Weebl & Bob want Pie (original)

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For the real flash-loop version go to http://media3.albinoblacksheep.com/albino_flash010/weebl/pie(www.albinoblacksheep.com).swf

Comments from Youtube

Sean Cleo : man i remember 6th grade browsing albino blacksheep and going nuts for this beat. the music credit on this just helped me find it for the first time. mr scruff is lit. cheers weebl

Cataclysmic Metroid : Thanks to weebl and bob I was able to find kick ass music like Mr Scruff and Mr Oizo .. Childhood complete

Papito Fuentes : So is this the very first episode of Weebl and Bob?

Kay Indigo : Anyone remember albinoblacksheep?

Feel The Hertz : Nostalgia and subwoofer activated. Room shaking and head bopping.


Dusk Sentry : *dies of nostalgia*

PallyPowerXIX : Oh thank God the REAL version

Ks Y : oh man.. the music made weebl and Bob all the better....

JONNOG88 : Watching this vid. Magically transports me. Back to 2004 :')

PallyPowerXIX : So happy to find the real version of it again

-RD- Salind : modem internet!

Padraig Wind : This was a thing

Николай Владимирович : Nyam, it's delicious the pie quality job

areyousatisfied : Man I loved this shit when I was a teenager. I bought the first DVD he brought out haha.

Jessie Shaw : I got here from Taylor Reilly

Fireball 2019 : Weebl In 2009: Me Like Pie Weebl In 2019: neh neh neh

Hannah K : I remember this from so long ago! I am just thinking of Dean Winchester from Supernatural and how much he likes pie XD!

b phillip : Do you have all the "History of the World" series, and my personal favorite "Captain" {".... bring me cheese and - - sardines")

Hello people I'm a cat :'D : Mm

Lamarck Leland : I was looking for their White Christmas version and it was even deleted from their website ?:(

Energizer Bunny : *P* *I* *E*

Katie Meehan : Shit

Howard Thomas : I want this music, what’s the name of it?