We drove 8,000 miles to the last Blockbuster in the US to rent this movie
Driving 8000 miles to rent a movie from the last blockbuster

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Alora Avila : The Oregon trail (2018 remake)

Jordan Neely : What luck do yall have? The blockbusters closed down when they were on the road I'm dead

Yahya Matar : if you meet one person in Wyoming , you've met the whole state.

Bjorn Bjergsen : "I spy with my little eye... Something brown." "That hill over there?" "Damnit" I don't know why I laughed.

LordPenguin : I can't believe I just watched 17 minutes of 2 virgins going on a roadtrip to a blockbuster to buy Paddington 2. 10/10 -just an amazing film, totally inspirational.

Camille Varner : I live in Juneau, Alaska and our Blockbuster closed a few years ago. wish it was still here. still remember the old carpet and wet dog smell.

stackticz : I have memories from my childhood of my whole family walking into block buster and renting like 8 movies at a time (Sigh) the no worrying days

Devon Leybold : Or you could come to Oregon we have a blockbuster in Portland... Edit: I commented that before they changed plans... 😂

Andrew Cash : 2:30 - 2:40 best part "where was pre Texas?"

Sausageman 2169 : Europeans: I drove 30 min to Germany for a drink then I drove 5 min to Switzerland for some groceries and I drove another 15 min to Italy for dinner Americans: I’m in Texas, I drove for 6 hours and I’m still in Texas


Wow_ _It's_Me : 37 seconds in and already subbed, this is hilarious

Bob Cota : **Incoming comments about Bend, Oregon.

CryptoCraziness : Imagine the Oregon location closed as soon as they got there

Grizzly Garage : *Wyoming isn't real*

Santiago Duque-Baird : It would have been so much easier to just go to Bend OR

Colton Scholl : This reminded me of why I started watching these guys in the beginning

Ben Cook : there used to be a Blockbuster by my house now it's a vape store

Miss Vivian : "ICE IS FALLING FROM THE SKY!!!!" This happens multiple times a year in Canada.

Ashley Zuniga : "it's 2018 Oregon and Texas can touch" 😂

That Weird Girl : Says "in Anchorage, Alaska." Shows a road in I think was Homer Alaska.

derMemory : I loved going to Blockbuster when I was younger. Something about Blockbuster always made me have to take a big ol’ shit when ever I got there. Even when I went before I got inside. Every Single Time

_Riot : I can tell you guys like top gear. Therefore I like you. Subbed.

Internet Mom : 3:44 Local Texans see water for the first time

Andrew Cash : From Denver all the way to calgary?!? That's really far to drive in one day!!! #respeccc

A B : Because your roommate blended up your router lmao 😂

Mario Cruz : Heyyyyyy!!! I'm in lampasas tx right now

Elijah Glass : As someone who lives in Nebraska... I'm offended 🤣🤣

Electro : Official Duck Studios: Putting the FAT in UNFATHOMABLE since 2012

J P : micheal: this hasn't been a blockbuster year for me financially my blockbuster stock is down

Aureodoxx : I live about 4 hours from these guys XD

Colin Richard : Not gonna lie, the windshield scoreboard is one of the reasons I love motorcycle touring. I always get the high score.

Nathan Lerche : Them: finds emoji movie *Joy To The World*

Joe Rosi : “What’s Nebraska” *laughs in corn*

Jarrod Shoemaker : I like how they went through my hometown of Green River Wyoming before they hit Colorado 😂😂

Moo I'm A Horse : 1:50 Hey look an HEB (I'm from South Texas so I should know what that is)

Hugh Torkelson : This man needs a reward, he pronounced Oregon correctly

The Ambitious Minnesotan : Is it even legal to have a flag hanging off the back like that?

Jmandawgfan : really loving the recommendations

If you use dark mode im john cena : I taught i clicked on a mr beast video LOL

Tristan Helgerson : Its 2018 Oregon and texas can touch 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

SmullyBully : Idk if it was jus me but the B roll drone footage had me dying 😂

Freddie Twenty : Blockbuster... that's a name I haven't heard in a while xD The old Blockbuster we had is now a liquor store

FlameGirl100 : Old Man: "Blockbuster? I haven't heard that name in years."

Donnie Manske : "how did you get up there?" "I got Nike shocks" Omg I died Like if you're a 90's kid

jewel poor bear : I never knew how lucky I am just to be living in bend

cojocoolio : I live in Michigan and I am jealous of ALL those roads


Borderline Greifer : I almost cry because i grew up going to blockbuster