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Kevin Cservid : The last time Brian Shaw took a piss on an airplane the weather center in Florida picked it up on their radar as a tropical storm.

Jarrod : "Sorry sir, we're overbooked" Shaw: "No you're not" "You're right we're not"

MrCorgiTalks : “Taking a shit on an airplane is out of the question” -Brian Shaw, 2018 😂😂😂

Gil Scharf : Your travel videos are always entertaining! Funny how I feel to tall in airplanes being 6´3 and then there is you haha

Andrew Lang : I think that old man you sat down next to thought you were going to eat him 😂

Elmo Blatch : I'm surprised the plane could lift off.

Jordan Martinez : Imagine thinking you gonna have a comfy ride with an empty seat besides you And you see him walking towards that seat

Andrew Tansey : Brian the only kinda guy to pull 4 cars and then say “hey let’s go to the gym”

videoschmo : 2:08 You know this is what we all want to see right? After the 'burrito aftermath' video of course...

FrostyTha Snowman : Honestly for the amount of time you have spent training your ass off and spending tons of money on food ( and winning wsm 4x in a row ) you deserve a first class flight.

Joe R. : The 9 dislikes are from the airline companies

Leonardo Arámbula : I bet the guy in front of you in the plane didn't even try to adjust his seat

Matt Williams : We need to get you to private jet status

DuncanFarms& Racing : That interaction with the fan was awesome. Your an awesome man and theirs some super nice people out there

Juggo fortytwo : That guy that met him at the airport is actually a really big guy.

Clobercow1 : Pressing 245 over head like is baby weight. Man I need to get bigger...

Deranged Tony Danza Zombie Clown Army : 3:28 Everyone’s thinking “please don’t sit next to me”

Zach Mertz : watching the military press at the end just goes to show that no one is too cool to warm up with the bar!

undertaker666dead : I bet Brian Shaw could dead lift the plane if he really wanted to.

VCastilho : 2:03 what should I do if I have a micropenis? (I don't, a friend told me to ask)

MrMhtmht : One simply has to smile when you interact with other people, so calm and a truly good spirit! When the girl took a picture with you I just couldn't stop smiling

Zwiebeln : The face of the Guy in the plane xD thx for this video

Owen : Brian surrounds himself with love and positive people, no wonder he's a happy humble man

Jarrod : I'd like to see United try and drag this guy off a plane.

Deranged Tony Danza Zombie Clown Army : Good God. If he ever took a dump on an airplane it’d be a full-fledged aviation disaster..

Daz Dee : Can you do the same video again, but dressed as a woman? pls

Brian : After hearing about Andre the giant and his struggles traveling, I kind really feel bad for large people. Andre had to go in a bucket outside of the bathroom with a curtain drawn, because he physically couldn't fit into the airplane bathroom.

CAESAR Gaming : Trying to fit in an airplane* 😂

kinggold chains : His hat looking so small😂

dee cotton : Your demeanor and taking time to interact with fans is awesome. Thanks for the channel for us to watch your journey

Basil Parhas : He makes the airplane look small

RAT BURL : Brian gets up to go to the bathroom at the back of the plane and all of a sudden the plane climbed 10,000 ft. Pilot 👨‍✈️ is like WTF?😂😂😂

MattFrisian : Do they bother asking if you're willing and able to open the emergency exit door?

Buffalo : wow, I'm 6'1'' and 300lbs ish and I JUST fit into economy, with my knees jammed into the seat in front and my sides chafing on the arm rests and my belly negating the use of a tray table lol. God knows what you go thru man. much respect

Doctor Poopypantz : 9:40 That looks like 260-270 pounds (45x2 + 25, or 115 on each side plus the bar). And he's doing that for reps. If that were your one rep max you'd be pretty strong by any normal standard. And he's doing that for reps. And then consider his one rep max is probably almost double that. 465 or so? More? Insane.

Pavel Sushko : Get yourself an airplane sponsor so you can get free 1st class with huge bathrooms. Airplane companies would have such a great interest in you. Just imagine " If we can make him comfortable, theres no one we can't handle"

Ψ : When Brian does a workout, the weights wake up sore

Garrett Feeman : 9:20 morgan freeman is jelous of brains weights

mazoost alg : 8:27 1320 hoody

videoschmo : 3:25 Nice airplane jacket Brian

The average Lad : I think with enough will power he could tow the plane to the runway.

Erwin C. J. Schrödinger Spiel : 8:26 reppin that 1320 video shirt 👌

Jaap Harrijvan : But can you pull the cars with the hand brake engaged?

Ascended Vegeta : WOAH THAT'S REALLY CLOSE TO ME. MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA!! It's like an hour away from where I live. Does anybody know if he's still in Merrillville?

TJ Sho : Hi Brian! Love your channel! You are an amazing, inspirational, awesome person! I have a question for you for your next Q&A: Have you ever had a bone injury/fracture or a major major muscle injury? What steps did you take to recover and get back into training and hitting your old PRs again? Thanks again! Cheers!

Google User : Great stuff Brian! Always love your content, you’re humble attitude, how genuine and respectful you are, and how inspirational you are. Such a great role model to everyone.

MLG Crunch : When Brian Shaw is sat at the front of the plane it can’t take off, when he is in the back it does a backflip

Tj BluMaverick : Aaaayyye I lived in merrillville In for 3yrs

Josiah Arevalo : Keep up the good work!!

JC rides : I just watched the entire LEGO movie as a mid roll ad for this video.