T Pain MASHUP (T Pain SINGING without autotune!)

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Lone Wanderer : Please release this to Spotify! Its so fucking good

Jacob Pimentel : Way better without his auto tune

Rebecca Le Roy : what an enormous waste of talent that he covers his voice up like he does

OperationSweet : Thank you for the awesome tunes! 🔥❤️

Angel_Edme : O....M....G I've been waiting for this

Marie-Louise : Who is listening to this song every day? Its sooo gooood

Lochie Battersby : He should rerecord these song without Auto tune because I would by it with out Auto tune

Mélanie Hooper : So good! Thanks!

Jerome James : U r my Inspiration Kurt Hugo Schneider thank you for Heart touching Music God Bless u and your Team...!

Kelsey Smith : This was everything

Arya A : Phenomenal

JET Johnsen : Channeling that inner Stevie Wonder!

Erika Cruz : This is so beaut

Peter Ebenezer : More of this. Just this. Thanks.👍

Reginald Marshall : With a voice like that why does he need auto tune?

checkitimawesome : It was so foggy in that room I couldn't see if T-Pain was wearing a shirt or not lol

Jv perez : Nice better then ever keep up the good work Kurt

Pushpanjali Pradhan : Omg in love with T-pain all over again and love ya Kurt ❤️

Kailee Weeks : This is my favorite thing ever rn😍😍😍🤤 could listen to this all day💕

Christina Fast : This is incredible!!! Go T Pain

1233arceus : T pain ft Ariana Grande 🤔

Luis F Mendoza : People really gotta be that stupid to think he couldn't sing... like really? autotune he uses is just for making an unique voice and more catchy on the songs he makes.

popcornly : He sounds great without the autotuning!

Gabriel Drouin : The man can sing

Brian Dupuis : damnit t pain, you sound amazing, and I hate your autotune stuff. Now you're going to go back to doing that and I'm going to be miserable

serenity khartoum : Happy Birthday Kurt. Wish you alot and alot years of what you love. Love you man😊

BlessedRhage : I want to have all these songs without autotune now!! He is amazing!

Joker18 : I knew that he can sing...but wtf I didn't expect this 😍

Zorya Utrennyaya : Amazing, why did he even use autotune if he can sing like this

Carley Elkins : <3 That's all I can think right now!! I have no words to describe the awe I'm in right now!!!

dewdewdewdewdful : There's no obvious auto-tune like he usually uses, but there's so many pitch fixing, which is basically autotune. Nonetheless, he is a good singer.

Rajat Prakash Music : i was in deep misconception that he wasn't good at singing (without autotune)..... loads of respect

Kareemrz : its so beautiful, i am not even kidding !

Nelsia Hosea : the freak im in tears from all the memories if his throwback music

Sleepy Genius : will go90 also be available outside the us?

rosih gleeksone : I always liked T-pain's music but MAN THIS GUY CAN SING PERFECTLY!!! I never knew that!!

MariaR : Why am I crying right now? His voice, just wow ❤️

kurokuyo : Who else watches Kurt's "To the Beat?" Waiting for him to upload on YT foreverrrr

ramon restrepo : Wow he sounds so good without autotune

Firepopcorn 123 : Mickey Mouse lit af

HiRo : better without auto tune

Unr8d N8v : Holy shit Canelo Alvarez killing that violin!

ReisKornArmy : His Voice 😩😩😩😍😍

Ankit Tara : Amazing voice

22makaka : No autotune but Melodyne xDD

kevin chung : Spotify?.

Humaira Mohamad Rani : Plz can you do Pretty Girl?😍😍😚😙

Sumit Sharma : Now I am wondering why T-Pain use autotune; his voice is good as others

Muhd Azri : Kurt & T-pain please upload this to spotify pleaseeeeeee! Totally am in love.

Riku Rei : Holy shit.Why the fuck would he sing w so much autotune when he has such a beautiful voice???!! X.X