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Jesus Christ : Thank you internet!

TheOnly 0506 : Queen Official brought me here!

Mary Hill : All we hear is Radio Pika!🎵🎶🎙🎤🎤🎤🎸🎹🥁

Andrei State : *Bohemian Rhapsody deleted scene*

RusArtFn : Doctor: You have one minute to live. Me:

RubremRex : This is a kind of magic, isn't it?

Collin W : Wait, guys hold on. I don't think this is actually Freddie Mercury.

MrRiggyRiggs : My life's complete.

Sheynaya Lafou : Even Freddie’s passion runs through the blood of animals!!! What a remarkable sight to see!!!👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼

Freddie Mercury : *Well memed , darling !*

WOLFRAMITE : I think Freddie Mercury's soul got inside it

T.G W.H.M.V : So this is what freddy was reincarnated into

TheAnimesongster3 : Bet this little rodent didn't know it's gonna be a celebrity among another alien species.

robo2000nitro : Still better than Adam Lambert.

EpicDonutDude : This will blow up in views, I am telling you.

ThatOneZeppelinFan : I went to a Jason Bonham concert in Louisville last night, and they showed this video on the screen before they played "Whole Lotta Love". Congratulations, you got Queen to notice you, now you have the son of the greatest freaking drummer of all time showing you during a concert

Cry Baby : I was born to love this videoooooo

Termy : You know what the coolest part about this video is? This is raw footage. Nothing was edited.

Uma Maria Do Bairro Genérica : É pra isso que eu pago minha internet, Brasil!

ACCB 1998 : An unexpected surprise but a welcome one

Losko : It will show’n in the lion king movie

Mike De Tigre : Top 10 arguments for reincarnation

zheart67 : I saw the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin experience in Detroit on Sat 12/8 and they played this to get the crowd worked up in between the end of their set and the encore.... Brilliant!

Anne Palisoc : Even better than Youtube Rewind

J. Mann : Same teeth too.

Fury 13 : this Bohemian RATshody trailler is good, thank you disney

Soo Lee : I wish freddie mercury saw this

•Giorgette•D.Joe. 99 : THANK QUEEN !!! I LOVE QUEEN!!!!😘❤😲😲. I FROM PERÚ FRENDS. 😊👋😄

Slimy Boy : Wholesome animal jokes taken to the next level XD

Holly Jolly Bongo : Queen official reposted this oh god

im jungshook : Spending nov 24 watching this on repeat

Nugg. : watch this after yall took a very tiring day

joseph's daughter's son : I love this.🤣😄😍

Mier : The Queen official youtube channel promoted this omg😂

Lauren Elloise : Ayoyoyoyoyoy

Helios seven : Dear god, they're evolving

Cheeseburger Freedom Man : Queen brought me here.

Random Panda : I was singing with the animal XD Congrats of being recognized by queen’s channel

Sai Padma Priya : You just got recognised by Queen! Congrats!!

La pelota cuadrada vevoofficial : Jeje pinche conejito

Bear Lopez : Radio GaGa! please PikaMercury!!!

Invsble_Mystry z : Why did queen steal this cute little guy's talent! What plagiarists!!!! He deserves some credit in Queen's road to fame!

ILoveCheeseOnToast : This was one of my first videos that I watched after the movie and I encountered it again after the React video.

Layeren Kai : FREDIE IS THERE!! HE POSSESSED THAT (I don't know what kind of animal that is) ITS THE ANIMAL VERSION OF FREDIE!!

Episteme & logos : Ja, ja, ja, me hicieron el día con esto, fabuloso!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁

Yugvijay : Queen band is so cute and in love with Freddie they shared it

Aleksandr Yakimov : Мои аплодисменты 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Marcelo Betanco : Is this real life?or is this just fantasy?


Nguyen Linh : Bohemian RATsody will be my new fave