The Specials - Ghost Town (official music video)

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essie finch : I like the gloomy look and feel of this song I've love this song from day1

Creamy Beef : Let us all rise for our national anthem!

RayVon1968 : Father Ted Disco anyone?

Alfie Whitnell : England owns the SKA genre, no question about it.

waterstreet68 : Great track that's been stuck in my head for the past two days.  The bassline is so infectiously good, and the songwriting is really quite inventive in a genre that can be a tad bit repetitive and/or derivative. Boy oh boy did some amazing bands come out of the Two Tone movement.  Specials AKA and The Beat were always my faves.  Both bands had truly superlative songwriters, and then executed it with crack, spot-on musicianship.  The Beat's rhythm section is not to be equaled, though Specials AKA comes damned close.   They also really took seriously the whole Two Tone message of racial harmony, at a time when National Front bullpucky was starting to infect parts of the skinhead movement, who used to be reggae and ska lovers, but left their mates, and their music behind for the nastiness of the Far Right:  too much fighting on the dancefloor. IMHO, the whole 90s US ska revival never even got close to what England was doing in the 80s.  Not the clothes and natty Rude Boy/Mod style, not the politics, which was absolutely integral to that whole movement, and not the music.  There was *much* better songwriting; a whole lot more subtle than the cookie-cutter-ish rave-ups churned out by the legions of 90s US bands with the word "ska" awkwardly inserted/jammed into the band's name.  The 80s kids were also much closer tied-to and respectful of the original Jamaican ska and rocksteady greats on Trojan and Studio 1. Great tune.  Great band.  Great era.

Adam 'Baller' Khalid : Music was better then

REEPERz : I've been looking for this song for years

leftcoaster67 : I always think of Snatch. with this song.

Merz Bois : Please stand for our national anthem.

da_hooliii : I remember this song. It was a Number 1 Hit in the UK in 1981.

drumstick74 : Beautiful classic!

emart : Snatch

crazy07cat : Song of my childhood! <3

John Waddon : nothing wrong with a bit of Ska

waki : I love it, gives me the same taste on my tongue as it did 30 years ago

Stan Oldman : Class! Used to drive mum nuts playing the Specials!

adrian thomas : I have that same model car / Vauxhall  P A Cresta 1962. good vid !

Steve Ruffhead : Met Nev a few times what an awesome guy

Hargravity : The Irish national anthem.

Stuart Pleasance : the best

bandiflip : 2017 😎🇬🇧👍🏻

CheckeredKey : sorry, gotta do it I'm in your car Edward

Cristian Martín García : Skate 2

AndreiTupolev : Vauxhall Cresta PA!!

Steven Walker : How has this only got 484k views should be millions class ...

Doctor Who Productions : They are from Coventry like me

PhillyLucky7 : Natural Born Killers.

SukaStyle : This might just be the coolest song track/video combination EVER!!! EVer!!..Ever!..ever!...(Echo)  Eternally LOVE this... it NEVER gets old!

Susan J. Bramlette, LMFT : Sadly, might have just seen Princess Di's ghost in that tunnel! Remembering the good old days when ....

Jason Byun : These are his thoughts and my feelings

Lyric Quiz : A shame this was the last song recorded before they split up.

Berty Mac : This song is starting to feel more relevant in the last couple of days....

Roarasaurus Rex : To everyone this is Coventry where the specials come from :-)

Anthony Scaife : The first thirty seconds are amazing.

Jack BestVid : My favourite song by miles

Venom NBK : Natural Born Killers & Shaun of the Dead.

Adverse Camber : About Coventry after WWII. Bombed by Nazis. Finished off by Harold Wilson.

marco mostertz : guter geiler track gruss an euch marco

Staziish : LEGENDS

mattymoffett : Father Ted!

Paul Cochrane : Its not even shot in Coventry!

Anthony Coote : Snatch and Shaun of the dead

David Fernandez : Is this around the financial square mile ? I guess back then in the 80s it would be a bit dead on a Saturday or Sunday.

Wayne Sheldon : babylon shall fall

dixiethistle1 : absolute classic

randomvids.awsome : Is that Smithfield in London

ivan gonzalez : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA me recuerda mi Bogotá por el Centro, muerta.............................................................. pero mi ciudad.

ehm gee : The only piece of Vinyl that I still own, my prized 12" extended version of Ghost Town.

Fuzzo Frizzbeebot : Debate this shake a fist yes the new attitude

beantree1202 : Shaun of the Dead.