Check the O.R. - Organized Rhyme Tom Green

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Dave Eastwood : “Your moms house” podcast brought me here lol . 👌🏽

Virgil N : Drake would never touch Jane & Finch with a 10 foot pole. Timeless Canadian rap right here.

soul76can : "I lay more chicks than mother goose..."

Soul Acension : hard to believe people hate this tune. classic Canadian hip hop

5knucklesfrank : Jimmy Conners? Letterman? Lando Calrissian? These have to be the whitest lyrics in the history of hip hop.  Punctuated by Tom Green's whitest rendition ever of The Running Man. Love it!

empire : This is one of the first mp3's I ever downloaded from Napster, good times

His_ Redeemed : How about young Glen Humplik in the background as a camera man!!!

Dominic Larkin : "pass the OJ cause i got juice" 😂😂😂😂😂

Shannon Murray : I lived literally a few hundred feet from some of the shots in this vid! I saw someone here call the Jane and Finch area a "cesspool" but you know what? I'm proud to say that I lived in the area for 11 years!

Jean-Michel Bériault : I find your watermark highly insulting, just for that I will be linking someone else's video.

Citizen O : A Canadian classic viddy!

Mi Ga : Whoever is here just for Tom Green, skip to 1:28.

GrowingDownUnder : This is sample from a sesame street clip with mr wiggles

Marcus Crocker : love this song

ParadiXe311 : Tom Green invented rap in the 60s, even though he was born in the 70s. I invented punk in the 1800s, even though I was born in 1984.

JT PoeticalRealism 🙏💯 : Can't believe this has more hits than Maestro Fresh Wes Jams! Wtf?

Rexx Colt : these guys are pretty damn lyrical you wouldn't think tom green could rap unless you knew about it before hand. But he actually has bars.

Jay Flippen : Organized Rhyme > Organized Crime

Micropenis : jane and finch... the cesspool shithole of toronto

Blueevoy_6000 : Tom rap better than most of these new age "rappers" nowadays

John Viera : "I lay more chicks than Mother Goose." Go Tommy !!!

Diego Garcia : I can't believe this doesn't have more views.

Marcus Crocker : its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good:)

kyleboohoo : Was that the Naruto run 2:16?

MindWave Studios : freaking awesome! haven't heard this in a while, my friend Mike just told me he worked on it.

RedHot DogFeet : High and tight. Where my Mommies at?

kongvinter33 : High and Tight

Juan Villa : Try it out

Sergio Fernandez : Tom green wanted to like a beasty boy?

saucy beagle : friggin mean green and MC pin?! hoe dang!!!

Monolith Preacher : Whack. It's like they listened to rap in the 80s, then forgot how Rakim changed the game. They shoulda stuck with a story flow, their rhyming couplet flows literally go nowhere.

Google is retarded : The 90s was a sad time for white people.

Edward Smith : White rappers. :Sigh:

Wornoutshoelace : The camerawork is insane!!, given the time this is shot i am amazed, truly something special. i may be a tee gee fanboii but my god this video was amazing, big ups for yall.

marc banks : love this great tune real funny tom I seen you live at edingburgh Scotland about 6 years ago give up now

Tom Ramanauskas : Thanks INDIE 88!

shipdop dop : "Razz you like Letterman" Tom you gonna razz Letterman & the whole world pretty soon! Great song

phillydisco : 2:47 Tom busting out the running man, lol It was already played out by the time this song came out, so it's clearly for laughs.

Wandering Bull Promotions : Word sharing this in some groups

CrackinJacks138 : Why did you water mark someone else's video?

82Novica : YMH

Johnny Argon : I dont know why they wouldnt let them in the building.

Jaret Wood : I used to get this song and "Down with OPP" mixed up somehow, lmfao!

On 2Wheels : YMH Tom Green interview brought me here..

Jonny Walker : Is that Phil Giroux holding the one monitor? I wonder what happened to that guy after the Tom Green Show.


Flesh Robe : Too many comments that I don't want to read today, I'm gonna go take a few one~hitters and enjoy that Kurtis Blow jam. Yeah, and Grandmaster Flash, Yeah! Now, please, peace, no more war, we're all smarter than that, we can, and will get along. Yes.

Shawn Latorre : I lay more chicks than Mother Goose

Podcast Clips : ok tom i see you

John Smith : is the first kid with the glasses his friend he always had on his show?