Crazy Vegas Judge Loses it when he won’t Worship Her!

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GBLynden's RC : I knew when he called himself an "Activist" that his point of view is skewed. The dude was driving with a suspended license and was talking over her. The judge acted appropriately.

Ed, Just Ed : That guy said he’s in charge of the court room, he might be mentally stupid.

indoctus41 : I'm not buying this. Talking over the judge and stupidly saying that "we are in charge of the courtroom" is not exercising his rights. There is nothing in the 6th Amendment that protects the attempt to lead the courtroom and take over the proceedings. The judge not only answered his questions but gave him 3 chances to avoid the contempt of court.

rbodell : I love it when burger flippers practice law. I want to see how he acts when he comes back to court

metalheadbarbell : I honestly don’t see how any of you oils possibly think this judge acted appropriately. He was asking lawful questions. Seeking clarification for what he feels is an unconstitutional requirement that the state of Nevada could propose that this “violation” of an ordnance was in fact a CRIMINAL offense. If any of you know that law, there are felonies, misdemeanors, and violation. All three are in fractions of Law, however only felonies and misdemeanors are considered crimes. Violations are infractions of codified ordnance’s and are NOT criminal. That’s what he was getting at. But she wanted to suppress his right to even get clarification on the nature and cause of the alleged offense. To put a man in. JAIL CELL for having the audacity to inform the court that the people are in fact in charge of the courts is disgusting. I respect the law. I respect judges and police officers and anyone else that respects the law. It is what separates us from barbarians. It saddens me to see a judge forget the core concepts of the law and the first amendment GUARANTEED RIGHT TO SEEK A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. If you support her behavior, then you have already fallen victim to the much of the rhetoric of modern politics and the misinformed understanding within contemporary society of where the court gets their authority from. This judge sets herself above others and demanded he bow down to her or suffer the consequences. It wasn’t enough she humiliate him by locking him in a cage without warning, but to them demand he submit to her in front of everyone shows she is a tyrant. Shame on her. And to those that support her. May you never be in a position to need to speak your mind and have your voice suppressed by someone like this.

BlackCatWhiteFace : Pretty bad example of the point you are trying to make.

Brian Doherty : This guy simply wanted to start an argument, one which he couldn't win. He got what he deserved.

Rodney Perini : That judge did exactly what I would have done if I were a judge. He breaks the law and thinks he runs her court room? na not today she said she didn’t waste any time with this character. Straight to jail you go smart ass and if you have the kind of mind to talk to a judge like that then there should be a psych evaluation too.smfh

Chris L : What a tool. That guy deserved everything he got. If you're following the law and the judge doesn't, you have recourse. But in this instance, all he has to do is enter a plea and instead acts like a belligerent fool. I'm sorry i clicked on this click bait bs. The judge was well within her rights, the defendant was not. If you're going to make a protest in court, at least know wtf you're doing.

Davey Morgan : I agree with the judge

wavygr : Judges have way to much power.

Mi Gr : Actually Gavin your assumptions and your friends assumptions are totally incorrect. First of all this was an arraignment. He was either going to enter a not guilty plea or a guilty plea. At this stage of the process, which is well established long before you and he were born, the law calls for an answer to the charges against you said answer is either guilty or not guilty. HE tried to skip the process and go straight to the argument phase, which occurs before deliberation and well before sentencing. Good effort at being a self appointed watch dog, but try again next time, but this time actually read a book on criminal procedures and not the constitution, which does not completely spell out the procedures established to prosecute criminal behavior. Oh yeah he was mixing criminal law and civil law together as well. The State is always the victim, which the Judge didn't clearly affirm when he asked who was hurt. There is no physical hurt there is a violation of the criminal code, they still have to prove it and the standard for proof is greater than that required for a civil proceeding.

Scott W : This is what is wrong with America. People like you are ignorant. You need to learn to respect people. Whether you agree with the Judge or not, they are in charge and you need to respect them. Another thing is that you are backing the guy who's driving on a suspended license. That is and always has been illegal. If you don't like our laws get out of this country.

