T-Series Billboards - INDIA REACTS | PewDiePie vs T-Series | Mr Beast

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Saiman Says : *I do not actually support T-Series.* I love Pewdiepie, and this video is in good humour. IT'S A PARODY REPLY TO MR. BEAST'S VIDEO ffs. Edit: OMFG Pewds acknowledged me in his video !!!! ❤

ARIO : Indian Mr beast

Death Stroke : 1st Minute: disliked the video and got triggered 7th Minute: liked the video

Feriel Louiza : I bet the people who disliked didn't even watch x)

SAT Sri Bhaukaal : *I don't understand sarcasm, that's why I hate PewDiePie* , damn! 😂😂🤣

KoreanTraaash on Instagram : He actually promote his own channel XD... What a hilarious parody

Golu : came here from r/pewdiepiesubmissions , lol this is hillarious . i feel sad for you that you are getting dislikes from both sides , 9 yr olds are disliking without watching full video and tseries supporters are disliking because they think you are anti nationalist lol . you earned a subscriber dude . keep doing great work .don't be sad because of dislikes ... i am tweeting this to pewdiepie : )

UniplaysGacha XX : You’re my new favourite youtuber 😤😤

The Goldenflame : It is so sad to see so much hate on this video I am a pewdiepie fan and I can get the joke so why can't other people

Joti Jot : This guy should have 60mil subs not t series smh..

Runic Dragon : I could tell this vid was clearly a joke from the moment I saw the logos on your nipples.

Noel Ramos : Came to the video triggered, left laughing, good video.

Its Ali64xX : 5:26 *TOP 10 ANIME BATTLES*

Deja Mirage : This is amazing and hilarious content. I enjoyed it so much.

Azict aws : "I don't understand sarcasm" **does sarcastic video** GENIUS Love the video

Strange Man : Why does no one see this is a actually a joke and why dose this video have so many dislikes? Loved the vid!

Red Salmon : Man, I owe you an apology. Just like most of the people who disliked, I disliked before watching the whole video. However, after watching this I found it hilarious, and you just earned one like back. And I think most of the people who disliked didn’t actually watch the whole video or they just don’t get sarcasm, you’re doing great. But seriously tho we have to make Felix win this war

Suramya Singh : How did you even think that people are going to understand this level of sarcasm?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Great job! You earned a subscriber!

DarkGamePlayz : i support T-SERIES ! i Love My India ! Yeh Indian Pew K Page me jake Apologize kr krhe hai ! are bhai sarcasam hi sahi usne hamre desh ki beizati kari hai ! Abhi teri maa ko gali du fir bolu sarcasm hai toh kya karoge bhosdiwalo! tum karo ya na karo i support t-series even though it is a company or watever ! i support t-series ! JAI HIND !

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BB Ki Vines : Yeah India ka Mr.Beast Hai !!!

Afshin Vlogs : Hehehe was super funny when i saw you are writing your channel link there 😂😂 hope you advertise for me i think i need to hire you to promote mine 😉😉

PigeonsMLGsus : 1:16 – Basically the WSJ

Eric Boi : 17k likes and 32k dislikes? people doesn't understand the interpretation of sarcasm

Inspire True : 31k people say they understand sarcasm ....but they don't!!

xDestroy : I can’t believe how much hate a video can get just off a title. This video was hilarious holy shit nice job.

Alaskan tlingit : This guy was just having fun my damn.

kweshtinmarc Gaming : Read the comments first guys... This is a really good quality parody of Mr.Beast! Dont just give hate in the first few seconds!!!

ShakedNotStirred : earned a subscriber, very cool! 🤙🏻

Tik Tok KTN : I.m from nepal but piediepie ko full support karna

Desh on youtube : Who will win ? Like = T-series Comment = Pewdiepie

Banana Lord : T-Series ain’t nothing but a b**** lasagna

HUMAN s : Indian Mr.Beast

its me Ovi : “I do not actually support T-Series” ... 4:00

Veronika Alcoba : Pewdiepie fan here but I actually loved this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Harry TM : *Most Indians don't care about this drama; proofs are:* *1. The growth rate of T-Series' subscribers is the same as before.* *2. Pewdiepie's videos are not getting so much hate as T-Series' videos are getting.* *3. His videos are getting the same amounts of dislikes as it was before.* *4. You won't see much hate comments on his videos.* *But on the other hand, comment sections of T-Series videos are filled with hate and racist comments.* *Even T-Series' president, Neeraj Kalyan, wished him good luck-* *_"PewDiePie is indeed a good channel and there is no competition between T-Series & PewDiePie as both have different sets of audiences. I wish all the very best to PewDiePie."_*

Yaya Lu : This video is gold. Why can't you guys understand the sarcasm? It's a JOKE

Sonia Pearl704 : I don't understand the hate, this is genuinely such a funny and great video lmaoo

Rajveer Singh : English man always lose😂😂😂😂

Gaurav : *For Dislikers: before watching this video go and understand the meaning of sarcasm*

Nikhil Jagtap : Sarcasm is like electricity. Half of the Indians don't get it. /s

fetty carlos : That was a link to his channel jeez! 😂😂😂

Sanjeev Prabhu : 4:20 so rude 😂😂😂

tanmoy nandi : MR. beast probably transferred thousand dollar in his account. Modern Jaichand of India

TheDallasdeadeye : hilarious great stuff

Roasting bros : I got 2 T's on my titties 🤣🤣😂lol im dead

Superreisz : damn look at those angry 9 year olds

nendo sana : sorry dude it seems that too many snowflakes watched your video. your sarcasm was clear and it was great humor.

TheGreenRocket : Aw I feel bad about how many dislikes you got😂but it’s all an obvious joke THESE 9 YEAR OLDS *DONT UNDERSTAND SARCASM* props to you though this is hilarious Indian Mr.Beast