[Magic] Penn and Teller magic bullets

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SciA : MY THEORY ON THE MAGIC BULLET: Every time they perform this trick there are two constants that I believe explain how this illusion is performed. The first constant is how adamant they are about getting close up shots of the images on both bullets. The other constant is the placement of the bullet proof vests towards the back of the stage. I believe a trained stage hand traces the images on each bullet using a tv monitor and loads the duplicated bullets into their vests through a hole on the wall where they are hanging. Since the bullet and shell casings are relatively small, the images are less detailed and much easier to trace. They also have plenty of time to duplicate each drawing from the time its first shown on camera , up until they put on their vests. (2:15 - 5:00). If you notice anytime they perform this trick the vests are always put on last and never at the start of the trick. The bullet is stuck to the inside flap on each vest and both penn and teller load the bullets provided by the stage hand when they pull the vest over their heads using their mouth. Pay attention to 5:04, you can see a biting motion towards the inside material of the vest and also a brief pause mid sentence. Obviously the bullets loaded into the gun appear to be real but are indeed blanks and when the gun is fired the bullet disintegrates leaving only the casing.

Consural : If you look closely, your face will be closer to the screen of the device you're currently watching this video on.

Srujan Barai : I see a lot of people guessing up the work. If you look closely its very easy to follow. Load the guns with the bullets, aim, shoot, let the bullets go through the glass and practice a bit to catch the bullet fired at a mere 840km/hr in between your teeth. Try this at home, it may work.

Jonathan Chappell : The delicious irony of explaining gun safety rules while preparing to violate them.

Eric Berger : Shouldn't there be 2 bullet holes in each plane of glass?

Vile Jew : there should be a movie where penn and teller are hitmen

Chadderbox : The real magic is how they got a purse full of bullets through security.

Ziango Rex : I believe they are doing the same trick like the fish and the phone trick. My theory is that somewhere backstage was able to copy what the two men did and then placed the bullet inside the vests. It's pretty easy to copy as the bullet doesn't have a lot of space for uniqueness. But for the glass.. I have no Fucking idea..

Socrates : I could do that but only once 😅

Me cago en la Luna : It's pretty obvious how it is done. They spit the bullet to each other's gun and then play the video backwards.

MistahHeffo : 7 years ago I was in Vegas and on stage for this very trick. "Good luck getting those on the plane".... I got it on an international flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne Australia, through customs and I still have it now!

DominicanPlatano : Teller described my life at the end

Yuval Gordon : Guys look closely. When they draw the flower and lightning, they are both covering the tip. so, it is probably already switched at that point.

First : 1:31 just the tip

Vibhu Mahendru : 5:07 The bullet enters the mouth. Turn your volume up, you can faintly hear it. Notice how the jacket stand is strategically placed right on the edge of the stage, giving a stage hand the chance to stick it to the jacket.

Otiss : Penn loads the bullet into his mouth at 5:06

zhawn14 : So why wasn't the casing hot......:)

Gerardo Montalvo : HOOOOOW?!?!?

Jamie Cooksey : still, my favorite trick these guys do. and the proof is uncanny. these guys are great at what they do.

Tyler 8898 : This trick is more easier to do than what you think. Penn and Teller have mastered this trick, but once you know how it's done, you can easily catch every move. The bullet vests serve a major role.

cmilt 5150 : My favorite illusion. Penn & Teller have the best build up to this.

Dino Prašo : Wouldn't there be 2 holes in the glass panes ?

yeaboii : Sorry Penn and Teller but there was an off-stage-assistant that made a 'look alike' bullet. He placed the bullet before they went to move those secure wall thingys (4:48) and placed behind that, so it could be reached with (e.g) Penns hand (4:49). Trick needs skills, and respect to them. And yeah, for those who dont know how to break that glass. Bullet was made from wax, or they had less gun powder etc. so it can barely break a glass. As u can see they didnt break another one. (Back in days we practised our first shooting in military with those kind of bullets) Sorry for my English, Im from Hell.

Matthew Dean : I'd pay good money to know how this is done.