Hystorix : So sick of judges that have zero god damn clue about the constitution.... a reckoning is coming

Christopher Crepon : holding tank lol.. of course not respecting Judges is generally going to get you in contempt of court...people who make such big issues of this kind of thing should read Meads v Meads

Kevin Miller : No, sorry. I'm no fan of runaway power-mad boobs in black robes, but this judge doesn't meet my definition of a crazy judge. The defendant was being a smart-ass and demonstrating that he was both over-informed, but under-educated. The first thing any judge is going to do is keep order in the court; she wanted to get through the process, she was patient with him until he started in with who the "victim" was, at which point he sounded like a poor-man's Clarence Darrow in a traffic court. He deserved what he got.

Timothy Casey : Wow, 15 days for a that - "Contempe of Court" for suspended license...

B C : I wish this Gavin was in the court room also. Then have the pleasure to kick both their asses out.

haitipi : Sorry. Martinez was wrong. His inquiries, perhaps valid, were not made at the appropriate time. If he wants to fancy himself as an attorney, he should have invested the tine to understand the law and court procedure. He was WRONG. Dead WRONG. The judge was patient, in this case. The hysterical spastic imbecile who made this video needs to get off the Meth. Your boyfriend should have been driving.

Mark Landis : The fact that the defendant was out of line, and that the judge acted well within the power, and discretion she is afforded by her position is secondary to the underlying issue of this submission to you tube. This seems to me a clear example of an opportunist trying to yell fire in a crowded theater when the lights are dimmed. He is attempting to shine light on a corrupt system when the only evident corruption is what he is attempting to incite. His “righteous indignation “ is feigned. A clear example of someone trying to play on the PGA, when he has yet to master PUTT-PUTT. Via YouTube, he has found a forum where he can “act” important. Insightful, and as the flag bearer of the “common man”. When in reality, he has neither the case, nor the intellectual fortitude to do much more than empty the trash we set by the curb each week. I see this person as a likely assistant manager at a fast-food emporium, that all the employees despise. He likely lords his “power” of the teenage kids that work under his tyranny, and plies favors on the female workers in the hope of finding a relationship that has always been impossible for him to find.

Pissed Off Taxpayer : Cops, judges, and politicians have DECLARED WAR on the common man.

shadyninja1 : Judges think that they are a god.

chuck ronnenberg : you and him are both crazy she had reason and authority to have him removed from the courtroom your opinion is wacked

chucktowne : I fought the law and the law won! Your activism is biased and corrupted. The person in this case was out of line, not the judge. The judge is presiding over a citation for suspended license and nothing here that was done was done out of protocol. We the people are subjected to our nations laws, we don't get to choose which laws apply to us and which ones don't. We can vote those lawmakers in to office and we can protest any laws we deem unfit but just because you don't agree doesn't mean it don't apply to you. Free society isn't exactly free to do as it pleases, that is called anarchy and if you want anarchy you better hide your wife and daughters underground somewhere and you better hide all your valuables with them. In anarchy nobody is safe and your possessions are not protected. In anarchy a person like you wouldn't last a year. Keep trying for anarchy if you want but you will never get it, thanks to people like me for that. Because if most people in this country were as illogical as you then you wouldn't be making this video right now, you would be buried somewhere.

Blackdiamond0125 : Sorry but not agree with you.. judge was right.

jeffrey thomas : This right here and the problem with Gavin, is they think they dont have to be accountable for their actions. I'm all for standing up for my rights and standing against abuse of power, but this isnt any of that. This is someone who broke the law and because they dont agree with it, thinks they can act however they want. When we hold our civil leaders and civil employees accountable of the law and want to point out every time they break the law, we also need to respect the law ourselves.

Wade Carlson : You get 15 days in jail for speech? That she didn't like? That seems extreme. I guarantee all of the people that down voted this wouldn't be happy if this happened to them...

Arch Tasting : Better hope YOU don’t end up in her courtroom, because clearly you would be awarded the same sentence. Got too much time on your hands, posting this to try & justify that idiots behavior in the courtroom. He had chance to proceed with his questions if he would have 1st apologized, but he was too busy contradicting & doing opposite of whatever she told him. Classic male chauvinist stupidity!

