iPhone X (parody)

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Kay Kangaroo : An explanation of the iPhone X: The Emoji Movie 2

Sammy S. : Hahahahahabahahagabagghhhh

Itz Eliz : Well, if apple actually produced this exact video, everyone would still buy the phone. 😂

Jellyfiash : iPhone.... the only thing that gets upgraded is the price.

Benslmn : "You will never ever ever play this game." 'Im dead 😂

Adam Poirrier : Yes, It was my phone, as I'm... *Professor Charles Xavier* *iPhone X ...*

Likecomment Coolnes : Thought this was legit until the $1000 emoji part

Yummy Jam Studios : I dont think people understand how accurate this is...

Panther Sed Lul : First 5 seconds I thought is this a parody *continues to watch HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Oskari Ontero : The only kind of phone that I would buy for 1000$ would be a phone which u could record 360 degree videos or a phone made out of gold

Mike4l6 : With all these IPhones we can make a IPhone Movie.

FREE WORLD : Apple disabled comments in their page. They know they are cheating their customer. Payin $1000 for nothing

Sab Bas : Iphone X-pensive

Pixx : Steve is turning in his grave

Imperial Gamer : These videos are the reason I’m subscribed to you

rango : they made it so easy for you hahaha emoji machine

ABM Studio : I think apple would have gone down the same path even if Steve jobs had been alive except maybe they might have looked better and marketed a lot better.

Mo81-4 : 0:28 The $1,000 dollar emoji machine *Spits out water* WHAT!

JamDoggie : Title misleading this is too accurate to be a parody reported

RAZE WOLF : This is awful

Dalton Joyner : is no one going to mention sir patrick stewart in the thumbnail

Didar Özsönmez : Im sure steve would be really proud of the iPhone X... not 😐

LeaderGaming : Who here likes Android?

TheFirstNoel : *then it sucks out your soul*

FREE WORLD : 2:00 🤣🤣 so true

The Daily Dan : Another one

Sunset Corner : Whose watching this on a $1000 emoji machine

Joynbtx : Thats 2743 pixels per dollar If anyone cares

poopscoopfilms : Seriously the iPhone 8 is practically the same as the iPhone 7 except it is a little faster

Mee !!! alone in the corner TM : 50 U2 albums??? Bit random

F E M A L E S H R E K : #YIAYfetish this is my fetish... life juice

KingPro- Gaming and more : FuckPhotos! Lol.

FunkyDood : They forgot about number 9. Oh no wait! Its right here in the price! 999! GENIUS!

Lemmon god : Steve would be so proud!😭

Pastel Cream : “Or three switches and two games.” Me: ‘’HELL YEAH NINTENDO SWITCHES ARE WAY AWESOME THAN IPHONE X!”

I’m Dad : This is going to bring "sexting" to the next level

TeamDead Meme : So bad they have to release 2 phones at once and have 4 cameras

Dopest Beats : 2:06 that was good

Мирич : *HTC U11: 6 to 8 GB RAM, Price: 650 dollars* *Samsung Galaxy S8 : 4GB RAM, Price 600 dollars* *LG G6: 4GB RAM, Price: 550dollars* *Iphone X: 3 GB RAM, Price: 1400 dollars*

Irfan Mehdi Ghulam : brillaint

Neon_Tigerr : Oh big boy, sounds great! Wonder what they're gonna do with the headphone jac-

Ya Mums : pefectly done John

DinowaveRBLX Roblox And More! : Look at the thumbnail just look at the bottom right corner

ElectroWolf : Apple iPhone 20, there’s nothing in the box because now they sell each pieces of the iPhone separately (100 bucks each) so you can waste $2000+ on buying all the pieces required to assembled them together😂😂😂

SomethingRelevant YT : LOL


armeia Tv : I watched this and a saamsung ad showed up...

ani playz : I got a Samsung ad..

Mend Atroshi : I’m watching this on an iPhone X ...

Hyperion ALZIZ : Best iPhone video! Thanks!!! Still with my iphone6s plus and love it... dont want to give away the jack...