Mae Phong Sri the injured leg elephant

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Emilia Kosztya Kosztya : This beautiful elephant was robbed of the life she was meant to live in peace with her family. You're the angels on earth who saved her and will give her the love she didn't get for so many years 💞😇

T'lan Imass : Please! A couple of years at ENP for her at least. :~( Hang in there Mae Phong Sri! You are among elephants and humans that love you now.

Mimi Me : So sad to see this beautiful animal injured. I pray and thank God for your endless work you provide for these elephants. You all are the angels God sent to them. I personally thank you one and all. ☺💖💙🐘🐘🕊⚘🙏

yeo john : Free at last

M Prywatny : May she only know peace, gentleness and love for the remainder of her days...

Bunny The Bear : Animals are the innocent victims of our crimes & without our voice, they will never see justice. ~ *The greatest privilege that comes with freedom of speech is using your voice for those who don't have one* ~  Ricky Gervais

Avery Katusa : I am happy that years of abuse and neglect are over for beautiful old soul .Thank you for helping her to became free and live the rest of her life peacefully and with dignity .And you right it is never to late to save suffering souls even if they are going to live one more minute around people who care ,love and showing mercy for them .God bless you for showing her that there is another kind people who care for her precious life 💓

PhoebeFay RuthLouise : I am so glad you rescued Mae Phong Shi! May she find the peace and love she has always deserved in your wonderful sanctuary!

hout00gje : That horrible hook they use.. No wonder some elephants get blind. Fantastic you saved this animal! As long as there is life there is hope and its never too late. Hope the tourist-industrie shall quickly transform into elephants only living in sanctuaries in their natural habitat. Or even better, them living in the wild, doing there own natural thing. Blessing and thanks to you for being the light in a changing but still dark place.

Ann M : Why do people have to treat animals like machines and deprive them of a decent life? I'm glad this elephant has finally gotten a chance to rest and enjoy life. ❤️🐘

Gomathy R : I appreciate with your hard work..thanks your good job..god bless you

scooterose100 : That made me cringe when he used that bullhook on her....poor sweet baby, like she isn't suffering enough! I would love to use it on him see how he likes it!!

sajal jain : 60 years of slavery. That picture of tourist riding her was so wrenching. How come people don't see the miserable condition of these animals.

lbird : God bless Mae Phong Sri and all her new caretakers.

Bird Crazy : Thank you for what you do. My prayer and hope is that ALL elephants will soon be free and humans no longer use them for their entertainment or labor.

Lenny Hardi : I love to see all the rescue or all these elephants, always make my heart feel relieve dan happy to see their misery will end, thank you for all the people who make the earth become a better place. Because of the live and people like lek and the team give hope to humanity and the world is worth to be saved and a place to stay.

Raina Fortini : Thank you so much people for doing this. Thank U thank U thank U

Jill Galvin : Her reaction when she sees the bull hook & obvious pain when it is used to pull her by her ear, heartbreaking💔

adele stuart : Heartbreaking to see her suffering & in pain. Lek you are amazing as always <3

Ἕƈђἔłὄᾗ : Can we see more of Mae Phong as she recovers and her new friendships please!

beth lyons : My heart breaks for her former life and so long too , but now that she is with Lek and Darrick and their wonderful of people her life will be heaven on earth.

Max Dosukoi : so beautiful eye she has

Georgette Wood : Such beautiful creatures.

The Driver : I appreciate the help, good job.

Charlie Newman : imo Good work done by good people imo

Rawi Nimanong : Thank you everyone's heart.

TheDriftdog : Thank you 🙏🏻

John Walsh : Message to tourists; please do not ride elephants, ever!

Christine Mills : This is why I would rather be surrounded by animals than people! People are cruel! I really dislike people!

Jimmy Lee : Thank you...I am crying..

peleflows : I just spent 2 weeks at Elephant Nature Park! I had the privilege of seeing Mae Pong Sri’s arribal! Such a blessing and gift! She’s haid 21 owners and suffered a life of abuse and trauma. She seems like she knows she is in a safe loving place. She’s happy and eating. Many elephants have extreme PTSD when they arrive due to all the abuse and trauma they’ve suffered by humans. I send you love, Mae Pong Sri, great happiness and hope you join an elephant family there.

Marilou Dimalanta : YES, these elephants deserve to be FREE. Bless all these people in their efforts to free and care for these majestic elephants. I feel helples..... I wish I could be there.

Alfred Garcia : Bless you Lek and all who have helped in so many wonderful rescues. Please donate to this wonderful cause and save more wonderful elephants and other animals.

ohi bacon : Thank you, EN, for taking in another beautiful creature!!! 🐘🐘🐘

Andréa Diniz : É triste perceber que o ser humano quando oprimido reproduz essa opressão em si mesmo e estende na sua relação com os outros humanos e com animais com uma índole sensível e pacífica como elefantes, cavalos, etc... Eles definitivamente não merecem esse tratamento sem piedade, sem amor, sem respeito. 😥

Fierce Facts : 😭

janani bhagya : Thank your for your great love for these innocent ones

Susanne Garbe : Thank you for save this wonderful Elefants🐘💕

Urszula Staszczak : DANKE,DANKE ☺❤❤❤❤❤

Dori : Bless her precious, beautiful heart . ❤️ 💜

Nevenka Roncevic : Thank you .

Mammot h : Elephants are truly beautiful creatures!🐘

Luis Rapalo : zorgo diffuse3:42

Irina Salamakhina : Кончать надо с этой туристической понтухой...тайцы зарабатывают на бедных слонах...избирите друглой способ заработка = все равно от кармы не уйти

Hai Van Nguyen : Just tell me that the humans are so cruel.

Karemaker : I would love to visit this place and meet Lek, and the staff and elephants if I ever go to Thailand. Love from Canada.

Gretchen Reiss : Thank you for helping our four legged friends a peaceful place to live and be loved❤️❤️❤️

éléphants lions rhinocéros ext reine lion : Il fait peine à voir . Cet éléphant . Qui doit souffrir .en silence 🐘😟

Robin Roshto : Use them up, wear them out, Get a new one, Don't think about.