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J. Foresti : Therapist: now when did your depression start? Me: well I went on YouTube...

Justin Y. : ♂ Dream do come true ♂

Loris Giampieri : It's 2018 and i'm still crying for this

Garry : I watched this when I was 7 seven and didn’t realize how morbid the ending was

insaneintherainmusic : lik dis if u cri evrytim

The Seventh Raiper : Before watching: Kiwi! Yay! After watching: KIIIIIIWIIIII!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Jay Donagh : I'm pretty sure this is the YouTube video everyone watched at one point, between the years of 2006-2011.

lexis 0100 : Top 10 saddest anime deaths

Gracie Price : Anybody else realize he closed his eyes, and shed a tear right before he hit the ground? That alone is enough to kill you a little bit inside. 😂😭

Zayn&OneDirection : Omg I just realised that this video is 11 years old 😱

Nightingale The Fox : Kiwi just wanted to fly😢😢😢😢

Cwizzo : Youtube pls change fix your monetization programme so we can have beautiful animation like this.

William Simmons : If Kiwi had only considered the bungee cord.

Da Tammy : People talk about the very depressing side of this video, but I think it carries a very beautiful message. c:

Travis Plush Productions : Absolutely Beautiful Broke My Heart

no name : i remember i watched this back then when i was 11 im an aldult

Cit Lalwren : r.i.p. Kiwi. A bird who wanted to fly and so he did.😢😢😢

MKfan888 : 12 years later. Still makes me cry. ;(

Sebastian Terrazas : Que es eso Like si lo estás viendo en 2019

W H E A T : He did all that work to put those trees on the mountain so he could fly but in the end he had to take the risk of dying just to do it I cried.

Multiuniverso : Este vídeo me hizo llorar ,lo que hace uno por hacer su sueño realidad ,la primera vez que lo vi estaba con mi hermano y si lloramos , amo este vídeo a si que le doy like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 o mejor dicho un millón de likes , te quiero hermanito aunque tu no , seas mi hermano mayor o no aun así te quiero , Hasta pronto 💕 Adios ...


Gatote69 : And think that this was one of the first videos of youtube, makes us feel nostalgic, good old times, with no shitty copyright

Ben Gossler : @Madyeti47 - I want you to know that this coming sunday (08/05/18), I am beginning a tattoo based on your work. This animation touches me every single time I watch it. Thank you for a beautiful video!

Glowstick Fluids : Years later and it's still sad Miles why did you send me back here?

Seegar Klim : *ALL AROUND ME ARE FA-*

R H : 'I think I'm gonna try to do a barrel roll, and if that goes good, I'm just gonna nose down and call it a night.' Your nailed the Rich Roll, 10/10, Good night sweet prince

Fariya Atiqee : My mom thought one of my friends died or something cause I was crying so much. *i mean who wouldn’t*

TheGamerThing20 : I miss the past 😢

Fuzzy Karma : RIP Richard "Beebo Skyking" Russel. "Just a broken guy, a few screws loose,..."

Nick Magna : When he claps with his feet it always gets to me.

linda flor atavillos : Qué pena me hizo llorar un poco

Federico Tipaldo : but did the kiwi die? I want to know and for a week that I feel bad about this thing

MAV Productions : The first time I watched this I was like “okay then” but whenever someone sais “Hey who wants to watch Kiwi?” I start to cry. No one knows why...

Baeyukii : i remember watching this when i was younger :3 still makes me cry

Meat tenderiser : ahh nostalgia

Shocked : This was honestly the first EVER video I actually cried to. Tears were running down my face before I even realized it. Saw this originally in 2008, and it still never gets easier to rewatch.

PW J : 2005 - Kiwi! 2017 - Kiwi! (GONE VIOLENT) (GONE WRONG) XDXD MUST WATCH

Notシャバン : childhood!

Robyn Soo : What is he trying to do in the beginning?

kris yt : Kto z Polski?

BlinkForever_ BP : Me rompió el corazón el mil pedazos ver esto.

little_angel07 : Is no one touched by the fact that the kiwi bird possibly spent it's entire life nailing trees to the side of the mountain just to feel a few seconds of happiness?

Gavin Sheehy : End of 2018 anyone? Like if you cried...

Never Lucky m8 : Every sheep in New Zealand have watched this.

Franz Cruz : Fly Away SkyKing

LXLi : we watched this at school and some girls cried ;-;

Lavinia Lei : NO, NO, NO, THE KIWI DID NOT JUST DIE, IT JUST... WOKE UP FROM A DREAM OF FLYING, yeah, that's it. The noise is just the kiwi falling off its bed when it woke up, which DID NOT KILL IT. And after it woke, it was suddenly able to fly and flew off a cliff and actually FLEW and DID NOT DIE. THE KIWI DID NOT DIE.

Gymnast girl 2323444 : Kiwi do u love me