Super Smash Bros. Melee Reveal & Reactions (E3 2001)
Super Smash Bros Melee reveal at E3 2001

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Get Smash Bros. for Wii U below! Canada: (Affiliate link.) *** Unveiled during Nintendo's E3 2001 press conference before the launch of the Nintendo GameCube. Shigeru Miyamoto promised potential customers that more games like Melee would be developed for the system. The reactions from the crowd rivaled that of Zelda's untitled surprise showing at E3 2004.


acicon : I thought porn wasn't allowed on youtube

Heruru Meruru : That one guy who cheered for the Ice Climbers.... Where is he now?

Harry the Defiler : Gotta love that one guy who recognized the Ice Climbers.

Myke Hawk : No one cheered when fox was shown...they had no idea.

DorkKnight : I honestly cried rewatching this

Bowserslave : Still gives me goosebumps to this day

Mayyro : Never seen that much hype for regular Samus.

aMAX : It's interesting to think how at the time Peach, Bowser, and Sheik were newcomers.

TheDJGrandPa : 2001: ice climbers! *silence* 2018: ice climbers *expand dong*

Werten a.k.a Hoshi : "Wow! I'm going to get to play as Wolf and Ridley! And wow! Look at all those Pokémon I'll be able to choose from!"

EvilApple567 : "15 years later Ice Climbers are back" 15 years later I'm watching this reveal


GTMarlin 64 : Before they knew Fox was top tier ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

FOG2006 : Funny is that when Melee was announces, NOBODY knew about Sakurai, nor even wondered about who was the Smash Bros. creator.

Levi Robbins : 3:20 Pika runs away cause he's afraid of Peach crouch cancel downsmash

Brad S : This reveal still gives me goosebumps.  The reaction is so powerful

PKFreeZZy : Bad footage of Fox during the character reveal part, not enough shines 7.8/10

Dino Spumoni : They spelled Sheik wrong lol 3:28.

Lord Shaske : Is that Bill? .... IS THAT BILL?

Jose Ruiz : Ridley confirmed for smash since 2001

KiddKoalaz : Who is here from the 2018 Switch reveal Smash Bros! We've come a long way brothers.. :')

Hydroxoid : The hype must have been real there! The opening sequence is so different!

[ Deleted Channel ] : The leap between the n64 version and the GameCube one is extremely huge. The Graphics!

Gabriel S : I don't think any game reveal could capture the pure genuine excitement this put into some people ever again.

Sean Patrick : I wish I could have been there for this great moment. So much genuine happiness about Melee, and it's a game still loved dearly to this day. Nowadays people would complain about Sheik being in over Ganondorf and how Ice Climbers were too obscure to deserve a spot over some other franchise. How I wish I could have been a part of the hype back in 2001, when everyone was just thankful to have this amazing series in the first place.

NotaSkeleton : Those hype sounds everytime Samus comes on screen. That really warms my heart.

Cameron Szachta : This is why Nintendo should have done an actual press conference at E3 2016. These reactions are gold.

GuyWithTheCoolName : Aw, isn't that cute? Everyone thinks that Ridley's playable.

ThornReaper : I like hearing the one Earthbound/Mother fan in the audience screaming NESS NESS with no remorse. gj mate. xD

Evan Conley : "They really dug for [Ice Climbers]." Son, you have no idea.

Nick Pacheeks : 4:05 Is that the sound of a disposable camera winding up? Ah, 2001 times...

TD RollinsR : Ugh finally here, real long way with Internet Explorer, I cant wait for this game to come out!

Axiom Ape : *17 YEARS GOING STRONG* A round of applause for the smash community. The game was kept alive in basements and college campuses and now look at it today.

James Derrick : RIP Ice Climbers :(

Sjono : Back when Smash actually kept its secret characters secret

kuko0306 : Almost 15 years and still that intro is the best imo.

windows95ism : How pure and innocent Bill was before...before Isabelle.

French Fries : Damn, Samus got the best reactions out of all the other characters.

PixellPunk : Young Bill should be a character.

Derek Newton : Back when reveals were actually exciting!

Johto The Average : This sort of thing makes me really sad that E3 will never be a public show anymore.

Scotty R Coghlan : I still smile and get chills watching this, if you grew up with this game you would understand

TheSillyMoose : This was 17 years ago, yet the cheers sound the same as they did today with the reveal of Smash Bros Ultimate. What an amazing series this is.

5th Kie... : 3:37 "Ice Climbers won!" they seem to be the only ones who knew about the japan only smash ballot for melee :P

MissFinefeather : I remember downloading the trailer and going frame by frame to catch everything. It was so long ago, I'd completely forgot about that.


Ness Lucas : RIP Ice Climbers

D S : This was so long ago but watching this makes me feel the hype!!

BaconStar101 : Little did they know this would become one of the most competitive games. Of all time.