Bagpipes AC/DC "Thunderstruck" with flames Bad Piper

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Esben Ring Mølgaard : This is the reason life is worth living. Someone give this guy all the medals!

Archie Trueger : I think this is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Moon Luna : Now that's entertaining! He's HOT!!!! An Australian man in a leather kilt, with a mohawk playing the bagpipes--what's NOT to like??????? Great stuff!!!!!

Susan Acito : Finally figured out why he has a Mohawk. His hair would catch on fire!

Jak Conrad : Just when you think there's nothing awesome left in the world... :D

Kurt Lembcke : It's William Wallace reincarnated!!!!!

Roger Banks : Is that outside the Scottish Pub in Adelaide?

GermanShepherd1983 : What is he wearing under the kilt?

James Huxley : Got the ultimate Mad Max Fury Road flashback here.

JMurphy : awesome, just awesome.

Sky Webb : wow this is amazing

MrKDB001 : These are my people.


Hailey Millard : Wow! He's great!

beccy langford-hughes : I LOVE your music AC/DC ON THE BAGPIPS it was the besd song I have so in may laid from ABRONA WAW WAW WAW WAW wwwwwwwwwwwww I love you song laid mad.

Christin Alexa HerStand : yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ashleigh Stewert : so cool

Matthias G. : that is absolutely amazing😍😍😍

Teee Dot : I'm here because Cam Battley sent me lol

Sandy Blue : Who is this guy?

Akira625 : Holy shit!

Angie Wheeler : BAD ASS in a kilt!

cole trickle : I'm going to hire him to play my birthday party

The Wormhole : Where are u located?

Seth Tyrssen : SHIT YEAH!!!

Damen Roher : I need those boots

Mister Coolskin : OMFG


Anwar Saleh : This is terrible shit

Beverly Nelson : Cool! 

David Smith : Thanks 8BallDubai and added to the description

Luke Garlick Photography : Fremantle (Perth, Western Australia)

Mindy Coen : Rocks ....WOW !!!!

David Smith : I have no idea who it is. It is a re-post from a video I found and liked, so I uploaded it

Rockingbike1 : This is terrific, been watching it on facebook. Where was it filmed please, & any idea who he is? :-)