It's that time

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Putther : I come back to this video every year.

Hacer : Hello fellow Canadians

Xenna : Isn’t this the kid that flipped his mom off?

Cassidy : He's gonna get spanked again

Dwight Perot : god bless this man's mother

kittydog : HOHOHO

Calibann Harld : 0:33 How it feels to chew five gum Chew 5 gum, stimulate ur senses.

Arbu : time for some dope onion rings

Inna Attic Crookz Beats : My friend's cousin's uncle's brother's baby mom's nephew's grandma's dog makes $100 an hour working home online#humanshatehim

Kevin Contento : You're never gonna believe what day it is, man.

SovjetOnion : Sound comparison: 00:00 stoner 0:06 your average punk guy 0:13 premature dude rage quitting black ops 0:15 12th century viking's victory scream 0:21 13 year old kid who just came back from sixflags 0:30 Changing sound wave measurement on device

Uzzy Fuck off : It's 420 on 420

offbeat kiki : Happy 420. Blaze it. HOOOOOOO

Frank Summers : I'm watching this on 4/20 at 4:20.

Dude who Loves object shows : Spongebob: VICTORY SCREECH! Me: 0:30

Hamish Woodland : It's the 20th of the Fourth today. This is how I celebrate

Faron Lunsford : *DID YOU JUST FLIP ME OFF*

Rikard Karlsson : I hate these kind of people

dani cooperman : It's 4:20 man

I’m a disappointment To my family : you can see the disappointment and regret on the moms face


Mason RobertsTV : I miss 2014

Aleksandr Garbuzov : Happy 420 men aaaarg aaaaaAaaA

ThatOneEngie : Of all the days for YouTube to recommend me this video

Director Krennic : He moaned at least this loud

Jennifer Shope : This should have been uploaded on April 20th.

E d g y T e d d y B e a r : Is this the same guy who flipped his mom off or is it just me. . .

Bavneet : wait is that the guy that made that song my parents suck or something XD

[name goes here] : *YALL KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS*

Kenny J : That look on her face says so much. "I can't wait until you get a fucking life but I love you anyway"

StoneXL : Meanwhile in Canada

Aaron Tee : 2018 Represent!

UltraStar : Its 420 man

Big Jim : I watch this every 4:20 am if im up


Jose Gabriel : Happy 420 bitches

GodzillaCO : It's that time again

DARK HYDRA : 0:31 french ambulence

Petorius : That kid should watch his profanity.

Andruu Louden : It's sad that every kid in my town is like this.

PeanutButterSan The Sandwich : are you stoned? yes

Alp : Happy 420 guys!!! CAN'T BELIEVE!!

Geoffrey Butler : Never get high while already on autism

Jack : It's that time again

Beau : It is traditional to come to this video every year today for me.


Midas : How it chews to feel five gum

C.V MOVIES : Legend has it that the onion rings are still at the ballpark untouched

Marcel Sajgalik : It's time for onion rings

Ian O'Shea : I like to imagine that on average this guy is very respectable and quiet and never really smokes weed but twice a day for 1 minute each time when he sees the clock strike 4:20 he's this