Crazy Vegas Judge Loses it when he won’t Worship Her!

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Here come the pretend patriots to loyally defend their fascist State. Follow my friend Josh here... Yes those are pink chains. Some vegas judges are even past adult performers. Ann Elworth locked Josh in the back room because he asked her questions. After a while, she brings him back and gives him an arbitrary sentence with no trial or appeal. Follow Josh:


Stranger in Town : A parasite paid $150,000 a year, what more can I say.

Larry Smithart : no...the legal system IS over corrupt and is no longer necessary.revolution is n order

JC Denton : 15 days in jail for asking a question, & asserting We the people are in charge. This could have been YOU.

DATPlace4walkthroughs : 1 Timothy 2:12 “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

douglas howard : the city/state can not be a victim because it is not a living being.

Victor Martin : She knew that she was treading on thin ice . Her voice was cracking when she charged and sentenced the guy.

Jeff Jones : Righteous judges chosen by God Himself will soon replace this fubar justice system.

Notonebuttwo Othman : Remember the crooked attorney who ripped you off ? Now he is a judge ! Think about that for a moment

Heather H : Good lord, sir, you are quite daft.

Jasont0625 : Power trip! Shove that robe up your keester lady!!!

Phyoomz : That's a lovely painting in the background.

M Fagerström : Use a taurus judge on that judge

ckarod ipolicethepolice : Its time people started using their rights! Plummer vs STATE for a start! ;-)

Chris Manley : Land of the free is a myth

Al Khan : Yes let's look woody Allen you borfest

JC Denton : There will come a day when that 150,000 a year isnt worth the toilet paper in the jail, & men like this man will be the ones enforcing the law on judges like her.

Solomon The ll : That's why women love these positions

Adam Johnson : no just being contankorous and funny they are committing assholery by dummy. I can't stand this guy and he is off his boat. I don't think it is necessarily his strategies but the whole sharade.

shawn strange : To all y'all saying she is right the man said we are in control of the court meaning the people so stop being sheep and agreeing to do what ever the government says

Jonathan Pfeffer : there is not a judge in america who would not agree with her. you are a psycho

Tom Lohr : Did I miss the part where he said he was traveling and not driving?

Victor Miles : The who posted this video must have been in contempt of court a few times...

Doris Egenlauf : They don't let cameras in the court because there so corrupt

alienworldsincolor on facebook : whare did you get that painting. it is more realitic than you might realise.

VG VESON : Cant he bring this to a higher court or something? Someone please answer because I'm interested know

Time Traveler 2025 : It technically was contempt of court.

Jack Mock : My kind of judge.Lock all these loons up.

alejandro : Gavin Seim- its because of people like you that i adore my adoptive country.

LJ Marzula : Trying to be smart only works if you are ACTUALLY smart.

Thomas Norman : judge if you going to put somebody in jail do it without fear your voice is shaking what are you afraid of Judge

TheCWARREN23 : He got exactly what he was asking for. You think you know the law because you read some B.S books and then get pissed when yall get called out on it

Ronnie Carroll : Yea! They will play that mental card if they are called out. A judge asked me did I plead guilty, or not guilty after finding EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN HIS COURT ROOM GUILTY! I LAUGHED AT THE QUESTION AND SIMPLY SAID "It really does not matter if i am guilty or not guilty after you just found the whole courtroom guilty" The next question was "Was I in Slow or Handicapped Classes when I was in school" Lol! I laughed so hard! It was a complete joke!

mike harrold : Snowflake alert !!!

zukiew : This is why america,england well suppose most countries if not all are absolutely f..ked because people do not stand up for there rights an exercising the law as its stated. Instead we do what wer told because some1 has a uniform or a title. Well done to u mate👍

Mike Marks : Can’t Fight City Hall

Ludwig von Falkenhausen : This dude is TROLLING that judge, and he got off easily, in my country where there is no trolling activism allowed. He would get into a real problem

minelab*71 : I think she needs the MH

Carlos Delgado : I wonder when he'll will come to judge evil kings and lords

Nate Ermine : There won't be no justice and what makes you think justice will be served???

Adam Johnson : "edited" hmm huhmm

Glenn Ward : I had to pause what's the 1st bit about don't understand what's going on

jeffrey thomas : This right here and the problem with Gavin, is they think they dont have to be accountable for their actions. I'm all for standing up for my rights and standing against abuse of power, but this isnt any of that. This is someone who broke the law and because they dont agree with it, thinks they can act however they want. When we hold our civil leaders and civil employees accountable of the law and want to point out every time they break the law, we also need to respect the law ourselves.

Jason Pierce : people have traded their freedom to travel freely unmolested for permission to travel by signing your name on a dotted line

R M : His questions were legit but he did not have the status nor did he present himself correctly.

el batito feo : That judge needs a mental evaluation

jão Maria : the mh card! criminal corrupt and ignorat corupt!!

BlackCatWhiteFace : Pretty bad example of the point you are trying to make.

Adam Johnson : right 'edited'

Deli Unogye : USA IS BROKEN!