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Shoe0nHead : >video game apologists OH.

Glink : Chris, lets be honest, this video was just an excuse to show off your Halo 3 gameplay. We get it.

Bunty King : 7:52 lol

Jesse Oor : you have perfect points, veryy happy to hear your halo comparison, very clear!

Stokes A : "Let me get on the Pictochat so I can M O L E S T" -Tom Sweeny, 2018

Cole Dewitt : Ive made so many friends playing games i actually met one of my best friends at school when i made a Age of Empires joke

Just An Edit : _Yesterday I was playing Angry Birds and I managed to get to this one level that I couldn't complete. I kept trying it over and over yet I didn't manage to finish the level and getting that one last Hypochromic Anemic and limbless Swine._ _I remembered spending my whole afternoon trying to complete it yet I had no idea how to do so. It got me angry so what I did was took a deep breath, stepped back to think of how to calm down._ *Then I went on a murderous rampage and started molesting children on Pictochat.*

lampsonwheelstr : Ahh yes, "Princess Recovery" my favorite genre of video game.

Cokemonster : I wish my dad played games with me.

Vex Solar : You remind me of idubbz so much lol

S Bathgate : A wise man once said " Sometimes the atomic bomb is just the way out" Never has a truer word been spoken. All Hail Tom Sweeny. Hail........👏

SomeBlackGuy : miss me with that being alive shit

Stealth_Pool : so does this mean that my 100 hours into surgeon simulator makes me a qualified surgeon?!?!?!

arcanics1971 : "...although effected by context..." = 'I am about to ignore the context.'

TrentOS : "I think the atomic bomb is the only way out" Me too, my too.

Bean Sprugget : chess is making our future war generals

Post Disclosure World : Does paintball also lead to serial killers? Just curious.

Alan Weebus : To be fair, I love doom because brutally killing everything gives me a giant boner

person Parson : The rating never mattered to my parents and I've been perfectly sane after gaming. 🙎

Ingrid Pamela : *"Sometimes I think the atomic bomb is just the way out"* 😩😩💀😂😂😂😂

cyb0rgmous3 : >before my sister passed away STOP. NO FEELS TODAY. ABORT.

ImperfectWeapons : I adore how the author at 4:15 unwittingly credits the right-wing as having exclusive ownership over every single practical means of upholding a civilization.

Alex Holly : I heard about this really violet game where you murder an army then a royal family. It's been around for ages and has loads of players. This sick murder sim game called Chess needs to be banned immediately.

Joshy Boy : I can say from experience that after playing Borderlands 1 & 2, I suddenly have the urge to go out and purchase a Hyperion rifle and murder every bandit I can find. You're welcome world.

Going Sane : Video games don't make me violent, make me want to throw my controller at times, but I don't because it's just a game. The sugary goodness of Chocolate Pebbles however makes me a cereal killer.


Sora Fora : How can gamers murder people if they never leave their basement :D [obvious joke is obvious but just in case it isn't, this is a joke. I support the right to bare games.]

Terrability5 : 14:17 lmao

Private Wang The OP Engineer : A wise man once said... "if it ain't jeezus, its satun!!"

Dullbaltic : Just played Metro: Last Light again and now I'm going to restore the British Empire

WakkaSeta : 1:24 ...You're joking...

Spockitans : Are you trying to make me cry with that halo 3 soundtrack chris stop it hurts

DrSNAFU : I'm more intrigued that our friend Matt wants to make moralistic judgements about EVERYTHING we do, saying it either makes us slightly better or worse people. Then he hinges part of his argument against violent video games on it, and recommends what, regulation or banning? This kind of thinking opens the door to banning anything that could be considered 'against the pubic good' or could only make us worse people by Matt's judgement.

ShyGuyPro : My parents had the best strategy. Anytime I’d play something violent or something inappropriate came on TV they would consistently ask me if it was real or pretend consistently. Really beat that into my head rather than just banning me from them.

Mass Shun : you sound like a talking cartoon bird

sarah mc hugh : My mom doesn't even let me say the words dungeons and dragons without going into full blown ranting. Also on my mom's shit list: Pokemon, Harry Potter, any magic, dragons, snakes, and leviathons. Because all of those things are Satanic. Just in case you didn't already know.

George Clinton : Back in my day everyone was trying to whip up a frenzy about those devil-cursed *Looney Toons* cartoons saying the impressionable youth was going to drop pianos on people's heads and think they could walk off cliffs and be fine. Heck I remember when they used to outlaw books they thought were corrupting the youth, now they can't get anyone to read a single one.

cinnamonseahorse : I've never seen anyone play that many games with their feet. You're a mad man.

ARottenMuffin : I remember playing prototype and just grabbing a random civilian, running up a skyscraper with them, and then holding them over the edge all cinematic before hurling them to their doom. Also blowing up helicopters with them was pretty cool too lol

2006 Impreza : And not to mention racing games that can turn dumb kids into car enthusiasts, which is what happened to me

Artorias Elucidor : 3:13 truer words have never been spoken.

Gatica : That was hands down the best sponsorship ad I've ever seen in a youtube video. I'm not even being funny, good job dude. I'd download it if I didn't have a phone from 2011.

HeyHerdy : Things got real at 8:33, props brother!

xbass97x : How have I not heard of you until just now?!?! insta-subscribed

Serpentine-777 : 10:48 I honestly thought he said PORN lol

Vinum Pike : Dudes murder puss everyday, doesn't make them murderers.

David Razi : Reactionaries are too dumb to realize that war is just the veneer of a game. Killing enemy soldiers is just the skin over top of it, to help us understand it better and interact with it as though it were a situation not-unlike something in the real world so we are motivated to win. It's like a fairy tale being used to convey a simple moral. I literally can't imagine being too stupid to understand that.

LordUzaki : Now Matt Walsh has gone from an occasional writer on Daily Wire's website, to getting his own podcast right next to Ben Shapiro....... Why?!?!?!

cobra 727 : I'm surprised that you don't use the jelly doughnut scene from FMJ in your videos.

Hudson Granade : Massive Legend