Baking a Pie With Grandma. (True Stories Series)

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m1 : Good feel good video for my morning

cory cooper : Oh dang, eLL is a BOMBSHELL. fr though, really funny and I love the style. Keep up the great work

André Paris : Your grandma sounds like my dad, he'll just make up stories because he's too embarrassed to say I don't know, he ties himself into knots with his tall tales, glad you captured that real again moment

David Duvall : adorable and brilliant

RITC44 : Perfect way to start my day, thank you! Also, what started the "fire"? Was it the spoon?

Jilly Davis : Your nanny is worryingly relaxed about everything I love it

Rocko Canuck : So what did she put in the oven? Hahaha

KarlBunker : Yay! A new eLL post!! Newel post? I watched this right after a You Suck At Cooking video. YSAC is great, but eLL is better.

amazing_dude : FIRST

amazing_dude : Btw, cool vid

Tim Supan : I love how she has that toilet brush on standby

King Peppy : T H A T W A S the best part of my day so far. Chucklevitaminz!

Lorenzo Media Productions : Hahahahahaahah Lauren this was incredible!!! The nanny grumble cuts are classic

Joe Miller : Your grandmother is just the best

Stephen Lander : Hahaha you and your Nanny are so funny! Definitely one of your best videos so far.

Georges Mrad : Cooking with Nana! New channel idea!

stang218 : I would like pie now

Luca Catherall : Love your videos man, the only reason ur not famous is cuz people don’t know about you!

drb numse : I love how the original video seems to be just as cute as your cartoon :D <3 always so happy when i see theres a new video from you!

ed : Great

PyroNinja713 : No...yes.

ZesuRodriguez : your grandmother is adorable

Corey Harbaugh : I Love your cartoons!