iPhone X (parody)

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Paraparap : Well jongle my dongles...

Yummy Jam Studios : I dont think people understand how accurate this is...

Anurag Kevat : Amazing innovation

Ben Solomon : "You will never ever ever play this game." 'Im dead 😂

Edd the alien : 50 U2 albums??? Bit random

Coliny : Can't wait to see Jack recreate the entire Emoji movie for us with animogies. Don't lie. You know he's going to ;D

Sab Bas : Iphone X-pensive

CRAZiiMAN : First 5 seconds I thought is this a parody *continues to watch HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

OGGY s : The only kind of phone that I would buy for 1000$ would be a phone which u could record 360 degree videos or a phone made out of gold

ABM Studio : I think apple would have gone down the same path even if Steve jobs had been alive except maybe they might have looked better and marketed a lot better.

Mia Mitchell : Can't wait till the iPhone 9 xs plus

JamDoggie : Title misleading this is too accurate to be a parody reported

Imperial Gamer : These videos are the reason I’m subscribed to you

Charlie Cansus : How many of you love the Animoji facility of iPhone X ?

Mo81-4 : 0:28 The $1,000 dollar emoji machine *Spits out water* WHAT!

PaperBoy : Apple: so you know how you guys wanted 4 way FaceTime and a headphone jack... well boom, animated emojis

FREE WORLD : 2:00 🤣🤣 so true

TheFirstNoel : *then it sucks out your soul*

Maggie AND PEGGY : *Phones keep getting smaller* *Porn gets invented* *Phones get bigger*

Didar Özsönmez : Im sure steve would be really proud of the iPhone X... not 😐

Andrew Yglesias : HA! Try and steal my soul! It died years ago!

Sunset Corner : Whose watching this on a $1000 emoji machine

Babydaisylover : I hate Apple as a company so much

kanna playz : I got a Samsung ad..

Mend Atroshi : I’m watching this on an iPhone X ...

Meowing Cat : Apple does not put aux cord cause they hate jacks

Mr. Toebean260 : I kinda want one...

Iris Zhang : Did he say iPhone.... or the yiayphone?

Poochy's World Of Stupidity : Person: Ooohh this phone has laser face scan!! Imma try it! iPhoneEmojiProX: *sucks in soul* Thank you for your life juice.

Lemmon god : Steve would be so proud!😭

Psivewri : Me me big innovation

Jsushus Nhshns : IPhone Xpensive

SomethingRelevant YT : LOL

Hyperion ALZIZ : Best iPhone video! Thanks!!! Still with my iphone6s plus and love it... dont want to give away the jack...

Ya Mums : pefectly done John

Oi Noi : Steve jobs actually wanted a fleshlight built into the phone but Apple said no.

Khalilur Rahman : My Friend : What is new in iphone 8 Me : The Price

Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic : I watched this and a saamsung ad showed up...

ElectroWolf : Apple iPhone 20, there’s nothing in the box because now they sell each pieces of the iPhone separately (100 bucks each) so you can waste $2000+ on buying all the pieces required to assembled them together😂😂😂

Gianni135 : 0:00 What's the name of that song?

Vailskibum94 : With all those new emojis, we have enough content for 10 Emoji Movie Sequels

TubTub : The YIAY phone amirite

TeamDead Meme : So bad they have to release 2 phones at once and have 4 cameras

RealMetalGaming : This is what Steve woulda wanted. Probably.

Dopest Beats : 2:06 that was good

I’m Dad : This is going to bring "sexting" to the next level

Epic Guardian : More like, If Apple Were Completely Honest trailer

Zak Paul : Did you know the X stands for expensive

Obviously OLIVIA : They forgot 9

Sain 7417 : The emoji thing is already irrelevant because you could use the free facerig app for most phones.