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OfficeHanchoBoxing : That awkward moment when an almost 10 year old YouTube sketch video made by High schoolers on Windows Movie maker is better than 90% of the sketch videos on YouTube today.

joerover22 : I always come back to this video, it has never gotten old. I love you Rubydog

Trollzous : How have I just found this gem

Aydin Biber : At first I liked this video, untill I realised it was a commercial for candy. Wish I could just enjoy watching a woman being savagely beaten without having to deal with advertisements. The good old days are behind us.

Abdullahi M : Is that the Arthur meme before its time? He knew. 0:25

Your Favorite Bronze : here from sneaky

T∅mvke : kocham to kurwa

Greg Hornby : That freeze frame does it for me

Tad Ghostal : this video is a timeless youtube classic

CheckLike : i shared this on fb and caught shade for being pro violence against women 😑 lol wtf. Some people cannot take jokes these days

CoolFilms : Favorite video on the whole internet xD

Mel624 : How it feels to chew 5 gum

BlOoDrAgOn : 797 feminist disliked

YaBoi MemeLord : This is a work of God.

AeroSvk : Boy, that escalated quickly ...

Ryan Lipinski : How the hell did it take me so long to see this masterpiece

Judiye [Cuenta de respaldo] : **THOT PATROL**

atomictrash : A timeless classic.

jsmeezzie7 : Lmao greatest thing I've seen in a while!

Mack Arnold : solution to all modern feminists

Parker Nettles : I am deeply offended by this video. Not only because of the poor camera quality, but I don't believe Mentos gave them permission to use their product

Rick Chambers : I laughed so hard at this I was crying...does that make me a bad person?

Hermaeus Mora : If only the Mentos commercials from the 90's were this good.

TheYummyBurrito : Mentos: The Freshmaker? More like Mentos: The HAYmaker! Haha! Ha!

NightBosman : The correct response

Mc Lovin : who else is here because of 9gag?

Meep Meep : I remember the fist time I saw this, I laughed so hard my neck muscles locked up.... It was terrifying

The Jumba King : Oof

librarob1987 : LMAO this is still funny as hell after all these years

Krokant : Who is here because Sneaky?

Jarvis Wellington : I generally end up friend zoning women so I can have time for my WoW raids and Athiest studies. I am a full time reddit mod so my schedule is incredibly busy.

bthomas11190 : How am I just now seeing this...

Joshua Klynsoon : I had this in my "Funny Videos file" in 2006

John Roberts : Ray Rice is the real fresh maker. 

The Jumba King : This but every hit is replaced with oof.

Jake Branthe : This was when videos were made from creativity and not for view-mongering, clickbaits, and self-promotion. The good ol' days of youtube

HaloUnion : I gotta get me some of them Mentos.

killerRED09 : Kid gets laughed at by the girls yet no one bats an eye, kid punches her face after the Fresh Maker, and everyone Girl loses their mind.  It is a joke you scrubs. The Mentos Company didn't mkae this video.. stop crying.

Keira Verwoerd : I guess the NFL has a new sponsor.

MTstreaman : Classic autism.

Bear Claw : For a fake video people sure do get worked up.

rubydog189 : reposted it for you buddy

LEAUXWREN : Ah yes, it's funny because men live in fear of rejection, but women live in fear of physical abuse! What a fresh play on a classic double-standard. Wait, no, it wasn't.

Jacob Gyori : Disliked. Sorry guys but I prefer tic-tacs.

ML L : Well, that escalated quickly.


jerhms : how the hell did this get on reddit...

NeserGod : Still one of the best videos on YouTube.

madmick17 : still one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time!!!

The Volley 4 : Sneaky brought me here tbh