CONVERT your CAR into a FERRARI with this Invention

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HawkGuruHacker : 😎😎😎 HELP ME to get 900.000 Subscribers 😎😎😎

SoccoLoco TV : I need my 10 mins back 😭

sheila jimenez : This is probably the worst video I've ever seen on the internet. I regret clicking the stupid thumbnail

Unprepared Hero : I have an akrapovic exhaust and you? Re: Yeah i have pringles

Jason Brody : I can't afford pringles, can I use a cheaper alternative?

Roland Hazard : Don't forget to rub the inside of the pringles can clean, it doesn't work if you skip this step.

Alton Johnson : Why not just play the sound through your speakers?

Brad Jones : Most cringiest video I've ever seen on YouTube. My god have mercy on your soul 🙏🏻

jaysysum a.k.a Rat Master 3 : I got to 3 minutes and started reading the comments... the comments were far more interesting than the video... I have no idea what happens in the rest of the video lol

luminor007 : FAKE... all this and all he did was add a sound clip of a Ferrari to the video.

abuturky4 : It will be easier to buy a Ferrari!!

ScrubAdub : Literally one of the single dumbest mods ive ever seen.

David Webber : What the hell did I just watch

iamJUNE : if i take a different flavour do i get different car sound? THNKS

Chris : Title should be : How to CONVERT your CAR into an *ULTRA-CHEAP, ULTRA-TACKY, EXTREMELY FAKE SOUNDING, RICE ROCKET* with this invention

Joe Jaramillo : Okay, You made a cheap "fart" can so you can make unnecessary noise on your front wheel drive 4 cylinder ricer. Good idea to eat the chips. You'll need the energy once this cardboard can catches on fire,

Happy Carti : Yeah I'm going to attach a Pringles can to my car

John Maxwell : Even if it was a good idea (which it's obviously not) with the button under the accelerator, you can only partially accelerate. Sounding like your at full chat, passing people at 30 mph, which give's a higher chance of eye contact with someone who gives you the "what a knobhead look" 😂

Роман Рязанов : даже рожа как и ролик, дебильная!

Ducati Dude : All that, Just to make your car sound 'different'... Seriously Dude???

Luke Chunk : U wouldn't be able to eat 1 pringle and just put the rest in a bag, not buying that!

Bob Ross : Wow, this is too much work! I thought all I had to do was put a Pringles can on my exhaust pipe.

LeftyS7 : Looked good but I couldn't find any green and yellow striped tape. Oh well.

Boogui Escalante : Que pinche weba, mejor me cargo una bocina con sonidos de ferrari 😂😂😂😂😂

G Center : 4.7M people want to convert their cars to Ferrari 😂 work hard Pipz

Cameron Delcambre : Hate this kiddy background music

Stephen Kennedy : CHEAPER to buy a Ferrari

Flying Eddie : Good Christ, Man... who the hell is going to do this? I mean, are you serious? I hate to leave negative comments... but I am so disappointed in you and this ridiculous video! You really should be ashamed of yourself if I'm being honest!

Jeff Vlogs : Listen up prius owners

Hawre zangana : Be a man and do a muffler delete!


BellyUpFish : Well there it is, the dumbest thing I've watched on YouTube in 2018...

Radoslaw Zborowski : Ktoś zy polski

Martín Graña : Esto se llama tener tiempo al pedo

Ashley Carey : So he's wired the syringe to hit the play button but he's mounted the button underneath the throttle lol I think this idea clearly failed as when he comes off the throttle you can hear the Ferrari coming down the revs but his foot technically wouldn't be on the button right so it shouldn't be playing. All kidding aside this is actually a stupid waste of life idea.

Ronan Jordan : what was that , you definitely should be on TV show apprentices . It could be you :)

Joe Dias : I thought it was an exhaust mod not a video about the effects of crystal meth

Trevon Pratt : I liked cause it was funny lol

Mà Mìr : good job 🙋🏻‍♂️

Yoga Ananta : CHEAPER

Gérald LAURENS : Naz

JONNY HELLFIRE : This is not Ferrary, just Opel

alankar jamle : So u made up that whole thing just to press a button on your Walkman which u can just do with your finger.....and to make the car sound like a Ferrari u just used the audio of a Ferrari !!! Only legends can do this........

Michael Sebastiani : This is so gay !

Born to Be Great. : Lmaooooo ridiculous

angelica balcanao : why dont you just put a big hole in your exhaust manifold

Alex Rodrigues : And then..... A RICER IS BORN!!!

Giannis Lekkakos : _Satan

Ti4g0 Hs_ : The video is very good,but the music is horrible

Lotte Larsen : This is rice....... but pretty cool I have to admit!