Patrick Seelig : With this nail gun trick its simple, the way a nail gun works is there is a pressure point on the front and its required you must push it down fully for the nail to come out. If you dont and press the trigger its just releasing air. Hes only applying the necessary pressure when putting it on the board. Its not too difficult to tell

E11ectrik : Pretty sure he put the bullet in his mouth when he put on the kevlar

Deadliestrex4 : When hes picking out the bullet, its pushed up more than the others, normally used for when they want them to pick something specific.

AJ : those four rules are definitely true, and legit. when my dad was working up to a gun license, he came back basically saying what penn said. the trigger thing is something you see in movies a lot, actually, in action movies often those characters might be ready to shoot, but then they spend three minutes talking, and it seems odd that they'd just keep their finger there. (who knows? maybe they'll sneeze or something and then who will hear their super badass monologue?)

Soulrider2012 : I always get a kick out of the comments. Why are people arguing about light refraction and bullet trajectories when what is being performed is an illusion?! Most people understand they don't really shoot real bullets at each other. Honestly, no one expects anyone to be able to catch a real bullet in their TEETH! Be serious. Granted people HAVE died doing the bullet catch in the past but that only happens when a real bullet, gun or other foreign object (read projectile) , gets switched with the fake one(s). If the illusion is done properly with no interference (whether INTENTIONAL or by ACCIDENT), there is NO danger. For those commenting about the reading of the four safety rules for firearms, that's only to add to the audience's perception that there is some real danger to what they are about to see., even though there really isn't (usually).

Kubatrooper : AAAAAAAH the "tip" IS the bullet The "bullet" is the cartridge

HugSeal42 : I don't get how people can think they actually fire live bullets. P&T are ADAMANT about how unethical it is to perform tricks with real danger involved and have several times stated that they find magicians doing that revolting. Just look at their nail gun trick.

ChickenStripesLord : 3:15 they just carry that around

Johnny Chimpo : 4:48 They get the "fired" bullets from the back of the panels and maybe around 5:07 put them in their mouths, these bullet's have a decent copy of the signatures put on them by an assistant off stage

TheCoolStuffHD : Explains gun safety, yet he just looked right into the barrel before he asks the guy to check it....

Ing Thearith : you fooled me

Chony Milecki : The bullet head never actually goes into the gun. It goes into the shield behind them. Stagehands then have 30 seconds to get it from (a pipe coming out of) the shield, and into the vest on the opposite side, which is inserted in their mouths when they put it on -- the only time their mouths are concealed from the audience. They probably do shoot real bullets at the glass - just different ones. I think...

Sachi Perez : I just realized I rarely look at Teller. I'm usually looking at whose talking. Teller can easily get away with murder.... And the camera cuts are at exactly where the 'magic' happens. They will never record and release that moment.... And when live and unexpected, it's probably pretty hard to see the magic happen.

Alem Imamovic : This is so Easy to fake and How do i know? Beacuse i have watched Revealing vids

TWIZTTID : after watching this a second time, I totally see how they did it. hint, after they sign the tip, you never see the tip again, they cover it the whole time....

Raveir JamCraftAJ : why does teller never talk?

superdimentiobrolyX : My best theory is that these guns are modified and tey actually just caught the bullets. I also have the feeling that the yellow line is more than a stage direction based on the emphasis they give it.

justin morris : Vash the Stampede could do better 😉

Hunt Morgan : is this not just slight of hand?

Derek Tang : Unless the participants were randomly chosen by throwing a ball at the audience, I can guarantee the two participants were in with the trick. they have practiced signing their initial many times. Penn and Teller already have a duplicate bullet in their mouth to begin with. The helmet coming off was a distraction. There are many ways the glass could break...they already created a small fracture in the glass. When shots are fired, the base send a shock vibration to the glass and breaks the small pre fractured location. The bullet is still in the barrel of the gun, the participants just acted like it is actually hollow.

Kerwin Ng : 2 bullets from both sides. unless they went through the same hole. there should be 2

FanopGaming : “Just the tip”

Katalyzt : Nicely done ᵔᴥᵔ ★★★★★ Katalyzt

Alyona Romaniuk : 8:05 me trying to deal with my life

Carlos Santos : 1:22 hummmm

Nick Jonathan : chirs does not look he was in the army at all