It's a miracle! ...or is it?

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SOURCES ARE BELOW: The charity I strongly endorse is called ASRI. It’s a hospital in Borneo that provides affordable health care to villages on the edge of a national park in return for a pledge not to cut down trees, The pledges are monitored,a nd the result is a dramatic decrease in deforestation rates and an increase in the health of the local population. The founders are hoping to spread the idea to other countries. (see for an explanation of their work.) You can make a donation here… SOURCES: 0:00 -- Movie "The Ruling Class." Yes, I know it says "subtitle text here" underneath. I'm not going to re-upload it, I'll just count how many people make a comment about it. 0:22 -- 2:45 -- 4:00 -- YouTube watch?v=jejQ4IfzVGY 5:24 -- 6:18 -- 7:12 -- 10:28 - 11:20 -- 11:47 -- 11:50 -- 16:38 -- 17:06 -- 17:30 -- YouTube watch?v=ichVqQG_QX8&t=184s


TacticalBlankey : god ignores starving children and genocide to make a statue cry

Valrath823 : People are forgetting the real miracle: That we got 4 videos (not counting that super-short one) in under a month. Truly we are blessed this day.

No need to worry about my username : Potholer's upload frequency is increasing. How's that for a miracle?

Lady D : Pfft! Fish oil is now a miracle...because snake oil got too popular

CIA_Proxy : WOW! 2 videos in a week! It's like summer blockbuster time in sub zero weather.

MilitantPeaceist : It’s almost like a gambler counts their wins and not their losses. What about the kids that were vapourised surrounding them? I suppose they should he been Christians, that’ll teach them.

Steelmage99 : "Can you explain X?" "No, I cannot." "Then I get to insert [deity] here!" "In what way is that an explanation?" "You didn't have a natural explanation!" "Correct." "Then I get to insert [deity] here!" "No, you do not."

CoolHardLogic : Phew, lucky that hill was there! It's a bloody miracle! XD

How bout' you chill : Potholer released a video 1 week from the last one. This is a miracle.

Erich Lavelle : Fact checkers are super heroes these days. Thank you for being you, potholer.

Traffic Adventures Germany : Potholers researching and fact checking skills are nothing short of a miracle. Checkmate, atheists.

Jumping Spider : Isn't it weird how every single time we investigate a paranormal claim we find out it's not true. Every single time. Its almost... a miracle.

Joseph Manderley : Can we drop a nuclear bomb in the vatican to see if we can replicate this miracle ? You know, for science ?

Jesus : This brings back the good old memories from the golden crocoduck videos.

Mongis Lort : What I hate the most about "miracles" is when they call a fireman who saved their kid from a burning building a miracle instead of thanking the fireman

Eric Pierce : "The golden arches of our lord and savior Ronald McDonald" Good one, Pots.

Tubmaster 5000 : So God saved a handful of Catholic priests, but allowed many innocent Japanese children to be annihilated. Christianity is indeed a strange religion.

Ryusuta : I've found a TRUE miracle: Potholer posting videos again!

Jacob Dunn-Holle : the real miracle is potholer59 still uploading stellar content for over a decade

not your damn business : god is good and great. that's why he just killed my neighbors and not me.

pirbird14 : A video from Potholer - it's a miracle!

rockerteen8300 : I can walk on water when it freezes.

David Renwick : So 8 priests lived and 140,000 others died. God is so wonderful to have killed only 139,992!!

Lazy Perfectionist : "...and of course, priests don't lie." Oof. 🤦

Eddie King : God stands by silently while a child is rapped and murdered, but helps my friend find her car keys.

Selador : And Big Mac descended from the mountain and proclaimed 'Thou shall see me in every major city and land on this flat earth and he will know I am the word of fulfilment.'

Tim Downey : The only “miracle” is people are gullible enough to believe the lies regularly told by religious people of every denomination.....usually in the service of greed and/or acquisition of power on the part of the liars.

