Shrek 2 - Knights
Shrek 2 Cops Parody Knights

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Jon Car : "Uhh that's not mine" lmao


Rob McKay : The 'pepper spray' is a nice touch. :)

Soi_ 100tifiko xd : We need a full movie of KHIGHTS

gor9027 : "We got a white Bronco heading East into the forest." LOL.

zakkwylde89 : Wow. This movie sure has a lot more... meaning once you grow up and understand the references.

Mr. Platinum : Watching this now vs when I was 8 makes so much more sense

Karl Sookdeo : Shrek 2 taught me so many morals and references today

shockraid1 : i love how this scene comes out of left field

DipperBronyPines : KNIGHTS is filmed on location with men in shinning armor. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Ryan Salter : "We gotta white bronco heading east into the forest. Requesting backup."

Cheapsunglasses : Why can't real cops be this funny?

Urdnot Stark : Makes no sense in the fairy tale setting, but it was one of the best jokes in the movie.

soulassassin0g : In the fairytale justice system dark magic based spells are considered especially heinous. In Far Far Away, the dedicated men and women who pursue these viscous felonies are part of an elite squad known as the special knights unit. These are their stories. [dun-dun]

Michael Edwards : It never twigged with me as a kid that they were pepper spraying him ahahahaha!

BlazianNinja723 : Eddie murphy's the one who says police brutality, and he's the black guy lol

Other Hat : If he was an ogre they would of shot him

sally smith : puss - that's not mine donkey- police brutality love it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wolf Gaming : #Ogrelivesmatter

Neo2266 : Hmm... lets see... White guy: Pepper sprayed Black guy (accent): Police brutality Hispanic guy: Drugs Maybe not intentional, but if it is, Shrek had some amazing sense of hidden humor

Reddevils39 : everybody gets the oj reference right? The white bronco chase? this is very cleverly planted lol

xMyPointlessChannelx : The three little pigs are doing the gestures of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil haha πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š


Otaku Bomber : When you grow up and you finally get the refrences XD

The final Sin : it's too funny how they put this in a god damn kids movie and it just floated past our heads

Liam Holton : Real life situations of Cops! White guy (Shrek) gets pepper sprayed Black guy (Donkey) gets police brutality Hispanic guy (Puss in Boots) gets tested for drugs

Isaiah Smith : "Cops" action.

Ashlyn Wolff : Lol, Puss ahahah 0:26 - "You, Capitalist Pig Dogs!" - Catnap - that's not mine! lmao!

Lord Defector : Knights aka cops I'll be down to watch this show.

Christian Tracey : 0:49 When you see Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak end

Jade RaΓ© : Knight: *Sniffs baggie* Catnip. Puss: That’s uhh not mine. Lmaoooo πŸ˜‚

cdesign proponentsist : I appreciate this scene a billion times more after watching it as an adult πŸ˜‚.

Daniel Limach : white bronco ?? OJ SIMPSON REFERENCE

Lord Revan : Did anyone else hear "you capitalist pig dog" when they grabbed puss at 0:23

Jorge Montenegro : Shrek was so ahead on references


achilleskid820 : "or did someone let the cat out of the bag" XD

Chandler Wilson : so they made a joke about weed in shrek

Skunk Punk : its funny how this is a parody of Cops and how Shrek is getting Pepper Sprayed

Robert Treacy : I never got the O.J. Simpson chase reference until now! πŸ˜‚

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : Only now do I get pepper spray and what the catnip joke actually meant. *looks off into the distance* What has this world done to me?

Video and Fanfic Craver : When Cops and Shrek crossover, here is what you get!

Red : The narrator is amazing

Zito07 : in the movie puss in boots, the weed gag has been changed , but SO badly

Jaden McClellan : "Shrek, I'm your husband, Shrek!" (Gets tazed to death) "Ow OW!!!"

rckblzr12 : It's a good thing Donkey's fur changed color, otherwise he might have been cross-bowed immediately

Liam Holton : Hahah love how the referenced the real life situations of Cops!

MAXTGGAMING : love the catnip bit. lmao

LaffyTafty : is it bad i understood all of that as a kid