Crazy Vegas Judge Loses it when he won’t Worship Her!

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GBLynden's RC : I knew when he called himself an "Activist" that his point of view is skewed. The dude was driving with a suspended license and was talking over her. The judge acted appropriately.

Anonymous Sources : And BTW, the guy who posted this video needs a psych evaluation as well.

Liam Glynn : The person who needs an MH Exam is Gavin Seim. What a nut job..

Ryan Walsingham : Why was he driving on a suspended drivers license ? Pay the fine, fix your license and live in your free world. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Don’t drive if you can’t maintain valid licenses.

Albert Johnson : Gavin... LMAO!!! Sorry can't stop laughing long enough at this BS to post... you poor poor snowflake...

wavygr : Judges have way to much power.

aldiboronti : He did show contempt of the court. The judge acted appropriately.

Yegs2 : She is not in contempt ... you are an idiot ! She gave him plenty of opportunity to apologize for his behaviour .. he refused so she sent him to jail... she has that authority... here's the real problem.. people like you THINK you are above the law when you are not. Sorry but that's how it goes.. you obviously need to learn law before spewing your nonsense !!

Danimal1177 : These sovereign citizens are very delusional and need to learn respect. The defendant got what he had coming to him.

Snap Mac : He was wrong. She was right.

Kevin Miller : No, sorry. I'm no fan of runaway power-mad boobs in black robes, but this judge doesn't meet my definition of a crazy judge. The defendant was being a smart-ass and demonstrating that he was both over-informed, but under-educated. The first thing any judge is going to do is keep order in the court; she wanted to get through the process, she was patient with him until he started in with who the "victim" was, at which point he sounded like a poor-man's Clarence Darrow in a traffic court. He deserved what he got.

memail24850 : I love that judge! Finally, a judge that doesn't let these guys run over her.

Holly Fields : She did exactly what she should have done!

Duh_its_Bc_Gang : The judge is right dude. The guy was being an idiot. Sorry

Incognito12000 : Judge was right. And you're off your rocker.

BlackCatWhiteFace : Pretty bad example of the point you are trying to make.


Matthew Janes : Judge was right. Driving under suspension is an arrestable offense where I'm from. He deserved it.

Dave Pierce : What a waist of my time ... if everyone acted as this gentleman did we would have an even higher court backlog than we already do. Do you realize that we all pay for these institutions to operate? These are not buildings staffed with people for the pure entertainment for people with a chip on their shoulders.

Eatme Douche : I hate our criminal courts. I am not a big fan of the police. BUT, this situation is not a good example of the abuses some judges commit. There are procedures that everyone must follow in court, and you must respect the court. If the judge says quiet - then you be quiet. Too many "activists" think breaking the law is permissible when they feel a judge or authority figure has done so - not true. The higher court is where you bring that grievance and let them decide. The man should have taken it to the higher court that he felt this court should not be able to decide his guilt or innocence, and you do so AFTER this court has done that. During the procedure, you do not talk over the judge, disrespect the court - or, basically, commit contempt of court, which is what you are doing when you do those things. It is the equivalent of fighting a cop when you believe the arrest to be unlawful. The law doesn't say it is ok to assault a police officer because you think you are being wrongfully arrested. Whenever you believe your civil rights have been violated, your recourse is to take them to court - Your recourse is not to assault anyone, or commit another crime. It is the same as the idiot activists who say "You don't have the right to ask me that!" A police officer has the right to ask you anything they want, even ask for id, YOU have the right to refuse. I think 15 days is a little steep for talking out of turn, but other than that, this judge was not abusing her power. It is her job to make sure the court remains orderly.

sporto100 : Its simple.  You are a human being trying to make sense of a court of commerce.  An admiralty law court.  Its not a court for people.  All judges in this type of court are criminals.

Joseph Naron : It's the judges courtroom.. that's why they're called a judge... Selected by our Congress.. truly the jury is in charge of a certain case but when you break the law, you get made an example of.. that's how it works. Stop whining and obey the law and there won't be a problem. Don't start no shit, won't be none.

Drew Rheeder : Gavin Seim you are a child just like the guy that got locked up. I say well done to the judge for remaining calm. Your buddy in the court was insolent, rude and clearly trying to be cleverer than he is. Grow up Gavin!