NoNameC68 : What I absolutely love about these debunking videos is that they demonstrate just how easy it really is to fact check. I believe many people don't fact check because they feel it would be a huge undertaking. But, it typically isn't.

Cal Hopkins : The real miracle is so many uploads in such a short timeframe.

Freethinker : The reason we don't see miracles today is because nowadays anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can easily debunk a miracle.

Edwin Casimir : So... lemme get this straight. God will save a handful of priests from a nuke that killed tens of thousands, but wouldn't lift a finger when thousands of Japanese converts (to Catholicism I might add) were slaughtered by the Shogunate during the Shimabara uprisings and the subsequent persecutions? Thanks, God. Great priorities there.

Michael : Miracles do happen. After all I survived my ex wife and three mother in laws.

Lehan Jones : "your magical suckling Madonna." I love you

Mike Peterson : I'm an American living in the US Midwest. It's been exactly 818 days since I've been exposed to the 2016 election of Donald Trump. I'm well within the blast radius of stupid; I'm demonstrably, comfortably, within the blast radius of sociopathic ignorance; and I'm stunningly, unimaginably, overcome by the devastating megafuckish yield of epic, Oppenheimerish-levels of retardation. It is literally a fucking miracle that I'm still alive, and I challenge all of you dotard motherfuckers to tell me why I'm not a direct descendant of God...

Batara Siagian : Excellent. Incisive, fair, and well researched. This is how religious lies should be dealt with.

a. y : It's called lying for Jesus, which is OK apparently!

ch bu : Who knew Allah had such messy handwriting?

Antares : What was the saying? It's much easier to lie to people than to convince them they've been lied to? Indeed.

dawkinsfan41 : A new video from Potholer! It's a miracle!

Ian McGarrett : I've had a closer look at the miracle of Allah having written his name in the geological formation and it was clearly a miracle by my friend Allan. It's even in his extrememly recognizable scrawl. As for the laminin protein molecule being the perfect representation of the cross... did Christ have scoliosis? Or was the cross builder drunk that day?

dieyou2000 : Tsutomu Yamaguchi survived both atomic bombs. Must mean that whatever his belief system was is instantly proven correct.

Algie Evan DeWitt V : Worth the wait, truly. The investigation in to that Hiroshima claim truly displays the worth of tracking down sources and verifying accounts where you can.

Gnug215 : By far the worst part about all this miracle stuff is how it's amazing 8 (4) priests survived a nuclear blast, but never mind the 40,000 other people who just died. Wow, God is truly great!

João Pimentel Ferreira : Excellent, excellent, have I said this is excellent!? I'm Portuguese and I was born with the "message of Fatima", when the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared to three ignorant children around the town of Fatima, central Portugal, right after the foundation of communism in Russia (coincidence), and telling "secrets" to the kids about some world events which later actually occurred (the secrets were revealed after the events have actually occurred but don't tell anyone). Two of those three kids died very young right after the miracle (Sherlock Holmes, which bases his cases on Reason, would a have a case here) and the third child was put incarcerated inside a monastery being forced into vow of silence. Et Voilá, we have a miracle! It's a huge business now in Portugal and very, very popular, twice a year that "sacred ground" receives more than a million people, and all the Popes go there! I would donate you gracefully a certain amount of support, for you to debunk the biggest hoax ever made in the History of my country! If you want to know more about Fatima's hoax:

ch bu : Tsutomu Yamaguchi must be the holiest man on Earth then. He survived both atomic bomb blasts.

socksumi : No amount of evidence or explanation will ever dissuade the truly faithful. James Randi called them... "the unsinkable rubber ducks".

winslow103 : Potholer, I've said it before I'm sure, but I love you and I love your work.

Fractal pie : It's a miracle that I was able to control my laughter! Thank you Mr. Potholer, perhaps you can do a video on the Pope's faith in God every time he is driven about in his blast proof bullet proof buggy-car thingy!

will collier : Why didn’t God save everyone else in the city?