Mike Posner "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" 1969 Gibson ES-150DW | Norman's Rare Guitars

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Jay B : Mike Pose looking like Bob Ross

xega : Damn mike looks different

Geoff Gyro : I did a bong in Bangkok.

John Doe : RIP Avicii

Poku T : And i thought it was all autotuned his vocals but damn he has it pure! ❤️

kingku talukdar : awesome but he looks sad.

douglas walther : Is that Hooper from Jaws?

Nick Lopez : Really wish he would come out with more stuff everything he makes is a hit

sh2345 : Can't show Avicii you're cool anymore rip...

farihin yusmin : Avicci lives forever in his song

Jay Bug : The way he holds a pick bothers me.

Connor Chen : He sounds stoned

Troy Strain : That looks like a man who can score you some bud 🌳

Tew Pick : This song really hits me.. I don’t think too many people can understand what the feeling of fame is. I use to be famous in LA and knew a lot of celebrities but it’s not as fun as it looks on tv.. don’t know whose being real with you or who to trust.. it’s all an illusion... have the nicest house but all alone, have the nicest car but can’t really go anywhere... and eventually it fucks with ur head. I had everything but it feels plastic, I got really depressed and moved back to my hometown.. never went back and always trying to warn people that you don’t want to live that way.. be a simple person and learn to appreciate the little things in your life. 👍🤙

sxn : Mike posner looks like casey abrams now

flairnatureboywoo : Mike Posner looks like LEMMO'S older brother.

Magrumpa4 : Remember, they're in Cal, it's legalized now

Chris Neary : Took a pill in eyebeetha

Saptrishi Soni : This song has the deepest meaning 🖤

drew crosby : What really happened to Tom Hanks after Castaway..

Alan Scharrer : Great guitar and great heartfelt performance

Derek Adams : This guy songs was my middle school jams lol

Noah D : Better than what they play on radio

James Rocknrolla : Dude sounds awesome. Kills me how his voice just doesn't match the look of him lol. Great version.

Jack Orion : The original song has over 900 million views.

Jade Maiden : He sounds like the vocalist of the group band Passenger.

Solomon Angom : *I took a hit before coming to store.

Official Firas Moussa : Avicii was still alive when this song came out, happy that there's such a song so he always can be remembered. RIP AVICII 🙏

Charu Jain : Why do u sound like Mike Posner When u realize he is Mike Posner 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Jonah Ladd : Best version of this haha, awesome.

adil qureshi : 0:41 start

Relayer6a : Nice percussive ring to that guitar.

Dom Edwards : Forever inspired by this dude. He's got mad talent and is so underappreciated IMO

Jimmy John : I love these versions of Poser songs. His acoustic of "Pill in Ibiza" and "Buried in Detroit" are a couple of my favorite tunes. Talented guy.

wikichris : Great song. Genuinely.

chayfuo : WTF happend lol he looks like a 70s rockstar

Mo 2k : Should have done an unplugged version of bow chick wow wow what u gonna say featuring little Wayne from birdmans young money cash money billionaires

Ken Lord : That beard totally makes it look like if he wasn't playing the guitar, he might know how to make one from scratch.

CaptGamer 101 : Mike looking like one of those Bible dudes.

Zoran Jovanovic : Hey Mike; Play next time - COOLER THAN ME, please!

The Memo : Throughly enjoyed this one 👍🏻


John Woodmass-Calvert : He sounds stoned but thats ok because hes great

braderrick : Note the lack of the “T” in the model lol. This is NOT thin haha... I’d like to hear one with P90s!

zurdo z : wrong song for that type of guitar.

FarLeys 1 : This guy reminds me of Jim Ford LOL

Puri Bogdan : wow this song played like this is actually good xD

Joe Lewis : This was so badass

matthew houlgrave : I thought it was pronounced paws-ner”

Elias Garcia : 🔥🔥🔥