iPhone X (parody)

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I'm laughing At you : This really salts my dongles

Louis Møller : Apple is so *SHIT*

vagelis Christofides : CNET gave you a shoutout

I_Eat_IceCream_With_Chopsticks : Congrats on trending Jasonasopken!

James Field : Ha ha THIS IS GOLD!

indeed : this is $1,800 in Australia

Blackdragon79 : Now it's 800.00 lol

scatman1986 - R.I.P Scatman John : #YIAYfetish i have a serious bacon fetish and i need to stop it.... lol jk i wont

Bestfrlend Gabe : The IPhone XD, It's not THAT bad. -Apple

George Gogishvili : Finally Apple did this and made apple fanboys or iSheeps or whatever look what they really are LOL I mean animojies and I hope you will understand what is the point : ))

Anki AHA : These puns tho

45westwood : parody website too lol http://www.shouldibuyaniphonex.com/

Drama GT : Iphone 7 no headphone jack Iphone x no home button

J Lee : Amazing!!!!!

Saad S : ill just keep my calculator

fateo : wow such a funny video! LOL XD HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA kill yourself

MoVlogamer : jacksfilms hater

BARRON BOY : https://youtu.be/82nr6d0S4gk

Captain Olimar : luvv my jawbz

Sigurd Vickery : Trending baby!!

xLucarioh [LoL] : god dammit

Meowzer The Box : *MUST* *MAKE* *THINNER*

Ruchintha Wirasinha : Lol so good hhaha

Andrew L : HAHAHAHAHA fuck the shitty iphone. Everyone roasting the shit of it.

Matthew Penner : Soooooo true

Gadget Tech : I am dying laughing

DemDarnKatz // DDK : Exactly lol

Charlie Ramirez : 🤣

João Gonçalves : So good..

DrOlvierPL : iPhone XDē


KBBTV : Let's make the 1 million. Subscribers in a month! ?? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Help us and subscribe KBBTV: youtube.com/kbbtv

ture znipp : They did it... They actually removed the home button. What will they remove next? The camera?

MoolsAndGoanimate6000 : *_YOU CANT AND AFFORD IT_*

farlon muentes : fuck you, jack... just fuck you.. i spewed out my drink on that parody.

Hannah 653 : I'm surprised you didn't mention the facial recognition fail during the conference.

Mohammed Hasham : H

MuchPig_ : I think I'll take the "Afford It"

Frogston 11 : Apple forgot the Arabians

AMAZING Gaming gravity boy : 1:09 lol

Manoj Keswani : Brian tong

Ryan Youngchief Sanregret : 😂😂 This has me dead 😂😂

Isaac Kershner : Am I the only one who thinks this new phone is sick??

JunkionMarnot2005 : 😂😂😂😂 Damn....have to say, might be even funnier than Sam's over at SamTime (SAMTIME! You hear that Google? SAMTIME, not SameTime!)

Boomber Play Minecraft : Why big company is seem to skip the 9?

GAMING HUT HD : One day Apple will remove the cameras and say , "Heyy look!! We totally removed the cameras from the iphone because nobody will need them. Why use a camera when you have your eyes to see things directly".

In A Bottomless Pit Over The Sea : I'll just stick with my 6 thank you very much

KAIWEN WU : So I buy a notebook

Colin Woods : This is like the 6th time I watched it and I die laughing every time

Dan con : I really just read the chapter about dementors in Harry Potter right before I saw this video