CONVERT your CAR into a FERRARI with this Invention

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HawkGuruHacker : 😎😎😎 HELP ME to get 900.000 Subscribers 😎😎😎

SoccoLoco TV : I need my 10 mins back 😭

Stephen Kennedy : CHEAPER to buy a Ferrari

Sean's Garage : This is the dumbest thing 😂😂

MazdaRX7 : Stupid ricer, This just looks so funny and poor.

Unprepared Hero : I have an akrapovic exhaust and you? Re: Yeah i have pringles

Happy Carti : Yeah I'm going to attach a Pringles can to my car

George K : I tagged this for Tesla owners. :D

Kanishk jain : Yeah but my car will still look like a hyundai

MrGRMP : Reminds me of when I was a kid clipping cardboard on my bicycle forks so it would hit the spokes, then I would sound like a motorbike.

luminor007 : FAKE... all this and all he did was add a sound clip of a Ferrari to the video.

Alton Johnson : Why not just play the sound through your speakers?

dsrekjw : Nice hack using the syringe to push a button. I must remember that one for other projects.

lavesh gujjar : Waste of time want my 10 min. Back

MrEastern021 : i think your time would be better spent on CLEANING OUT your car.

Jorge Rocha : Esse cara é louco??? Ou eu q perdi meu tempo???

Rapidshot : It may sound like a Ferrari but at the end of the day shit ain't got no horsepower 😂

Stupid man : Convert your car into a honda civic

PyroTheCat : *follows the tutorial* *downloads mp3 file titled "reeeEe"* y'all know what's about to happen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bobbycat GT : Fart Can

Chris : Title should be : How to CONVERT your CAR into an *ULTRA-CHEAP, ULTRA-TACKY, EXTREMELY FAKE SOUNDING, RICE ROCKET* with this invention

Bob Ross : Wow, this is too much work! I thought all I had to do was put a Pringles can on my exhaust pipe.

jorge lavacampos : Too much theory, not enough proof, that's why two thumbs down

Aryanjit Jassal : Pls give me that mp3 pls

Super Bike : Chutiya

Matheus Alexander F Silva : You is a brazlian?/você é brasileiro?

Big Al 420 : Too much Meth!! This dude is whacked!! 😂😂😂😂

Mr Commentator : This is long no one's going to copy this hahaha

Ümit Cihangir : Siktir amına soktugumun malı bende bi şey yapacan sandım o kadar uğraşmaya jet sesi çıkarırım ben yarram

Роман Рязанов : даже рожа как и ролик, дебильная!

Michael Mellijor : One of the many idiots who needs attention.

SwagDoesGT : It will turn you into ricer.

mohamed Ibrahim : عليا الحرام من ديني انت راجل علق عشان ساحل ميتين امي م الصبح و ف الآخر معاك اوبل ومركبلها الخره دا. عننن عليك و ع شكلك

`IcE : Mods irl already? lmaoo

Louis Sycamore : Whatta bowl of crock.... Smfh

Gregory Texier : Like

ANDROID JUNKIE : if you have that much free time, you need alot of serious help!!!! OMG!!

Sylvain est bon : todo este trabajo para esta mierda

alankar jamle : So u made up that whole thing just to press a button on your Walkman which u can just do with your finger.....and to make the car sound like a Ferrari u just used the audio of a Ferrari !!! Only legends can do this........

Known YT : Idi nachoui cyka

Marginal : Those manicured hands and nails are stunning. Who does this job? Please tell.

Trevon Pratt : I liked cause it was funny lol

Hot Wheels Matchbox Kustom Miniature cars : Oh I can't wait to Install this on my wife's new Toyota. Are U fuxxin serious? Who would waste this much time on a can of Pringles?

Gamerbob omb934 : Only ricers would use this

Geri Nagy : And now we know the pringles can was just for clickbait, cause it ain't got nothing to do with the original concept

JONNY HELLFIRE : This is not Ferrary, just Opel

Jeff Vlogs : Listen up prius owners

Shane Rater : I did this and on my car it sounded like a super bike

Ephraim : WAIT! So all I have to do to tune my Corolla up to 700+ hp is to stick a Pringles can beneath it? Sounds promising to me!

Deadstronaut : This hit something lower than low omfg