T Pain MASHUP (T Pain SINGING without autotune!)

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Carmie Eats : So much Talent in one room 😭🙌🏾

ElyJaffeMusic : Dang. Who knew? :)

Madi Hearts : Please tell me I can find more songs where he sings without auto tune!😍

Kendra Dantes : There are no words... Except for bartender 😋😊😍

Figurez Official : T-Pain needs to make a come back album all using his natural voice.. so good

An account. : You don't need Auto tune tho😏✌Gud job dude❤

AkilTheAwesome : It's funny because he knows he never needed autotune but used it as a gimmick. It worked for a time tbh so can t fault him for that that

Raihan Huda : who else prefers t-pain w/out autotune?

Conall Ross : So if the video didn't already clear this up, T-Pain, contrary to popular belief, doesn't use autotune because he needs it to sound good. He enjoys the sound, and was one of the pioneers into using autotune really effectively, so he uses it as his signature sound

you don't know me : PUT THIS ON SPOTIFY PLEASE

OliVia Tomczak : Awesome❤ I love your music😙

Shristi Das : my ears have been blessed.

NXCKMXY : Stop saying “ I wish he never used auto tune in the first place” because you would’ve probably never heard of him. No one was really using it the way he did or at all at that time. My guy studied it to the T. Met with the creator. He hits certain notes because he knows how the plugin will affect what note he hits. He high key needs way more recognition as far as pioneering the auto tune sound and showing the rap world how to really use it.

Moskeedog : Kurt, it's amazing to see how far you've come. You're a huge inspiration for so many musicians, and it would be a dream for me to one day make music with you. Thank you

Anadal 33 : Kurt vs Alex Goot.!!..Who will win???🤔

Aariz Khan : Whats wrong with HUMANITY!!! Only 320k views and 131 dislikes!!!!!!!


Marie-Louise : Who is listening to this song every day? Its sooo gooood

A S N I : Do *Dusk Till Down* by Zayn ft Sia

Hema Mulge : a very happy birthday to you Kurt! !!!!! have a great day!!!!!!! lots of love from India !!!!!!

Genesis Rincon.R : He sings better then when he was younger, don't need autotune to sound amazing.💕

MrChocoman2 : Lyrics! Baby girl, what's your name? Let me talk to you, let me buy you a drink I'm T-Pain, you know me Konvict Muzic, Nappy Boy, ooh wee I know the club close at 3 What's the chance of you rolling wit me? (ooh) She vibin, she rollin, she rollin She climbin that pole and yeah She trippin, she playin, she playin I'm not goin nowhere girl I'm stayin (uh) I gotta tell her how I feel I gotta let her hear, the best love song she ever heard in her life (ooh ooh) And now we've got the whole stadium in love like yeah (aah nah) Now we've got the whole stadium in love like yeah (ooh ooh) And I'ma take you home with me yeah Shawty, what you think bout that? I'll be in the grey Cadillac In the bed like (ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh) In the bed like (ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh) I'm in love with a stripper (ooh) Oh, I think I found the one Yeah, my baby girl gon' give me a son I found the girl that can do both She balling with the crew And she just like me 'cause all she wanna do is Touch bitches, get money Touch bitches, get money Touch bitches, get money Touch bitches She made us drinks, to drink; we drunk 'em And now I think, she thinks I'm cool I like the bartender (ooh) I'm at the bar, with her Now we've got the whole stadium in love like yeah (aah nah) Now we've got the whole stadium in love like yeah (ooh ooh) And I'ma take you home with me yeah Shawty, what you think bout that? I'll be in the grey Cadillac In the bed like (ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh) In the bed like (ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh) In the bed like (ooh)

Clueless Senpai :3 : Just beautiful absolutely beautiful this is what you call talent

Raymond Cortez : i don't understand why T pain doesn't just do R&B music like Usher, John Legend, Ryan Leslie, Frank Ocean, Jamie Fox etc. he's wasting his time on hip hop and rap. Hes got talent used for the wrong reasons. He would get so much more hits and fans if he were to do R&B. Auto tune should be his last resort to music producing.

S3xy Socks : Mickey Mouse has got a pretty kick ass voice ;)

Karla Castillo : I had so much chills

Jasmine Joyce Marvilla : KHS can you do some cover with Craig Yopp he is a great singer he used to be my singing teacher! He teached me a lot and he does covers like you and you guys will rock!

Mensur Dana : wow just wow

Legacy Slayer : When you think t pain will be bad without autotune

pew2007 : Thought he was wearing a Mickey Mouse hat.

Marco Aguilar : This man was born with auto tune in his voice

Ian Nieuwendaal : Does no one notice that his actual voice sounds like autotune? I can't be the only one

SB : Wow you're like a bartender, giving us exactly what we asked for, great music

W S : Wow, I wasn't expecting this.. amazing.. I liked tpain with autotune, but his voice is absolutely stunning without it.. enjoyed the instrumental too thumbs up

Augiwilliams Augi : So y’all gone complain when T-pain uses Autotune but accept Lil Uzi, future and so many others, when actually T-pain is the one who brought autotune and made it popular to what is it now.

Dhanashree Vhankade : Magical voice ....he has .....♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

yuling Q : Spacebuns <3

Divya : its amazing!!!😍😍 its on repeat !!! *Happy birthday kurt!!!❤ btw how u r celebrating ur birthday..icecream🍨🍦...*

Angel Springer : I think he sound better without auto tune

tori collette : OMG! why doesn't he do more of this, this is amazing!

Ace Sail : sound fuckin awsome UOO uoo Uoo UOO uoooooooooooooooo

BenG Uchiha : This man needs to do a lot with the music. Everyone always criticized him for his autotune and eventually killed him a bit, but he is back without it. Now he just needs the song because the vocals are here! With and without autotune.

pojorobo1 : It looks like he's wearing mickey mouse ears


Sayuri Hettiarachchi : Kurt Hugo Schneider Happy Birthday Kurt🎂🎉 Love you from Sri Lanka😘💜

Yung Milez : Yooooo he can fckin sing💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 yy tf he used auto tune in da 1st place???

Arya A : Phenomenal

Karma Zebda : I LOVE IT KURT

Antercept : Singing and Overwatch Streaming gotta love T-Pain

Rachou Smile : Bartender