Double D says Buttered Toast in 12 Languages

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Rumble 2.0 : I'm sorry but that Russian dub was so bad. They legit sounded dead inside, even when laughing.

Super Wario Man Secundario : PAN TOSTADO!

William A - 4B : R.I.P ed, edd n' eddy (1999-2010)

Vergil The Son Of Sparda : French is the worst I swear.

Manu VN : **Japanese** we re waiting dd okay ill try *...* *KONO DIO DA!*

Diego De Luque V : Do russian people even know how to laugh?

UltraViolet : [ B U T T E R E D T O A S T O ]

Theotherwhitemeat21 : Russian dub sounds literally sounds like they got a bunch of Gopniks to speak the lines for some beer.

You : Buttered toast.

Emilio Perez : Ed not smart enough to speak multiple language.

Dream Team : i swear I miss this show

I-dont Even-know : It's very interesting that in the Dutch dubbed version, he says: "I am Ed" Instead of: "Buttered Toast"

Anonymous Panacea : Not gonna lie, but the Japanese dub seems to be the best in terms of accuracy to the original, imo. And the funniest, Lol

The Retro Note : ¡Pan tostado!

Minolica : Lol, the Bulgarian voices are over the original ones.

asheph : Edd's voice in Japanese is so freacking adorable

Alex FRD : Bulgarian dub didn't even try.

The Cartoon Nerd : I wouldn't be surprise if double D was multilingual

thisissparta789789 : No joke, Ed is the reason I really liked buttered toast when I was younger.


simone strazzi : Sono un toast imburrato.

Skylar Klebold : 3:52 NANI?!

timjims762 : the russian laugh is so funny

Double D : Other languages that I know the show was dubbed in but could not find for this scene: Arabic Chinese Danish German Hindi Hungarian Swedish Turkish Urdu

The Enchilada : spanish is my first language but english is my primary language. Got to admit though, spanish version is hilarious.

ScytheChariot : In Romanian: Ed: Hai, imită-mă Dublu D. Eddy: Așteptăm! Edd: Prea bine... Să vedem... Pâine prăjită. "Pâine prăjită" means toast.

KarRU_06 「Denis」Ужас Генри : Russian Transcript: А место щадя Эд Эдд И Эдди. Translation: I Miss The Show Ed Edd N' Eddy.

Nicolás Aroca : *¡Pan tostado!*

Lordani66 : Polish and Japanese dubs are definately the best, some of them like Russian are just terrible, but those two are very good.

Lucca Fortes Toledo : Fun fact: Ed's catchphrase, for some reason, was changed to "chiken with okra" on the Brazillian Portuguese dub. So what Edd says in this video isn't "buttered toast" at all.

Piotr Wojciechowski : The Polish dub, while generally good, actually has a few mistranslations and other dub-related hiccups (like having a character's lines being read by his usual VA, then suddenly randomly switching to a different actor out of nowhere just for one line before switching back to normal) in many episodes of the show. In this case: -it's not Eddy saying "We're waiting", it's Ed who says that right after saying "Now pretend to be me, Edd." -instead of saying "toast with butter" (which is how "buttered toast" is usually said in the Polish dub) Edd for some reason says "bun with butter" throughout the whole episode (Fun fact: "bun with butter" in Poland means the same thing as "piece of cake")

Olivier Baghdadi : 1:05 LOL!!!

Big Squid : [B U T T E R E D T O A S T] is a formidible stand from what i've heard...

BossBattleProductions : I low how the Bulgarians are so cheap that they didn't even get a voiceless version of the episode, but rather just spoke over the original audio. And considering the timings, I get the impression that they just did it all in one take, reading off the script when it's their turn.

Alexander Roodt : 2:01 As Dutch is mutually intelligible to me as an Afrikaans speaker, he says "Ik ben Ed.". Which means "I am Ed.".

Oliver Peralta : 3:44 Top 10 Anime funniest moments

The Cartoon Nerd : Oh my Lord, Eddy's voice in French is funny!

pancakeslapp : Everyone's making fun of the Russian version, but at least they're better at mixing audio than Bulgarians

Xander Ellingson : The russian one sounds so depressed

M-Arkham -ill : Congrats dude. It's very rare to find EENE in French. I'm myself french-speaking and I searched any french EENE video for years.

Athena Rivera : I like Japan's the most

SparkGuy99 : Concrete proof that God exists.

PrinceYano : The Bulgarian one concerned me...

creepaboo : Double d sounds so funny im the japanese version almost like a girl

The Trust : 1:58 he says ''i am ed''. Dissappointed

Bradley tiller : Killer Queen! daisan no bakadan buddas toasto!

George Enache : Pâine prăjită.

Tsuki:3 : 3:46 DABURU DI

King of the non- Hill : I think my favorite out of all the languages was Spanish or Romanian

Lacey Lee : I'm crying of laughter.