Mike Posner "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" 1969 Gibson ES-150DW | Norman's Rare Guitars

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Amazing talent! Our friend Mike Posner singing one of Jen's favorite songs "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" with our 1969 Gibson ES-150DW in Original Walnut finish here at #NormansRareGuitars!!! What do you guys think? FOR ALL OUR YOUTUBE FANS WHO WATCH ALL OUR VIDEOS.. ENTER OUR WEEKLY CONTEST TO WIN A SURPRISE GIFT!!! Submit to jen@normansrareguitars.com by Monday @ Midnight! Rules: 1. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel. 2. Name the make and model of all 5 guitars from that week's Guitar of the Day episodes and include the setlist for each episode, including song title and artist. 3. Full name. 4. Shipping Address. 5. Shirt size. GOOD LUCK, AND THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! ***Want us to repost your stuff on Instagram??? Use hashtag #NormansRareGuitarsRepost on your videos when upload on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook!!! We will choose the coolest videos and repost them on Sundays and Mondays!!! Make sure you're FOLLOWING AND SUBSCRIBING to us on Instagram AND YouTube!!! Have fun and get creative!!! Follow Norman's Rare Guitars on Social Media for exclusive Photos and Videos! Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/normansrareguitars Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/normansrareguitarscali Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/normansguitars Website - http://www.NormansRareGuitars.com NEW WEBSITE IS NOW UP!!! NEW SHIRTS, AND MORE GUITAR INVENTORY GOING UP DAILY!!! Click here to shop: https://www.normansrareguitars.com/product-category/merchandise/


John Doe : RIP Avicii

Geoff Gyro : I did a bong in Bangkok.

xega : Damn mike looks different

Poku T : And i thought it was all autotuned his vocals but damn he has it pure! ❤️

sh2345 : Can't show Avicii you're cool anymore rip...

kingku talukdar : awesome but he looks sad.

Jay Bug : The way he holds a pick bothers me.

douglas walther : Is that Hooper from Jaws?

Marcos Marta : this tone is not that great for just strumming chords but his voice sound good and heartfelt 👌🏼

Nick Lopez : Really wish he would come out with more stuff everything he makes is a hit

Troy Strain : That looks like a man who can score you some bud 🌳

PainOf Agony : Avicci lives forever in his song

Alan Scharrer : Great guitar and great heartfelt performance

Solomon Angom : *I took a hit before coming to store.

Ken Lord : That beard totally makes it look like if he wasn't playing the guitar, he might know how to make one from scratch.

drew crosby : What really happened to Tom Hanks after Castaway..

Chris Neary : Took a pill in eyebeetha

SP : Mike posner looks like casey abrams now

flairnatureboywoo : Mike Posner looks like LEMMO'S older brother.

Sean Baechle : Did he get lost on an island with Wilson for the last 6 years?

James Rocknrolla : Dude sounds awesome. Kills me how his voice just doesn't match the look of him lol. Great version.

Scott Netter : Remember, they're in Cal, it's legalized now

Derek Adams : This guy songs was my middle school jams lol

Connor Chen : He sounds stoned

Charu Jain : Why do u sound like Mike Posner When u realize he is Mike Posner 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Noah D : Better than what they play on radio

IPTAMA : This song has the deepest meaning 🖤

Jonah Ladd : Best version of this haha, awesome.

Nate Emory : That guitar work really good for him. The low ends are really booming and the highs chime really good, and his voice fills out the middle perfectly.

Jimmy John : I love these versions of Poser songs. His acoustic of "Pill in Ibiza" and "Buried in Detroit" are a couple of my favorite tunes. Talented guy.

Jack Orion : The original song has over 900 million views.

FarLeys 1 : This guy reminds me of Jim Ford LOL

wikichris : Great song. Genuinely.

John Woodmass-Calvert : He sounds stoned but thats ok because hes great

Relayer6a : Nice percussive ring to that guitar.

Gio Davel : Why did you not stick to that genre ?

Dom Edwards : Forever inspired by this dude. He's got mad talent and is so underappreciated IMO

Fellita Atmadjaja : Somehow i like this version better😅

Rene Lopez : Damn. He’s really good live. Much respect Mike. 👌👌

Hafiz An-Nur : first was Bruce Almighty, then Evan Almighty. is it Mike Almighty coming soon? 🤔

Felipe A. : dude speaks like post malone

kikmen1 : mike pose went full ship wreck mode bruh

Zoran Jovanovic : Hey Mike; Play next time - COOLER THAN ME, please!

Kielland Supernault : That may be my all time favourite Normans rare guitar vid.. BUT FAVORITES ARE FOR SUCKAS AND SUITS KIELLAND SUPERNAULT 12345678910

Jared : not one person comments to what this song actually is. did drugs in an affluent neighborhood and now he's familiar/comfortable with sad songs. My life. We all want a trip to Ibiza

Lane arndt : I've played a could of those, definitely a dream guitar to mate with my old 335!!

TheDude4077 : This is my new favorite live in-store performance. And there's been some killer performances on this channel

Daniel Clapper : Wow just found my new favorite channel. That guitar sounds dreamy!!!

Caring Is Creepy : *Spin Doctors* is that?  first thing i thought of when I saw the Thumbnail.  Definitely the same beard. :P :P