Rolex Submariner fully hand engraved by Bram Ramon

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Wolfie Alpha : Looks so much better than icing them out with diamonds

tom thompson : stunning , ,, looks like your carving clay , not 904 stainless

Mary Pippin : Give me 2 hours and a screwdriver

Armani Nguon : I’d rather choose this then diamonds all round.

SuperPussyFinger : You scratched it.

J Boomhauer : Roughly how much would a piece like this cost? (just the engraving, not including the watch)

bernieboy : You actually never showed a photo of the entire watch? wtf lol

cVictori : I like to imagine Bram's father is a coal miner who wanted Bram to take over the family business. "But pop, what if i don't want to BE a coal miner? I got dreams, pop. I got DREAMS. I'm gonna be the greatest engraver the world's eva seen!" "Yer killin your mother, you hear me? Yer killin yer mother!" And then twenty years later, the dad sees this video and he weeps, for he finally gets it. He finally understand. CREDITS. Oscar GOLD, i'm telling you...

electrostatic1 : "Master" is not a high enough description. This is amazing and humbling.

Tommy Casidy : There are people who own that watch. But no one on earth owns one like that one. Even if he tried to do that same work to the same watch it would never be the same. I guess that was his idea. Excellent skill and craftmenship.

anirban mondal : This is beyond money..

xarvous : Adam Savage was right, that's mesmerizing.

V12pusser : That's going to take a few cape cod cloths to buff out. Seriously though amazing skill level. Some love custom. Some love stock.

dimman77 : This is incredible work.

H Jones : Truly excellent work.


karlif : Looks like a watch made for a member of the Sinaloa cartel or something..

Tommy Nguyen : omg my hand got sweaty watching this... the slip and...

Anonymous Mysterious : This is not valuable work, this is priceless art!

Aramis7 : Wow....I watched every second of those 5:03 minutes. Stunning!

Lawrence L. : Look into the Patek Philippe 6002's the true fully hand engraved watch,

danteelite : Saw your work stolen and put on reddit. Glad I saw the name and looked you up. Damn. This is very impressive!

Still Evolving : how much does it cost

Kieran Patrick : Wow wow and more wow... Now this is what's all great in our world.... A master of his craft who worked tirelessly and with talent too to get to where he is... Kids take notice especially the world we live in now where its all I want it now or nothing... Folk have lost the craft and want the glitz without putting the hardwork in... This is absolutely stunning... Hyperconsciousness Gargantua in full affect here.... Take a bow... I salute u sir😉😊

Xilentium : I wonder if he listens to this music while he does his art?

fulanitoflyer : You inspired me! Going to try this on my 16613 this weekend! no experience or adequate tools... will post an "Expectation vs Reality" shortly after... Wish me luck!

anderson sousa : Obra de arte muito bonito

memphis money : Beautiful

Bruce Lee : Respekt !

Aryaman Sinha : Exquisite. This is all I have to say. This timepiece is absolutely exquisite

Seth A. : Truely satisfying.

Nenad Petro : nice job

The NopeFather : Adam Savage was right this is really cool and interesting great job Bram.

Adolfo T. : By Ramón Llao

GrungeRockGod : r u a wizard

Rich Self : Oh My Goodness!! That Is Beauty Full! I wonder if he’d do it on any of my Cheap Ass Watch’s i got a Seiko and a Citizen that would look Hella Good Engraved i think?

Bean bon : Just found some new ASMR stuff.

unwrapping by mimi koteng : My heart paused beating watching this.

Michael Kolb : *w o w*

Mike Webster : how much do you charge for your work? It is absolutely amazing

咪咪狼继续诱惑 : 有谁知道这个雕刻师傅在那里 我也想雕一个劳力士手表

Marko K : Amazing work.

jimmyf1312 : Every time he digs that chisel into the perfectly untouched SS I cringe

Rik De Beul : Truly kitsch. I am sorry but that is pure desecration of a beautiful watch

KoWe Kingdom : "Who else came from Your Daily dose of Internet?"

Rawzil : Absolutely astonishing. What is the process? Is it pure carving tools or do you use a form of heat?

Sheena Yang : I love your works so much!!! So incredible. I'm wondering which camera and lens you use for shooting this video? I just finished the basic metal engraving class from grs. I want to shoot some videos like that but I don't know how. Thank you.

Just Harry : how much does it cost to get that done it looks so beautiful

nobody46820 : Out-F*****G-Standing!

CHloE748 : Thank you Adam for sending me here! This is awesome.