Grandma DESTROYS Our Pie. (TRUE STORIES Series)
I never knew a grandmother that couldnt bake

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True story... So I decided I should bake a pie with my grandma. Even though I really don't know how to cook. I know how to microwave macaroni and cheese so I figured how could this be any different?... Drop a comment and say hey, miss you guys, it's been like 3 weeks. Sorry for the long gap -epicsadface- I was "cooking" up something special for everyone... haa .... I draw slow. Make sure you're Subscribed & turn on your notifications for INSTANT toon-ness!!! It makes life better to never miss an episode. I promise.. Special thanks to Patrick Pee (skldude on insta) for helping me with some last minute lipsync!!! Follow him!!! ***Feel free to follow me on social media, for updates on when new toons are coming out! Or feel free to just ask me! (I always shoot for every other week.) — --- Insta is @ell_cartoons --- Twitt @eLL_cartoons --- Thanks guys, talk to you sooooon! Lauren ell


m1 : Good feel good video for my morning

RITC44 : Perfect way to start my day, thank you! Also, what started the "fire"? Was it the spoon?

Jilly Davis : Your nanny is worryingly relaxed about everything I love it

KarlBunker : Yay! A new eLL post!! Newel post? I watched this right after a You Suck At Cooking video. YSAC is great, but eLL is better.

André Paris : Your grandma sounds like my dad, he'll just make up stories because he's too embarrassed to say I don't know, he ties himself into knots with his tall tales, glad you captured that real again moment

David Duvall : adorable and brilliant

King Peppy : T H A T W A S the best part of my day so far. Chucklevitaminz!

Stephen Lander : Hahaha you and your Nanny are so funny! Definitely one of your best videos so far.

Arti Trash : You look nothing like your character

Lorenzo Media Productions : Hahahahahaahah Lauren this was incredible!!! The nanny grumble cuts are classic

Luca Catherall : Love your videos man, the only reason ur not famous is cuz people don’t know about you!

amazing_dude : FIRST

drb numse : I love how the original video seems to be just as cute as your cartoon :D <3 always so happy when i see theres a new video from you!

Georges Mrad : Cooking with Nana! New channel idea!

Joe Miller : Your grandmother is just the best

ZesuRodriguez : your grandmother is adorable

Tim Supan : I love how she has that toilet brush on standby

stang218 : I would like pie now

łôßèr_ àł : If you want to watch the next thing on the playlist click the blue thing! 10:00

Corey Harbaugh : I Love your cartoons!

PyroNinja713 : No...yes.

ed : Great

amazing_dude : Btw, cool vid