Estill man convicted of shooting police officer gets 35 years

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C S : 35 years for attempting to kill a cop? Are you serious? Life in prison is the minimum he should get, without parole.

jojojorisjhjosef : no offence but what a shit cop, should've shot him the second he din't comply, he's also black so why worry about the controversy?

Laughing Achilles : The people who whine about police shootings should watch this sort of thing. It explains why police officers are constantly on edge and having to make decisions in a split second with limited information. It also goes to show why you should just follow the directions being given by the police, a misunderstanding could be deadly.

Kayies M : I bet that (0:39) noisy person, walking. Ran when shots rang out

Stuart Mills : death penalty! the fact that the officer survived was just a lucky accident he CLEARLY wanted to murder. HE HIT HIM 4 times!! When did South Carolina get so soft on criminals?

IC3BERG S1MPSON : IMO the guy should have been tazed as soon as the first "take your hands out of your pocket" was said

Jason Ayers : I bet his ass won't be running up on nobody like a super hero


Nicholas Wiseguy : I'm glad there was a good person around when it happened to offer help to this police officer, 35 years is not enough.

David Tyler : Good for u boy

eddie mclaughlin : how come the cop didn't have his gun out?

Grimm Factory : If the cop shoot him, its will be racism...


Jack Ward : Throw a rope on that fucking asshole!

Charles Steele : Good thing there was no white people involved.. or they'd be screaming "HATE CRIME!".

rudyyy60 : Fry his worthless bitch ass....35 yrs of wasted tax money ...

Veronica Moody : Well he told him to take his hand out of his pocket in he comply, bang bang bang bang. Thank goodness he is lucky to be alive for his family.

Lee Hall : them (Hot ones brought the bitch out of him

Mohamed Khalifa : There is a lesson for the police

MrNigelt : I love this video. .. this sh..t is so sweet

Joe Fiegel : They god officer Smith survived this terrible tragedy! That man deserved every year and more that he received in jail

xCrazyCambax : Watch the video and stop trying to say what the cop should have done. Can he go back and fix his mistakes? No?... then shut the fuck up and provide something useful to the convo.

SL Skeeter : 35 years!!!

MrNigelt : Run forest run forest run.

Diversify Israel : If a cop has a gun on you and you keep your hands in your pocket despite orders, you have a fucking gun. Cop should never have pulled that taser.

Ageless Martial Arts Las Vegas : He should have shot them