Brad Forages for Porcini Mushrooms | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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Brad Leone : in case you missed it the basket helps spread mushroom spores as you walk.. its great. Also it turns out im terrible with nursery rhymes but you get the point.

kitkat1595 : he managed to confuse not one, not two, but three nursery rhymes... how... i’m honestly impressed

Lindsay Daly : Okay shoutout to Matt for editing in Christy Carlson Romano and Hilary Duff in "Cadet Kelly" when Brad says "maggots". I'm sorry that was just too great of a touch to ignore haha

BRs Anime Corner : 7:54 when you need to meet your word count requirements in your paper... LMAO

Mike Wilson : Look, I'm just going to be honest. At this point I don't know if I'm watching these for Brad, or the editing. Brilliant.

hyaffarenee : Matt thanks for not cutting Brad’s nature epiphany

Catareen Queen : This should be a whole new series. Brad and Vin going around with local foragers from all different parts of the states. Finding what ever they can, berries, mushrooms, and edible plants/flowers. Then teaching awesome ways to cook with them! You would have to go to the same places several times of year to see the differences in what is available based on season.

Verlisify : 8:40 Bob Ross would like a word

CPalermo900 : "They're girthy. They feel nice." "Oh you're just doing them both at once? Double fisted" Are we still doing phrasing?

F3Ibane : 16:43 I'm dead. Whatever you're paying Matt, it isn't enough.

kitkat1595 : you say huckleberry, i say half sour saffitz

Gunner 249 : The moss moustache made Brad look dead-on Hulk Hogan. I was some "Hulkamania" and " Brother..." quotes.

DR. Feelgood : you should neither excavate around the mushrooms nor should you be yanking them out of the ground. use a sharp knife and slice them at the base of the stem. in this way you will minimize damage to the underlying mycelium, and future flushes of mushrooms allow you and others to gather from the same patch again and again. you're guide's having been self-taught may not be aware of the damage they do to the fungus!

Ayla S. : Vinny has an instagram account, I kinda feel bad looking at it. I liked the mystery of not knowing what he looked like

nadav herstik : "a lil tart, lil sweet"..."just like us vinnie"

Sarah Scheer : The *congestion* inhale had me weeping

Julia Zisman : My parents are 'pro' foragers and they've always said you are not supposed to rip the mushrooms of the ground, but you should cut the stem instead. So, I'm a little confused now..

k a y l e e : Brad "awh, I wish you guys could smell this" Leone

I'm lost, please help. : Oh Brad, you're such a _fungi!_

LampShadx : Used to go pick chanterelles with my dad whm I was a kid. About a couple of pounds in a couple of hours. Then we would sauté them in butter and finish them up with heavy cream on some pasta. 2 part pasta to 1 part mushroom. Can't beat that

Claudia Labson : fun fact: the saying "cats out of the bag" comes from when in medieval times, they would sell pigs in bags. Sometimes a seller would put a cat in the bag instead of a pig to trick the buyer. When the buyer opened up the bag, the car would scurry out of the bag. that's why we say the cats out of the bag, as in the secret is out.

Zico Mitchell : This is my favourite episode by far. Their enthusiasm towards these mushrooms really sells it.

Mellowcanuck33 : People who don't like mushrooms are like those freaks who think cilantro tastes like soap.

Shyenne Gitano : I didn't think I could love a duo more than Brad and Vinny, but life comes at you fast. We stan soft hats, spore friendly baskets, and fungi facts.

Allison Haug : "Washington.... The state." As someone who lives in Washington I understand all too well 😂

nic pace : Brad should make nato the fermented soy beans from Japan!!

Martin Vlogs : 3 grown men freaking out about mushrooms... love it

Jose Montz : 7:55 when you need to fill up an essay lol

Dominic Wilton : We get field mushrooms in England, they taste like field

J P : Leave the mushrooms you're not interested in, in this case anything but a bolete and chantrelle, to sporulate until the end of their life cycle. If you pick them but deem them unworthy to bring home, cut / crumble them up and spread them around the area to encourage spreading of the organism since mycelium can also grow from the fruiting bodies. Not mandatory practices, but it'll make your more experienced foraging buddies smile if they see you do them.

Klára Law Marešová : Hey Brad, this was a great episode! I'm from Czech Republic and mushroom picking is our national past time. Czech people are crazy about mushrooms. Every fall the forest roads are lined with parked cars and everybody has a spare basket in the trunk just in case. An average Czech can recognise dozens of edible kinds and often many that are inedible raw, but edible after you prepare them properly. The lore on how to recognise them and how to prepare them as well as many recipes are passed on through generations. We love all kinds of Boletus mushrooms, but my personal favorite are Leccinum, those grow mainly under birch or aspen trees, and Armillaria and Clitocybe (or wood blewit), which are hands down the best mushrooms to pickle! I hope that Americans soon find their way to this amazing past time as well!

Lou Claire : Just show someone a screenshot of 8:15 and you get the entire "It's Alive" series summed up in a nutshell


Nick Hannam : Brad came thru drippin in that Carhartt hoodie

NoaH Corey : Carnivorous forests? Coniferous "wood" be more scienterrific ; )

zeeko H : LOVE. THIS. VIDEO!!!! Sad to hear that it took most of the budget (might’ve been a joke) but I really hope there will be more foraging videos !! Not just of mushrooms either!

HippoButtSecks : 14:20 Look at this toolbag with his chopsticks LOL

jay7tennis : I like how we get the subtle, Matt is the editor NOT Vinny, comment from Brad. On behalf of the It's Alive fanbase, we apologize for miscrediting these epic edits to Vinny. Matt you're hilarious and a genius! Vinny you take great shots! Brad... you're a big boy. Thank you for such great content!

BURN-E : Chanterelles/Girolle are my favorite mushroom, I will never forget the first time i foraged some in the south of france, the SMELL that came of them immediately after being plucked, was just incredible, a smell so complex and rich like nothing I had ever smelled, and at that point I had had many types of mushrooms including fresh black and white truffle, but the chanterelle has such an incredible smell and taste that it left its mark forever

psyiko : Please make a video on how to make dandelion wine!

World Record Subscribers : WHY DO YOU USE A BASKET

Febrian adi : Does any1 notice Brad's voice really sounds like Juror no.7 on 12 Angry Men movie??

Chris Taylor : Lost it completely at “Why do you use a basket?”.

Joachim Johansen : I'm from Denmark and every year around october/november we go to our summer house and we find dozens of chanterelles and sell them to the restaurants in the area. They fetch a pretty penny and taste wonderful!

Deanandre : what's that music at 8:41?

Jerome Teo : What's the song that's playing when Brad was talking about his favourite artist - Mother Nature?

Notyourmamasnoodles : Tip when picking mushrooms Don’t pull up the root or it won’t grow back. Harvest sustainably peeps ❤️🍄

Tw!st3d D!gg3r : Did you and Vinny really used to camp? I backpacked the Appalachian Trail and loved it.

toast week : Almost thought they'd be going NOODLING out there!

TheJewelTheory : brad is a really fungi.