OFFICIAL_LILB100 : Thank me at 1:30👍🏽

Michael Rodriguez : The only thing I think the judge did wrong was immediately place him in contempt of court. She should have warned him before hand. Ohh and it is the judge's courtroom. That's why they announced what jude is presiding in every courtroom. It is your right to have your case heard but not over the presiding judge. What if he were to filibuster the floor? Would the judge not have the authority to stop it? In that case what about all the cases that were to follow his? Are theirs not to be heard? That's why its illegal to Medically operate on someone. There are trained professionals to handle specific tasks and not placed into random citizens hands.

Victor Robidas : Oh wow, this guy has issues... He's the one who needs an evaluation. Driving on a Suspended License only requires a penalty. Next time I recommend he is a little more respectful.

Mike Tuttle : In this world you're gonna respect somebody. The Judge was completely right. That was absolutely contempt of court. He should've got an addition 15 days for refusing to recant his contemptuous statement. It was kind of funny though, watching him get himself into trouble. At least he got a chance to say what he wanted to say, even though what he said was completely wrong. Show the Judge the proper respect as she presides over YOUR case in HER courtroom. Nobody told him to go and get himself into trouble. He did that on his own free power. It's probably that attitude he displayed here, that landed him in court as a defendant, in the first place.

Raj Borborua : She ran out of argument so she punished him by contempt of court! Contempt of court is misused here!

Richard Smith : Duh, You can’t appeal contempt of court, but you can get hit with 2 counts of it! And the mental thing was really for his benefit, had he been found (Well) soft in the head? Then that could be used in his behalf of defense! The fact that he or whoever posted this crap does not know these simple things tells me they are indeed (Mush) in the head~~just sayin

Jerry Sills : Judge was right in this he broke the law.

Chris Manley : Land of the free is a myth

Sam Ogla : Lock him up hes being disrespectful. We love you judge take no wise assess. How about 15 months

Cableguy818 : Bro, your wrong. That is the judges courtroom, not yours. Get it straight. Read the comments buddy, majority rules and you, my friend are wrong and ignorant.

Ann An : Apologize for what? For trying to understand the charge without his knowledge before? I think this judge should be charge for contemning the law and lawful procedure.

tavio617 : Think he watched good will hunting to many times.....hahahahaha now did he really think she was going to say oooooo so sorry we caught u driving with a suspended license your free to go.....clown

david farmer : HER COURT!!!!! wonder how much she paid for it all by herself.

Adam Moses : To the goatee guy you should stop putting these videos out you are delusional. The guy thinks he is above the law plan and simple and so do you i guess. He had no license and I'll bet no insurance so the injured party are the public which the officer and judge are trying to protect. If he would have been respectful he wouldn't be in jail so the 2 of you can go sit in a cell together complaining about how you weren't driving you were traveling.

Raj Borborua : This judge has serious ego problem. Unfit to become a judge. Chief judge caprio is an ideal judge!

Bart thewmuns : The guy was driving on a suspended license. He was in the wrong. The judge answered a couple questions but she too could tell that he was just going to keep asking stupid crap. And I totally agree with her assessment to get him a mental evaluation.

Grond : The insolence of office : the judge herself was contemptible . The US has a prison population of 2.4 million . 15 days in jail was just sheer spite from the judge.

Tony Anderson : If a man can't pay child support. He goes to jail.meanwhile our government doesn't pay back any money it owes.let that sink in..

Paul Lydon : I hope this guy thought trying to prove his point was worth 15 days in jail. By the way what was his point. Maybe checking his MH was a good idea.

Blu Ray : i don't think people should be convicted because of the way they behave themselves in the court. The only thing that should matter is the criminal offense he may have committed. You can't expect that people be quiet if they feel themselves treated unfair. People shouldn't get additional punishment for not capable of controlling their emotions. You can see it on the judge, she's also clearly emotional. In fact she wants to show him who has the power because she feels herselfes attacked.

Scott : Lets see, who knows the law better a judge or an 'activist' ? Yeah, the answer is most likely the Judge unless one of these two twats is an actual lawyer which I doubt. I'm pretty sure gavin has to ask customers if they'd like to large size their meal.

Jmafia : The judge was very professional and answered his questions accordingly.. I've seen judges yell and even curse on the bench, she did none of which. He's probably a rich spoiled little brat whom thinks he's above the law. She showed him who's really in charge!!! So, stop trying to degrade this judge, that's why you received so many dislikes!✌🏽 Dumb ass