Check the O.R. - Organized Rhyme Tom Green
Tom Green and his OG hip hop groupa man of many facets

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Organized Rhyme is a Canadian hip hop group based in Ottawa, Ontario, known primarily for the fame later achieved by one of its members, comedian Tom Green. Organized Rhyme's musical formula focused on three principal facets: catchy beats, simplistic choruses, and clever rhymes. The formula proved itself to be profitable: the group's first single, "Check the O.R.," won the MuchVibe Best Rap Video (MMVA Award) in 1992 and was nominated for a Juno Award in 1993 for Best Rap Recording, but lost to "Keep It Slammin'" by Devon. The second music video Organized Rhyme had was "Luv 1" Articles and more at: Facebook: Twitter: @nostalgiablog


soul76can : "I lay more chicks than mother goose..."

His_ Redeemed : How about young Glen Humplik in the background as a camera man!!!

Virgil N : Drake would never touch Jane & Finch with a 10 foot pole. Timeless Canadian rap right here.

Soul Acension : hard to believe people hate this tune. classic Canadian hip hop

empire : This is one of the first mp3's I ever downloaded from Napster, good times

Dominic Larkin : "pass the OJ cause i got juice" 😂😂😂😂😂

EndItAll11 : Nice to see myself 27 years ago rocking my jam in the background. Good old days

Citizen O : A Canadian classic viddy!

GrowingDownUnder : This is sample from a sesame street clip with mr wiggles

MindWave Studios : freaking awesome! haven't heard this in a while, my friend Mike just told me he worked on it.

Marcus Crocker : love this song

shipdop dop : "Razz you like Letterman" Tom you gonna razz Letterman & the whole world pretty soon! Great song

Diego Garcia : I can't believe this doesn't have more views.

John Viera : "I lay more chicks than Mother Goose." Go Tommy !!!

Shannon Murray : I lived literally a few hundred feet from some of the shots in this vid! I saw someone here call the Jane and Finch area a "cesspool" but you know what? I'm proud to say that I lived in the area for 11 years!

Jean-Michel Bériault : I find your watermark highly insulting, just for that I will be linking someone else's video.

Mi Ga : Whoever is here just for Tom Green, skip to 1:28.

Haley Tathem : I had no idea Tom Green could rap! Lol found this from Your moms house podcast!

5knucklesfrank : Jimmy Conners? Letterman? Lando Calrissian? These have to be the whitest lyrics in the history of hip hop.  Punctuated by Tom Green's whitest rendition ever of The Running Man. Love it!

eschelar : Well what do you know? I DO like it so far!

Tadhg Lattimore : jesus now i know why he grew the moustache

AJonAir : Which one is Tom? I can't tell without the beard!

brec7 : This was recently played at the most popular nightclub in my city. The 19-25 crowd must have been confused! I would argue that this is actually Tom Green at his most entertaining. Fun song!

Nate : train by day, joe rogan podcast by night

Nate : train by day

ken megginson : tom green mutha fukas

krismose1 : Snips!!

Wesley C : CANADA

Michael R. Evans : tom green paid me to visit this page

Colleen Simpson : Saw them on the comedy channel tonight on a musical comedy special, did not know he was a rapper or a graduate of Colonel By High, same place I graduated from but he was only about three at the time. About fifteen years ago he and a friend invited my oldest daughter and a friend to have lunch with them, they said he was a nice guy, so guess he appreciates his fans.

deathxcircle : From someone who knows Toronto, back then Tom Green was showing some balls wearing a Senators hat at Jane and Finch.

elise p : This is surreal...

Graham Roth : tom green!!

vrillco : Back when hip-hop meant something... even to white canadian boys.

jojonodancer : This video's a hate crime but a good one.

molsonmuscle360 : Whitest Rap Ever...Star Wars and Tennis references in one song.

Creative572 : Tom Green! Better than tha Best of'ya...

Sweaty YETI : A star wars lyric means an instant like. FACT!

Lau Locc O'Shea : cap city up

Lau Locc O'Shea : fucc u slob

Tomos Lloyd-Evans : Oh yeah, Sips. A rap song that references Star Wars has gotta be worth a like.

Jack weinstein : Sips

samko derp : Sips

munchluxe63 : Because CANADA (and Tom Green) fuck yeah!

Anthony Julian : Which one is sips

Louise Gillick : Omg it's sips

Jesus Scallywag : Waw Ottawa looks pretty shit

bud wiser : nice video.. it would be a shame if somebody.......ssssss..... CHECKED THE O.R!!!! <3 <3 <3

max : Wait, is that sips?