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Shoe0nHead : >video game apologists OH.

Glink : Chris, lets be honest, this video was just an excuse to show off your Halo 3 gameplay. We get it.

Sora Fora : How can gamers murder people if they never leave their basement :D [obvious joke is obvious but just in case it isn't, this is a joke. I support the right to bare games.]

Spockitans : Are you trying to make me cry with that halo 3 soundtrack chris stop it hurts

David Razi : Reactionaries are too dumb to realize that war is just the veneer of a game. Killing enemy soldiers is just the skin over top of it, to help us understand it better and interact with it as though it were a situation not-unlike something in the real world so we are motivated to win. It's like a fairy tale being used to convey a simple moral. I literally can't imagine being too stupid to understand that.

Andre Ware : I remember the time when I first played God of War and then contemplated ripping someone in half with my bare hands. And when I first played World of WarCraft and then studied necromancy.

LaX : _Yesterday I was playing Angry Birds and I managed to get to this one level that I couldn't complete. I kept trying it over and over yet I didn't manage to finish the level and getting that one last Hypochromic Anemic and limbless Swine._ _I remembered spending my whole afternoon trying to complete it yet I had no idea how to do so. It got me angry so what I did was took a deep breath, stepped back to think of how to calm down._ *Then I went on a murderous rampage and started molesting children on Pictochat.*

SXR123 : god damn chris, turn up the sensitivity, your crosshairs didn't even touch your target in that halo clip.

dannphan29 : I like Dailywire, but Walsh's articles are always ridiculous.

Grumpeyez : Prototype was kickass

Black Pidgey Speaks : three thumbs up for the Ducktales Moon theme.

SomeBlackGuy : miss me with that being alive shit

S : You can also argue that Prototype is an argument against nonsensical violence since the game ends with Alex Mercer feeling super guilty about everything he's done.

freeman account : I played D&D and i turned out ok. Hail satan.

Jesse Oor : you have perfect points, veryy happy to hear your halo comparison, very clear!

smokey 3616 : Not even shields can protect your crippling anxiety slowly creeping up on you...though you pray to God to halt the inevitable you know deep down no one is listening and you are only sulking in your own despair slowly clinging to the hopes that one day the pain will stop...but a last you know it won't come and the only thing that really gives you peace and enjoyment for a brief time is that you will die and soon after that no one will remember you for the man you once were....

Post Disclosure World : Does paintball also lead to serial killers? Just curious.

Pale Emperor : 99% of articles written by Matt Walsh are pure right-wing religious snowflake garbage. He's like the embodiment of the whiny moral busybody that *some* people on the religious right are

Atomic Gandhi : Amusingly, all the right wingers emotional arguments could be used against guns. "But your training to kill people! Shooting an human shaped targets! With real guns! WAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Stokes A : "Let me get on the Pictochat so I can M O L E S T" -Tom Sweeny, 2018

Lootbox : I like when people attack video games, because in effect they're attacking a billion dollar industry, it's a losing battle just stop

ImperfectWeapons : I adore how the author at 4:15 unwittingly credits the right-wing as having exclusive ownership over every single practical means of upholding a civilization.

Vex Solar : You remind me of idubbz so much lol

Thorium Mammet : I mean, when are people going to listen to psychologists when they explain that to the normal person, video games make you no more violent than a movie or a tv series would. And Wasted time? studies have proven children who play game just from the act of playing them have much better hand-eye coordination than kids who don't. then there's the potential skills they could learn from them.. like problem solving (Any game where you ran into a obstacle you needed to think about), teambuilding (Thinking MMO's or just games that require group coordination in the slightest). multitasking (RTS or even Civ-style games) and that's just mentioning a few things. There's also the guys who proved people with PTSD from the war got better from playing the more realistic FPS games. so there's that too. Regretably the 'video games are bad' myth is the one who just refuses to die, despite being disproven a million times. kinda like the gender wage gap!

S Bathgate : A wise man once said " Sometimes the atomic bomb is just the way out" Never has a truer word been spoken. All Hail Tom Sweeny. Hail........👏

Stealth_Pool : so does this mean that my 100 hours into surgeon simulator makes me a qualified surgeon?!?!?!

darkmega97 : Man Prototype has some pretty bad bosses and dumb looking cutscenes but I do love me some Prototype

TheMasterOfTheFrets : the videogames leads to violence argument actually goes back thousands of years to Aristotle vs Plato.

