We drove 8,000 miles to the last Blockbuster in the US to rent this movie

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Grizzly Garage : *Wyoming isn't real*

Alamgeer The Conqueror : Guy 1:I spy with my little eye something blue. Guy 2:The sky? Guy 1:No my balls.

Jordan Neely : What luck do yall have? The blockbusters closed down when they were on the road I'm dead

WorldsWorstBoy : Essentially just a watered down Mr. Beast video

Wholesome Lad : They should ban all movies that are not from blockbuster

Hayden Misenti : who else knows the struggle of driving a whole day just to still be in Texas

Yahya Matar : if you meet one person in Wyoming , you've met the whole state.

The Cakekappen Show : Not even joking I've seen block busters around Oregon but OK. Idk if they're real but seems ligit.

MACKTHEKID7 : The last one is in Bend Oregon

stackticz : I have memories from my childhood of my whole family walking into block buster and renting like 8 movies at a time (Sigh) the no worrying days

illegal Macaroni : 3:44 Local Texans see water for the first time

AdBlock : That blockbusters will be blown up in 50 years... but they will still be renting out movies/games to the soldiers fighting the Chinese communists.

Andrew Cash : 2:30 - 2:40 best part "where was pre Texas?"

Camille Varner : I live in Juneau, Alaska and our Blockbuster closed a few years ago. wish it was still here. still remember the old carpet and wet dog smell.

Alora Avila : The Oregon trail (2018 remake)

LordPenguin : I can't believe I just watched 17 minutes of 2 virgins going on a roadtrip to a blockbuster to buy Paddington 2. 10/10 -just an amazing film, totally inspirational.

Crow : Its not the last, theres one somewhere here in oregon, I saw it a month ago, right near the coast by portland.

Bob Cota : **Incoming comments about Bend, Oregon.

Wow_ _It's_Me : 37 seconds in and already subbed, this is hilarious

Santiago Duque-Baird : It would have been so much easier to just go to Bend OR

Freddie Twenty : Blockbuster... that's a name I haven't heard in a while xD The old Blockbuster we had is now a liquor store


Ben Cook : there used to be a Blockbuster by my house now it's a vape store

Cali Fresh : umm there is a blockbuster in bend, oregon

Bjorn Bjergsen : "I spy with my little eye... Something brown." "That hill over there?" "Damnit" I don't know why I laughed.

Sausageman 2169 : Europeans: I drove 30 min to Germany for a drink then I drove 5 min to Switzerland for some groceries and I drove another 15 min to Italy for dinner Americans: I’m in Texas, I drove for 6 hours and I’m still in Texas

Nikita Khrushchev : *Canada doesn’t exist*

Dendle : False. There is a blockbuster in Bend, Oregon.

The Ambitious Minnesotan : Is it even legal to have a flag hanging off the back like that?

『 BLANK 』 : The Oregon trail over here

Steve : (Morgan freemans voice). And so ends the futile and epic journey of two man children. Along the way, they discovered many deep, dark and disturbing things about each other. None more so that they had two inches between them. That journey changed them both into semi man child like forms, and so ends the story for the most expensive copy of Paddington bear 2 ever bought in history.

Andrew Cash : From Denver all the way to calgary?!? That's really far to drive in one day!!! #respeccc

Mario Cruz : Heyyyyyy!!! I'm in lampasas tx right now

Cringe cast games : Don't come to my state ever again

xXMaskedGamerXx : Oregon are right below Washington and above California touching both on the western side of America. Also I’m an Oregonian so yeeeet!

Electro : Official Duck Studios: Putting the FAT in UNFATHOMABLE since 2012

ArticLightning AJ : Could of just went to Mexico....

WretchedWacko : 4:05 wherever you are it looks so weird because where I live I have tons of mountains and trees

austin cooke : Udaho

Klevinater S : Law and Order: Anchorage Travels Unit But that show was cancelled, so they stared a new production, with the same concept. Law and Order: Blockbuster Video Unit And don’t think we’re going to let the fact that this was obviously set at Christmas, it was all a fake. You had ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him’ playing at the end. If it isn’t November or December.... it was all fake!

Zavier.L : I thought the grinding noise from the blender was Reese running down the stairs

Diego Garcia : There was a block buster in Edinburg texas

THEDOCTOR880 : I miss blockbuster i live in Alaska and i lived right down the street and i would go in there all the time

Jmandawgfan : really loving the recommendations

yung waterbed : 14:50 THEY FIND BLOCKBUSTER

Swift - Silver : You uploaded? Wtf?

Mattedious : Or go to a family video........or a Walmart.........

JBBrickman : wait before I watch this I'm just wondering, how do you plan to return the movie after you rent it? 0.o There is a little flaw in your plan...

Ulises R : Hope you did an oil change on the car lmao

If you use dark mode im john cena : I taught i clicked on a mr beast video LOL