!BIG News About Your Favorite Shows - Roadkill, Head 2 Head and More!

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Skylar : irrelevant channel now. congrats

Kevin Reynolds : unsubscribed

routerpimp : Agreed, unsubscribed - I'm not pay yet another content site for a show I watch once a month. It wasn't good enough that I frequented the sponsors of Roadkill and purchased products - now I'm expected to pay $5 to see the same show that already is sponsored (i.e. product placement)??? Done with Motor Trend publications in general at this point.

m Cave : F off MT.

Lukas Gilkey : Bye Felisha!

dalton barries : Wow, Motor Trend becoming the EA of Car shows it seems, who knew

Training with Ciaccio : So did you guy backpedal on this one?

Noah King : :(

Big Man Dan : #1 Show on YouTube... Bye bye Roadkill, hello MightyCarMods.

Richard Thomas : Ha. Okay auf wiedersehen.

sevendouce : All about Greed eh all about that green

PastaOverseer : Wow. Bye. Not coming back.

sevendouce : LMAO WTF

Mr. Wiener : and it's dead

Foxontherun2 : you spend too much money and now the viewer suffers for it. Soon you will too when you see the low numbers on that paid subscription. Kiss those million view videos goodbye