Contact Space Travel (HD)

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Great scene where Jodie foster travels through space to meet aliens.

Comments from Youtube

TzokoliT : bet she flew past Cooper

lisbeth_starling : Damn, having seen this at the theater must have been an experience.

TheDragonfly256 : This was the movie that got me into astronomy... every time i look into night sky i remember this movie, so much nostalgia.

VoyagerOne : I wonder what someone on another planet is doing right this instant...

Joel Reis : But it did record 18 hours of VIDEO!

rhino79 : The chair wasn't included in the engineering schematics that were sent by the aliens but was added anyway. Then it breaks apart, showing how it was stupid to alter the design. I think its implied by how violently it slams to the ceiling that if Ellie had been sitting in it she would have been seriously hurt.

M. Christian : "they should have sent a poet"

Δnima : Always get goosebumps watching this scene. Especially when she looks down at the civilisation and says "they're alive".

Bd Netch : So this expedition inspired McConaughey to pass the wormhole for real in the future.

swish007 : this part in particular portrayed the deepest kind of childlike awe at the grandeur of the universe.. the feeling of being tiny and insignificant.. but then it ends with ellie meeting her long lost father.. and experiencing an overwhelming love. if heaven exists, i imagine this is similar to what it might be like

Adrian Lucid : This wormhole travel scene always gives me the goose bumps

akamirage1213 : Her acting was so beautiful. You makes me cry...

Black Sun Sirius 777 : Holy crap! I never noticed but right around :58 sec you can see the camera recording static. Just like they point out after her trip that nothing was recorded but static. That is one reason they don't believe.

Cas Ket : 2:47 that part always gives me chills.

Mitch Austin : This scene has stuck in my head for years. Great metaphor for her following her compass or intuition to leave the chair (symbolic for world's views and beliefs) which was not part of the intelligent design for the craft (craft =our lives). Only to have the chair come break off and fall away.  What has broken away in your life that was supposed to be the right thing or safe thing according to the world's vies only to see it was never the source of your good or real security?

Mikey Palmice : Really wished we could see their true form. Maybe like her dad said small steps, they might be frightening to see first hand but peaceful..

TOPGUNCANADA00 : Matthew Mcconaughey seems to be a real WormHole magnet.

Imeh Smith : This and interstellar (also with Matthew McConnell) are 2 of my MOST FAVORITE movies of all time‼️‼️👍🏽👍🏽

Jordy : 2:45 was the shot that stood by me the most. Being so close to the actual alien civilisation and before she can even realise what she is seeing she's pulled away again..

John Cusick : still one hell of a good scene and a ride

SunBunz : Damn these special effects STILL hold up 22 years later!

Redhead Jessie : I love this movie. I almost cried at the "they're alive" scene.

Jorge Benavides : These old movie effects still beats all other space-travel movie effects to this day :)

Valentin Jheng : the chair is an irony to the earth people who think they knew everything.

Jeffrey b : Alien : "We didn't built it" of course, it was built by the Reapers..duuuh

Mau Jo : One of the most exhilarating moments in a movie ever!

JaguarStar : Those of us who love this movie and almost cry with because we KNOW this is true. Our heart does not lie. And we KNOW we belong to the stars, that we can travel there like Ellie did, not necessarily with a spaceship, but also in our minds.

kablamo9999 : Maybe the most intelligent first contact movie since 2001.


roloug95 : This movie is so similar to Interstellar in so many ways, especially this scene.

Robert Dorion : Ellie to Control... I'm going through... some kind of a... a screensaver...

ChrisAvalon : this is me every time i go down a water slide

foerfoer : My favourite film, ever

Paul Sheridan : Great scene from a film I love. Thanks for this.

patu8010 : She fell into a screensaver!

krafty1708 : This is one of the most profound movies ever.

Matt Donaldson : OK TO GO! I love this film. Leaves me feeling quite emotional

Terra Europa : This scene makes my eyes teary, when she is sayin Im ok to go, everyone of us who love space and miss the old days of human spirit of exploration knows that we are also many of us here... ready to go...

Chris Nong : Hands down the most intense and beautiful space travel scene

Eli c. : they had to film this scene bit by bit because the chair Jodie sat in actually would shake as violently as it looks. it would make her very sick and nauseous. nevertheless this scene is still one of the most astounding and incredible especially come during it came out in 1997

Jean-Paul Faye : Mannnn love this movie, i wish there was more to it, the movie ends with you wanting so much more!!!!!😩

Eardrum Buzzer : Don't get me wrong. This scene, and the scene just before it which showed the Machine ramping up power had me on the edge of my seat, but does anyone else hear the Roadrunner "meep-meep" at 34 seconds in? It is a Warner Bros. movie, by the way. Its there.

Jordan Meier : I have always wondered when she comes back and everyone is skeptical, why do they not just decide to send another person another time? Has anyone read the book and know of any details to answer this question?

anthony mcgrath : 2.45 - the same cam move and timing is used in Dr strange when the ancient one throws him into the multiverse!

伊藤恵美子 : I saw this movie about 15 years ago. I was deeply impressed to meet Ellie. This is the best movie that I've ever seen.

Bolt Marksman : This movie is actually nostalgic to me....

Alex Zorach : This is such a powerful metaphor, what happens with the chair. I don't think I got the full meaning of it until years later when I was having a conversation with one of my friends about it.

Vios : 0:51 That is, by far, the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.

Anderson Gomes Galvão : Masterpiece.