Ankit Nagpal : The Judge was kind enough to answer his legal questions. Though, she is not required to. And he disrupted court proceedings by repeatedly talking over her and he was wasting court time. Even then the Judge was willing to forgive him for "contempt of court" if he had just said "sorry".

elgin Maggot : He drove without a license. That is the charge. That is the issue. Whatever constitutional laws that are afforded him, many of them disappear when you commit a criminal offense. My misunderstanding of the constitution and laws afforded to someone in violation of the law require a law degree. and I do not pretend to have one, but this man is on trial for driving without a license and in no way should the United States protect or enable such an offense.

David Hutchinson : I don't see she did anything that can't take on a judge and expect anything good to happen. Sounds like he is one of those Sovereign Citizen Idiots.

Jamie Gilmore : You said minor traffic offense..aka..broken law. Two idiots with the same ideals of course you agree. If I was a judge and he talked to me that way..he would see the inside of a cell as well. That's a tired argument. For word playing

deedee kay : Definition mental Health: Mental health is a level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness. It is the "psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment" the judge is perfectly healthy, seems like the poster is not

Wayne Brandon : Yeah! You better grovel in court & apologize for not playing along with our charade of legalities based on false pretenses + whatever mood I’m in, lol. “I’m a judge!”

Dr.Dave3855 Dave Bowman : Did anyone think? She might be on the rag.

Tony Anderson : If a man can't pay child support. He goes to jail.meanwhile our government doesn't pay back any money it owes.let that sink in..

rob burger : Just like my County they keep the jail full of people that don't need to be there four dumb petty stuff and it is their courtroom they are the Gods in the building in their eyes it's a very hypocritical system jails and prisons have a revolving door policy they expect you back some Corrections Officers often say see you soon on the way out we need to educate ourselves lift each other up be understanding awesome video very proud of the man for sticking up for his rights and that judge should be barred because she is an employee of the United States citizens I bust my ass all day everyday as a laborer to be looked down upon somebody because they wear a robe and have a gavel and possibly have some sort of connections I mean really of course they do Eastern Star Masons they help make the revolving door that keeps their pockets fat and the little man fearful no more we see the lie

James Foote : What is not understand it it not the person we’re the respect needs to be shown it is the office. The man was rude and the judge acted appropriately

Rondie Rice : The Judge is on a Power trip ! She questions the sanity of the man because he questions her ??

Shozil Sanchez : A judge should never have that much power

James Mutter : That guy is a clown

KAT : If he wants to go this way he should have taken in an attorney.

Marty Masters : You are awesome I just watched this video for the second time with a clear mind we need people like you who are willing to stand up for what's right too many people are scared of speaking their mind for many reasons but you put yourself out there I respect you sir.

Rima Melikyan : That guy said he’s in charge of the court room, he might be mentally stupid.

Donna Annod : Show us one where someone tries this approach in a Mexican or South American court. Do you travel? Not counting European countries. Would really boost your reviews! You would also get a more balanced perspective and appreciation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Humacide Humacide : She needs to be fired and charged with treason ASAP!!!!!

LILB100 : Thank me at 1:30👍🏽

Kutulue : No trial is needed for a contempt of court matter. You are a fool.

Jody Rister : Both these boys are wrong.what an idiot this speaker with the squeaky voice is

J Martin : I don't agree with the little twerp in the blue shirt. Maybe Mr. Martinez would like to respect the law including cops and court officials that administer said laws. Martinez was trying to get to the wrong assumption that since he never actually caused harm to anyone, he should not be penalized for driving with a suspended or revoked license. The Obama era seemed to promote this disrespect for our country's laws. Kind of the "I only abide by the laws I like rule" or better known as the anything goes horse crap.

Kurk Butka : He disrespected the judge BRO... did you not see that part?.

Paul Annas : Okay ive seen the video and listened to both the guys, first of all the judge was well within her right to say what she said after The guy was disrespectful and he was guilty, and as far as the guy who speaks after that courtroom contempt, the guy who posted this video, well all i can say is that people like you who might know some of the law still try and break the law, To me that shouldnt be allowed to happen, the judge was right and you try and sight people up saying she was crooked, when in fact the crook was the guy in courrt with a disqualiffied licence......

marge simson : The judge was polite which is more than I can say for Martinez.

Jae KiDd : I remember this guy lol did those kids that tried to beat you up for the police ... did you ever come across them again lol... So contempt of court is trying to defend yourself I was always curious how contempt of court so if you say something a judge doesn't like they have the legal status to just throw you in jail can they also charge you like $500 or something

Jerry Sills : Judge was right in this he broke the law.