdy : Things got real at 8:33, props brother!

ARottenMuffin : I remember playing prototype and just grabbing a random civilian, running up a skyscraper with them, and then holding them over the edge all cinematic before hurling them to their doom. Also blowing up helicopters with them was pretty cool too lol

Razing Shredder : I remember playing gauntlet with my dad on the ps2. He never plugged the controller in for the first year playing the game “together” with him. I knew he did that but I didn’t mind. Then the next year hit. He plugged me in. Started a new game and beat the entire game in two days. Night and day. I was 6 at the time man. The thought that my father let his own child go through sleep deprivation to spend quality time with him. I love it. This is why I love video games because of these moments. When I finally got an 360 I got black ops two. I played through the campaign and asked my dad to play the local multiplayer with me. He said sure. He picked the biggest gun we set it to the maximum amount of bots and went in. He sat there for weeks playing the game. These times are the best time that I can connect to someone. Met my two best friends through our passions. One of them was video games. To think that all these people are saying that video games make people criminals is absurd. I played doom with one of my friends. And just in the opening we sat on the edge of my bed in excited. Then the title card hit and we were hyped man. I love videos games. Nothing can take away from my experiences with them. No left or right wing will stop me. What can they do? Complain.

P.O.M. 2B3hM : Interesting. After watching this, i realize my opinion was uninformed. I always wanted to say, well... the media is exagerating the impact, but i cant imagine there isnt an impact at all, very similar to one of the arguments you addressed. Your clear explanation helped me see that often the impacts i was thinking about, are things it really doesn't make sense to blame on the games themselves. So, its a common occurance for kids, toddlers through teens, to accidentally shoot themselves or others when they find a gun and decide to play with it. Should those guns have been accesable? No. However, instead of stopping there, i noticed that most of the time it is a boy, and stats of these shootings, regardless of the source, all seem to suport that. From there, trying to come up with an argument for the type of oposition who says there is absolutely no negative impact, i came to the conclusion that this must be from exposure to guns in video games, which still are a much bigger thing for boys, making them more likely than girls to see a gun as something familar that you can play with without being hurt. I know its not a perfect analogy, but some people die after they are admitted to a hospital, and sometimes it has more to do with medical mistakes than the patients health, and there arent tons of people saying we need to tare them down. Some toddlers see violent video games, and then find a gun and pick it up because they associate it with toys, and then someone dies. For me to say therefore lets destroy all the video games, just isnt a legit conclusion. Video games are not responsible for loaded guns being left on tables,or for parents who dont bother to control what their kid sees, in a similar way to hospitals in general not being responsible for the surgeon who cheated his way through med school and performed an operation that killed someone. Institutions have policies to monitor employees, but they cant stop the ones who are willing to lie and cheat to not get caught. Video games tell you when they are not suitable for kids, as u mentioned, but they cant control the mother who buys a game without even reading the description, and then later complains that she had no idea it was so violent. Ug, moving on. Any more on that and i might confuse myself. As a non gamer, you are right to say i dont understand what the gamers are getting from it. When i get caught up having arguments with people who are only interested in 'winning' i often feel backed into a corner, and end up making unsound arguments, or pushing a point much farther than it is capable of going because they are using unfair tactics, so why shouldnt i.? I need to stop that, because one of these days it will cripple my ability to have serious conversation. So... Thank you for this video. :)

TheBoagboy : I mean nothing screams right wing like princess recovery.

Daniel S : "the army uses video games to desensitize soldiers" Yes, because no US soldier has ever gotten PTSD while during or recovery from their time in combat.

Rorydoesnothinginlife : Just played Shovel Knight, now I'm going on a killing spree with nothing but a shovel and stealing people's gold & jewels

Jon : _watches tv_ "Video games are so useless I mean what do they do?"

Awad Shakoor : 6:32 protecting the country by sacrificing your life and *killing people* must logically fall under the "worse category"

Brown Gumshoe : Where the #ShoeOnHeadPlusPenis gang at

Bob Johnson : It’s odd that Ben Shapiro let that cancerous Walsh opinion piece out.

zwooop64 : you sound like a talking cartoon bird

Serpentine-777 : 10:48 I honestly thought he said PORN lol

tmaz85 : 14:15 LOL'd so hard I cried

Spockitans : Are you trying to make me cry with that halo 3 soundtrack chris stop it hurts

I can't think of a username : Silly Matt, I play mount and blades I don't kill people, I command others to kill people

Artorias Elucidor : 3:13 truer words have never been spoken.

Terrability5 : 14:17 lmao

Soul Essence : You can insult plants versus zombies You can insult space invaders But when you insult my Splatoon You've taken it too far Prepare for the next great turf war, guy-who-wrote-the-article-around-4:30

mitchki : Ah yes, the familiar and famous Alt-Right stance on the practice of Princess Recovery. And we'd better stop the conservatives from Restoring Natural Harmony and preventing Impure Infections!! We should do the opposite of those things, because they are Definitely 100% far-right talking points.

Birb Mom : 4:14 ok, ok, i can kind of believe half-life and the last of us. Thats kind of believable. But what i dont believe that should IN ANY WAY be even MENTIONED in this article is: space invaders, PVZ, HECCIN SPLATOON, MARIO, ZELDA, SONIC, *AND HECCIN FARMVILLE* .

cinnamonseahorse : I've never seen anyone play that many games with their feet. You're a mad man.

xbass97x : How have I not heard of you until just now?!?! insta-subscribed

George Mdzeluri : It’s funny because splatoon’s turf war is a fun sport for the inklings 200,000 years in the future and Zelda is literally fighting Ganon for 100 years in breath of the wild until link arrives as a reinforcement to help.