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PlainIguana : This child is like a stereotypical '90s school bully

Herman Manly : I wish I could be this Alpha

deonex12 : Where ARE his parents?

Elmnopen : One of the funniest things I have seen in a long long time

Rampaging Elephant : Feral children are the main enemy of the illusive weather boy

squidinator : Autism really is one hell of a drug

Lavaman30 : WeatherBOY!!!

Strawberrygore : He sounds like a bully on a 90s tv show

[Rav3] : WeatherBOI

gausm warhole : And YOU! Wouldn't YOU like to know WEATHERBOI?!?

sacred temmie LB : He just seems like he was placed there to interact with weatherboi

Bryson Tilford : i would have responded saying Where are your parents? then say oh wait there probably dead.

Trashcan; Caroline Fatale :'3 : wouldn't you like to know, w e a t h e r b o y.

Gage Sease1 : What a stud😂

gamebou boi : Speach 1000

woah : don't do cocaine

Why Bother : Real life Sid Philips right there lol, the psycho kid from Toy Story.

AJ jackson : Couldn't be faker

Ultrilliam Builds : Meanwhile: I live in las vegas, where this was taken

Proto Craft : Did this kid jump out of a bethesda game?

Brandon Brandon : I love this Clip. Thanks for this whoever you are.

Mi Da : Looks like the Vegas manners got to that boy. Typical Vegas locals.

MayonR : The kid looks like his son.

SpcmnSaray : dood this is the vegas news lmao I live in vegas

Alex Melin : It would be funny if his parents were at home and seen this

Trying to make sense : That could be Bill Burr's son.

chobopanda : #ParentingGoals

me mo : 0:12 lol he was NOT prepared for that one

chief meech : Speech at 100

Chicken McNugget : Mood

F.B.I : true words

Mat Gonzalez : On the spot comeback badass

extra tropical cyclone : Feral

Izaiah Montanez : This is Fox 5 Vegas

Adolf Hitler : Aha what a puff

Seppo : Lol so good😂

Bloodiest Vixon : YEEMS

Ethan Coley : He’s an orphan.

Pacific NW : Why is he sketchy