William Gentry : Daily Wire has a rep for publishing articles the EIC (Ben Shapiro) disagrees with. And he definitely disagrees that violent video games causes violence.

Ingrid Pamela : *"Sometimes I think the atomic bomb is just the way out"* 😩😩💀😂😂😂😂

George Clinton : Back in my day everyone was trying to whip up a frenzy about those devil-cursed *Looney Toons* cartoons saying the impressionable youth was going to drop pianos on people's heads and think they could walk off cliffs and be fine. Heck I remember when they used to outlaw books they thought were corrupting the youth, now they can't get anyone to read a single one.

Not Cancerous : #NukeTheSun

McHaazelnutz : Wait WHAT?! This shit is still going on? The "ban all violent / sexual videogames" debate - presented by liberals and conservatives alike - all the way back since somewhere in the 80's, is still going on. Damn.

TrentOS : "I think the atomic bomb is the only way out" Me too, my too.

Wiskers- ad : 9:20 beautiful speach made me cry a little bit

TallGlassofWater : The sun gives you skin cancer, therefore, the sun encourages death. #SunGate

Bean Sprugget : chess is making our future war generals

DrSNAFU : I'm more intrigued that our friend Matt wants to make moralistic judgements about EVERYTHING we do, saying it either makes us slightly better or worse people. Then he hinges part of his argument against violent video games on it, and recommends what, regulation or banning? This kind of thinking opens the door to banning anything that could be considered 'against the pubic good' or could only make us worse people by Matt's judgement.

Gamerdude1067 : I just got a 5 minute long Francesca Ramsey ad on your channel...

Pensive Scarlet : Right: "Well, obviously Sonic is a representation of the left wing's philosophy of 'tree-hugging environmentalism', thus making the game a playfully obvious yet cleverly disguised tirade against American technology." Left: "Well, obviously Sonic is a representation of the right wing's philosophy of 'it ain't good if it ain't natural', thus making the game a charmingly subtle yet subliminally obvious tirade against LGBTQ people." I don't even understand why the US government is still worried about its citizens' guns at this point. If there hasn't been a revolution against the above cited bullshit, there will never be a revolution. I don't normally spout cliches, but really, wake up people. This isn't about some convoluted "horseshoe theory" or other impossibly detailed conspiracy. It's just that the left and the right are both full of the same flaming shit. It's like Chris points out, the few good things we have left (and what is more pure and good than something like Sonic Mania?) are under attack from the same shit people hiding behind different political banners.

Gatica : That was hands down the best sponsorship ad I've ever seen in a youtube video. I'm not even being funny, good job dude. I'd download it if I didn't have a phone from 2011.

Yeenosaur : I'm just lucky my parents don't monitor what I play anymore. All of the good games these days contain violence in one way or another. One thing that's always annoyed me is my mother telling me that killing people in games programs you to kill people in real life. Like she told her own son he's going to be a killer for playing violent video games... Like what?

Tony Perri : Yeah I love me some Shapiro, but Matt Walsh isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He wrote this, too Ben also has repeatedly stated that VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES DO NOT CAUSE VIOLENT BEHAVIOR, so I'm not sure why Walsh made the assertions he did.

Alejandro, yo : >”Before my sister passed away” Oh fuck im skrry

Randy foster : Was actually watching Phillip right befor hitting on this video

Indigo Gaming : Prototype was an incredibly satisfying game. Any game where you can jumpkick helicopters and leap off of skyscrapers and cut tanks in half with your arms is A-Okay in my book.

Oskar The guy : I thought you were externally right wing when I saw some of the music videos you made but then I realized, That was fucking wrong. Now I see you try your best to see both sides and giving both sides shit...

Max Seuberlich : You are literally turning into JonTron lol

Simpleton Apollo : Can the left and the right leave video games alone? I think we are all tired of this retarded moral panic.

cinnamonseahorse : I've never seen anyone play that many games with their feet. You're a mad man.