«The Crocodile Hunter»'s son Robert Irwin demonstrates how to catch one | SVT/TV 2/Skavlan

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Martha Brown : Robert seems so mature for his age...seems he also has a great personality. I wish he and his family the best in all that they do. And thank you for caring for all animals.

ASOA : Terri never gets enough credit for keeping that place going after he left us. She was a mother of two small children and then suddenly had all of Steves lifes work to continue too.......and she did it. She thrived at it. Shes clearly the unsung hero of this group; SHE is the reason we have Steve 2.0

Betty Boop : That boy is going to make a girl very happy someday.

AnArmlessHobo : "You were 2 years old when your dad was killed by a stingray, do you remember?" YIKES Better way to word that question so it's not so harsh and insensitive is "you were 2 years old when your father passed away unfortunately, by any chance do you have any memories of him at that age?"

Christin Cavanaugh : He’s so sweet and adorable! His dad would be so proud of him and he’s only what 14 or 15. He seems like he’s in his 20s lol. Looks just like his dad as well. His sister Bindi has grown into a gorgeous woman and is also so sweet. I’m super excited for their new show. Thank you so much for posting.

Nick Bianchi : This host is one of the w-w-w-worst I h-have ever s-s-seen

Matthew Green : Robert Irwin should have a masters degree in zoology, he probably knows more about every animal than most 50 year old Zoology PhD's

LeonardoDG82 Gaming : He looks so much like his dad Steve Irwin lives on

idkmybffjill : Love Robert but this host is terrible lol

Ninbendo 360 : Why is the Australia Zoo logo covered up on his shirt???

giocurve : Steve Irwin the Sequel

Adam Kuklych : Many of us in Australia do not live that lifestyle, so even for us these interviews are interesting and entertaining.

Anon Ymous : Loved every moment of this, till ya brought up his dad. That kid is a much stronger man than I am, I was in tears.

Sammy M : Robert is a stunning soul, just like his Dad. I had tears springing from my eyes watching this as this family are so pure, kind and giving. Terri has done an amazing job raising Robert and Bindi. I’m sure Steve is with them constantly cheering them on in spirit. Bless the Irwin Family 💜♥️💜♥️

Lisa Minshew : Robert is so handsome. Lord, I miss Steve....

Lynn : He is just like his dad. I hope that he and Bindi don't feel like they HAVE to follow in their dad's footsteps and that they do truly love what they are doing, with no regrets or dreams lost. They appear to have such a loving, close knit family unit. I hope Terri finds someone to share her life with. She is so young still. He may not be her "soul mate, her prince", but she can have someone who loves her and cares for her, and grows old with her if she wants. Just wish the best for the Irwins, now and always.

Fenie Calibuag : He is so mature for His age...

Shari Parkin : Such an impressive, inspiring young man. No one can replace Steve, but Robert is as close as it gets. I adore him!

Kom Bine : And you can tell this poor kid was trying his hardest not to cringe when he was explaining how his entire life has been documented... from birth. Okay maybe not, but that’s just how I read him. I got depression so maybe that’s it

Jonathon Sheets : Why was there tape on his shirt?

Mark Stevens : He’s a joy (esp in today’s sick world !) .... spit of his Dad ...

Jaden Casias : Very interesting teenager. He is smart and cool to watch

Anthony Whelan : Who is this interviewer? He's the worst I've ever seen. Bloody embarrassing. Learn to speak- can't even get one coherent sentence out.

Steve Hathaway : Robert has such a great personality. He´s an awesome person and sooooo nice. He´s one of the few people you would like to hugg and snuggle up to and tell him your worries and he would just hold you tight saying "yes my friend, I know...". Aweeeee!!!

Maleah Maleah : He is so mature. I thought he was way older.

Nigel Wood : does he ever change clothes?

Liberty Elyse : The host seemed so pure! I love this interview

DlchMcV : Loved your croc re-enactment! Very thrashy!! Lol. Great interview once again. Tysm :)

Christopher G. : The world is blessed to have a Steve Irwin incarnate with his son Robert. Truly remarkable.

hymke May : they always make him do the impressions... kills me everytime hahahahahahahahaha

Jericho Espejon : I just love this Kid :)

cherrd : Thanks it was so nice!

Artistic WhistleBlower : Neat kid!

L L : I enjoy seeing and hearing the Irwins talk about all they do for wildlife.

Mike Hunt : what a great family

HomingSword : Very well spoken.

Devy Dev : I officially believe he is Steve's clone.

Galvaxatron : That host is kind of bad. Is he having an off day or is he always so dopey and awkward?

James Clough : Ah Steve Irwin the hero we didn't deserve. Miss him.

Kom Bine : And wtf is this weird ass Belgian tv show host asking questions clearly written for him because he can’t speak English very well

Kom Bine : His life sounds like a goddamn modern fairy tale. It could be a 90s kids movie, easily.

Mark Holifield : I really like that kid, reminds me of this dad. His dad would be very proud.

kathileinxD : Thanks for this great Video

Maria Rodriguez : His love for the wild life is amazing 👏🏼

despacito despacito : Second

eNaRDe : It must be really hard for his mother to see a replica of her husband everyday :(

Sapphire Don : First

SM : He's got hsi dads gift

Tyler Coppinger : Wow really well spoken kid. Looking forward to his bright future in the media hopefully.

Todd Bell : How is this interviewer stuttering and ummin and ahh in so much pfft.