Don’t worry...the bike is ok | My Worst Crash Yet

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SSSoooo this happened. Don't worry, the bike is ok. Is the Pivot Firebird too much bike? Don't know. Plus, there is a slow-mo at the end. So make sure you stick around for that. Some of you may have seen it in another video of mine. This was uploaded a long time ago. However, I was hesitant about releasing it. I was a little embarrassed, to be honest. But what the heck, we have all had boneheaded moments like this...right?? What was your worst crash? Did it take you a while to recover? #mtb #crash #mountainbikes #FINS #pivot


John Surprise : Hello, im doing mtb crash compilation, and I like to include your video in, if you agree? Thank you!

taius20 : Awww mate that's savage! I don't know how you dare ride without gear on, full face, elbow pads, knee pads and a spine protector every time for me.

zdbrown80 : Was that on Hurts Donut?

Saymum's Playhouse : bully