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Trollzous : How have I just found this gem

OfficeHanchoBoxing : That awkward moment when an almost 10 year old YouTube sketch video made by High schoolers on Windows Movie maker is better than 90% of the sketch videos on YouTube today.

joerover22 : I always come back to this video, it has never gotten old. I love you Rubydog

Jarvis Wellington : I generally end up friend zoning women so I can have time for my WoW raids and Athiest studies. I am a full time reddit mod so my schedule is incredibly busy.

CheckLike : i shared this on fb and caught shade for being pro violence against women 😑 lol wtf. Some people cannot take jokes these days

Aydin Biber : At first I liked this video, untill I realised it was a commercial for candy. Wish I could just enjoy watching a woman being savagely beaten without having to deal with advertisements. The good old days are behind us.

Tad Ghostal : this video is a timeless youtube classic

Greg Hornby : That freeze frame does it for me

Judiye [Cuenta de respaldo] : **THOT PATROL**

Abdullahi M : Is that the Arthur meme before its time? He knew. 0:25

Yyyyzyyy : 10 years later I just realized she screams "oh I can't feel my legs!" at the end

Mel624 : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Hermaeus Mora : If only the Mentos commercials from the 90's were this good.

Zak Bagans : rip stacey burgerson, a true american

Ryan Lipinski : How the hell did it take me so long to see this masterpiece

Meep Meep : I remember the fist time I saw this, I laughed so hard my neck muscles locked up.... It was terrifying

BlOoDrAgOn : 797 feminist disliked

YaBoi MemeLord : This is a work of God.

Parker Nettles : I am deeply offended by this video. Not only because of the poor camera quality, but I don't believe Mentos gave them permission to use their product

KoolFilmZ : Favorite video on the whole internet xD

librarob1987 : LMAO this is still funny as hell after all these years

Silentsam7532 : I am not sure if people are seriously offended, or if I am just seeing some great sarcasm in the comments. I find it difficult to spot sarcasm as a Canadian due to our low Jewish population. If you are offended, you are the problem with today's society.

AeroSvk : Boy, that escalated quickly ...

Fatina Porkington : This is so sexist of the man in the video. He is fighting the women even though she didnt do anything to him. She is a strong independet women by telling him she doesnt like him and he uses force against her because it??? This is a typical man reaction

louiethemouseful : This was so funny, i'm a girl and thought it was hilarious.

Mack Arnold : solution to all modern feminists

Rick Chambers : I laughed so hard at this I was crying...does that make me a bad person?

TheYummyBurrito : Mentos: The Freshmaker? More like Mentos: The HAYmaker! Haha! Ha!

NightBosman : The correct response

killerRED09 : Kid gets laughed at by the girls yet no one bats an eye, kid punches her face after the Fresh Maker, and everyone Girl loses their mind.  It is a joke you scrubs. The Mentos Company didn't mkae this video.. stop crying.

atomictrash : A timeless classic.

Narwhal Bacon : How dare you post this on Reddit. I have been noticing a trend rising lately and it is trying to make beating and abusing women common in our daily lives. I hope my dear friend (I was friend-zoned le sigh) and radical feminist, berta lovejoy does not see this. We need to respect m'ladies. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only nice guy out there. I am the one who got away. 

HaloUnion : I gotta get me some of them Mentos.

Jake Branthe : This was when videos were made from creativity and not for view-mongering, clickbaits, and self-promotion. The good ol' days of youtube

Reddit Gold User and Athiest : I know that feeling all too well, good sir. Being friendzoned time and time again has taught me not to take no for an answer. Good thing I wasn't there, one fell swoop of my katana, and that would have been the end of it. Good thing my waifu hasn't left me yet.

XYZ LUCINA : I'm going straight to hell for laughing at this so much

jsmeezzie7 : Lmao greatest thing I've seen in a while!

bthomas11190 : How am I just now seeing this...

Keira Verwoerd : I guess the NFL has a new sponsor.

Luzur : better behave girls, so you dont get that Mentos moment.

marydessouli : My life could have been improved 10 years ago but I only discovered this gem today

Joshua Klynsoon : I had this in my "Funny Videos file" in 2006

MTstreaman : Classic autism.

Your Favorite Bronze : here from sneaky

Krokant : Who is here because Sneaky?

John Roberts : Ray Rice is the real fresh maker. 


Adrian Bradley : DAMN YOU RUBYDOG! I swear, I think I have my life back together and then you damn kids and your videos. So after a few years off after the last encounter with your videos, I finally got another job volunteering as a camp counselor. This week one of the kids had some mentos and I mention how funny the commercials used to be. So I told her to look it up on her phone and she finds this video first. She was one of those feminist types and didn't take very well to violence against women. Nor do I. But of course she complained and I got kicked out. Seriously, what will it be next time?!?

T∅mvke : kocham to kurwa

Kiefer Jackson : Keeping it fresh!