iPhone X (parody)

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PhilOffHisTree : jackfilms thanks for the credit about the insider info on the laser

Sammy Games : Hahahahahabahahagabagghhhh

Von Nielsen Buenaobra : completely different.. because now it's $800.00 -- good one! haha

Mackenzie E : “We hope you enjoy re-enacting the entire emoji movie or writing its sequel”

Hello Unicorn : you can't and afford it lol i'm dead😂😂

Psivewri : Me me big innovation

Likecomment Coolnes : Introducing the iPhone 8 it's completely different from the iPhone 7... YOU SEE NOW ITS $800

Arad StreamZ : When you look at ur iphone it will shoot thousands of lazers into your wallet and ur credit card

John Doe : not really a parody.... that's the TRUTH !!

Patrick Dizon : I guess the iPhone X is.... XPENSIVE

ReadaBook : i'm sticking with my 6s till this shit blows up

Arad StreamZ : 10 years ago steve jobs walked onto staged and introduced the iphone that has a headphone jack

Super_Star_0329 Natalia : “The 1000 dollar emoji machine” omg I’m dying!!

Viva Max Channel : And I still wait for Half Life 3...

FlowzTheRhythm : Had me at "you cant" and "afford it." Apple is trying so so hard to pioneer the next new thing. In the event of doing so is only making their phones more inconvenient. Iphone 6s is the last best iphone. And $1k for a phone that doesnt offer much except photography, film, and emoji motions is NOT worth it. There are laptops for that price that are better than what that phone could offer. Apple....If you are trying to pioneer the next standard for phones like you did with touch screen, work towards making a phone that holographic then Ill fork up the money.

Ashley Robles : So are you going to do a next level Emoji Movie parody with one of these?

Arthium : i fucking love jackfilms

LeaderGaming : Who here likes Android?

Camiga A last name : I'm just waiting for The Emoji Movie 2: iPhone Edition.

Edie Twarogowski : I showed this to my teachers. They approved.

Adam Poirrier : iPhone more like go home, you're wasting money *Brenda*

sneha yadav : iphone 7- removed headphone jack iphone X- removed home button iphone 11- no selfie cam

Likecomment Coolnes : Thought this was legit until the $1000 emoji part

Joe Snow : Well, if apple actually produced this exact video, everyone would still buy the phone. 😂

Labis Papaioannou : Guys i cant decide between you cant and afford it please can someone help me?

124Nightwing : A man will never grow tired of these Apple parodies.

Joynbtx : Thats 2743 pixels per dollar If anyone cares

Мирич : *HTC U11: 6 to 8 GB RAM, Price: 650 dollars* *Samsung Galaxy S8 : 4GB RAM, Price 600 dollars* *LG G6: 4GB RAM, Price: 550dollars* *Iphone X: 3 GB RAM, Price: 1400 dollars*

schmutz06 : I enjoyed this video but I'm a grade-A apple fan nerd twat and I just cant wait to buy this phone. Bite me.

FunkyDood : They forgot about number 9. Oh no wait! Its right here in the price! 999! GENIUS!

ColinOnFleek : Can't wait to see Jack recreate the entire Emoji movie for us with animogies. Don't lie. You know he's going to ;D

Ellieburst04 MSP : The last one killed me lmfao 😂

nancy07 : many parodies on iphone X but this one is the best

Ariel Pierre : This is what Steve wanted..........for all of us to have cancer

Help me reach 10,000 subs with no vids Plz : Apples got 2k accounts? Jesus..

The Daily Dan : Another one

Broken Mintz : Apple FUCKED up

Kiwi Cat #NutellaSquad : “Or three switches and two games.” Me: ‘’HELL YEAH NINTENDO SWITCHES ARE WAY AWESOME THAN IPHONE X!”

Insane Challenges : What music did u use

MasterAlPlays : Pixel 2 ad on an iphone video...

Dalton Joyner : is no one going to mention sir patrick stewart in the thumbnail

Buzz99 : this is like 100% real

Destroyer12 : I just got an ad for the OnePlus phone 😂

Kokonut Man43 : That’s hilarious

Anindya Ghosh : Wowwwwwwsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweee

Mike4l6 : With all these IPhones we can make a IPhone Movie.

TheGamer217 !!!!!!!!!!!! : 😂😂😂😂

MasherTo_ Nasty : 1:16 got me dying

Jellyfiash : iPhone.... the only thing that gets upgraded is the price.

Jager Gsg-9 : That gold tho.