Turkish reporter talking to a mushroom instead of microphone!

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Lilli an : When you are Turkish and just sitting here reading comments awkwardly

Alif Wildan : that's an easy mistake :D

epSos.de : *Good to see* that people enjoy medicinal mushrooms in Turkey too !

Antreges : That's humor that doesn't need translation.

iamcornholiothegreat : lol the other dude face when he lay down the mic and keep talking to the mushroom

Buğra bölükbaş : best greek reporter

Bill Bingham : He should've paid more attention. There's not mush room for error when doing interviews.

Artistic Research! Video! Fanzine! : I died when the volume of his commentary goes down because he talks into THE MUSHROOM!!!

suvarin : Türk kardeşlerim bi bakın adam yunus emreden bahsetmeden önce hangi muhabbet geçti de herifin elinde mantar var jhahahahhaha

Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack : 0:22 It almost sounded like he said "oh my god help me"

Oguz Tuna : Çok güldüm. Adam da çok iyi birine benziyor.

Egemen Aktas : I like his ability to laugh at himself in a situation like that :D

Simon Silfvenius : People who dislike this must have a black mold of a heart

JMJ : Cut it out with that lovely contagious laughter!

Daniel Campbell : Dude looks high as fuck.

Dean Cole : He sounded better through the mushroom

GreenTea : We have these innocent youtube gold laughs and channels like Prank Invasion

Metehan Altuntekin : This is not a mushroom. This is a pumpkin. Another type of pumpkin.

Iruno Wa : Yunus Emre who is called Turkmen was invited to that meeting before Mevlana Nibs and he says(Yunus Emre) ''How much i participated in spiritual meetings, there i saw the footsteps of Turkmen Yusuf front of me''. So even The Mevlana nibs (Cameraman: can you hold the microphone) fallen in love.. 0:23 Oh my God. I'm talking to this hahahaha my god , while i was looking there (points the camera with gourd [water pumpkin])

Datura Metel : Behold- the Mycophone!

alex bajayo : I love how he takes it insanely well.

Hoppenbrock_the_Illustrator : will not stop watching this

Yup Puy : One of the funniest videos on this website

Jub jub : Omgoodness. Too cute!

Evansmustard : that was pretty funny

Edward Wood : You should have seen what happened at the porn shop interview.

Dr J Reefer : Does he say Oh My God in English?

Raymond Adrian Brown : They're all high on shrooms!

kirinQ : why's he holding a mushroom tho

無駄づくり / MUDA-ZUKURI : great video!

Jonathon Tsamantanis : See underneath we are all human and want to laugh and enjoy life,

DanielC : I bet he will run on the Tour de France with that Mushroom. He will be the Champignon.

beytrod : Ben şuraya asayım bayrağımı.

Coffin King : Nice how he was a good sport about it.

kingexo exo : like chen from EXO. he drank mic. he thinked it was a bottle 😂

Hakostrofik : Best Greek reporter

Fred Flinstone : Translation: ".. this shroom will lift you right up to seventh heaven my friends and will show you colors you never imagined, I took just a littlebit and was trippin till the next morning.. "

Globexit : LMAO

MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte : _I laugh so hard_

Something Deep : love this video! One of my favorites on YT :D

K GABS : i had to up the volume because i can't hear what he is saying (altho i dunn understand a thing) then realized mushrooms can't hear ya hahaha nice

Scrub Prime : Haha, greeks :D

İbrahim Kama : Nice greek video

SoIoCreep : My first laugh of the morning. Great way to start the day.

Who Cares : He probably shouldn't have been nibblin' on that mushroom before the show.

alk3hall : LEGEND

Kyle Togrul : THIS IS ETHAN !

MsSunhappy : hahaha so cute!

SettingSun77 : You've made me watch this three times now, Robyn! >:(

Furkan Özer : Yunanlılara niye iteliyorsunuz bunda utanılacak ne var abi gayet sevimli bir video :)