The Specials - Ghost Town (official music video)

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Creamy Beef : Let us all rise for our national anthem!

RayVon1968 : Father Ted Disco anyone?

REEPERz : I've been looking for this song for years

da_hooliii : I remember this song. It was a Number 1 Hit in the UK in 1981.

crazy07cat : Song of my childhood! <3

John Waddon : nothing wrong with a bit of Ska

waterstreet68 : Great track that's been stuck in my head for the past two days.  The bassline is so infectiously good, and the songwriting is really quite inventive in a genre that can be a tad bit repetitive and/or derivative. Boy oh boy did some amazing bands come out of the Two Tone movement.  Specials AKA and The Beat were always my faves.  Both bands had truly superlative songwriters, and then executed it with crack, spot-on musicianship.  The Beat's rhythm section is not to be equaled, though Specials AKA comes damned close.   They also really took seriously the whole Two Tone message of racial harmony, at a time when National Front bullpucky was starting to infect parts of the skinhead movement, who used to be reggae and ska lovers, but left their mates, and their music behind for the nastiness of the Far Right:  too much fighting on the dancefloor. IMHO, the whole 90s US ska revival never even got close to what England was doing in the 80s.  Not the clothes and natty Rude Boy/Mod style, not the politics, which was absolutely integral to that whole movement, and not the music.  There was *much* better songwriting; a whole lot more subtle than the cookie-cutter-ish rave-ups churned out by the legions of 90s US bands with the word "ska" awkwardly inserted/jammed into the band's name.  The 80s kids were also much closer tied-to and respectful of the original Jamaican ska and rocksteady greats on Trojan and Studio 1. Great tune.  Great band.  Great era.

drumstick74 : Beautiful classic!

Stuart Pleasance : the best

bandiflip : 2017 😎🇬🇧👍🏻

Cristian Martín García : Skate 2

dixiethistle1 : absolute classic

Adam 'Baller' Khalid : Music was better then

Stan Oldman : Class! Used to drive mum nuts playing the Specials!

Alfie Whitnell : England owns the SKA genre, no question about it.

CheckeredKey : sorry, gotta do it I'm in your car Edward

Staziish : LEGENDS

Son Goku : Snatch

zora zoras : people getting angry

Corey Hernandez : Ah, I just love this song!

dave lee : excellent

Mike Hall : A great song about Coventry and they film the video in London.. no justice then and still no justice now..

Little Cripple : On most other videos people would tell you to shut the fuck up with your opinion and "enjoy the video". Be it a movie, song or whatever. Despite the fact videos are often a reflection of the society we live in. A persons opinion. And trying to convey more than just the one meaning. People like to keep things simple and often get mad whenever deeper discussion is brought up. Be that a discussion on religion, politics etc.... Now aint that a sad reflection of the world we live in?

SchwarzWeiß_Belgrad GA : Love Coventry lads !!! Greetings from Serbia ...

SIMON Gill : i fucking hate tories.

AHDBification : Did they come out of Detroit?

ironnica : Good auld Spinmaster Fr. Billy O'Dwyer

patrick williams : my girlfriend thinks that this is ragga?

Jonas Wilkens : NBK and Snatch <3

Blockhead72 : Only in part, she had been in power less than two year when this song was released. Even anti Thatcher types would have to concede that Britain was already at rock bottom when she took power.

kurmarkify : words hurt.... haha

woxta : aw man, that wasn't funny at all :(

Alex Cockell : Agreed - he basically continued Thatcherism - just with a red rosette. How different it could have been if John Smith had lived...

Thierry Regaud : Ghost Town was about the results of Thatcherism

Zim Brabim : Me too. Bat into hell. Shame they can't bury the policies with her.

Shaun Burke : When I heard this in the new Doctor Who episode I almost died of happiness.

MSoulPoet : Well, I'm going to be listening to this song a bit more these next few days....

Caoimhín Benjamin : Ah. There's the rub. You're referencing a video game. I don't know what that is.

kurmarkify : its rather subtle and easy to miss but if you notice that the word ska (this genre of music) is neatly placedin the word skate 2, a videogame in which this song resides.

Caoimhín Benjamin : No. I don't see what you did there. You're clearly pleased about it though.

dave robson : all hail labour conservative want poor people in a ghost town

RobW581 : Tony Blair or Tony Bliar as I call him and his Labour government did this country a lot of damage,he and Brown screwed up the economy good style so much so that the UK is in effect bankrupt.

kurmarkify : They put the SKA in SKAte 2....... Haha see what I did there

RobW581 : Remember this tune very well from 1981,and it was so true then in the UK,and given the mess we are in now it sadly still rings true.It is as if we have gone back to the early 1980s with seemingly permanent recessions,well we NEVER did come out of the 2008/09 recession despite what the toss stain politicians say.

Dave Young : best no1 of the 80's

emilie elizabeth : the one person who disliked this is a pure bell end

perrydear : Thanks! this is soooo good!

yamammiwammi : i love this song so so so soooooo much.

jamie coe-welch : love this video