Finally!! PROOF that Cops stop me for nothing!!! (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

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Muscle Vs Tuner : Music was too loud? They must’ve heard the National Anthem coming out of the exhaust pipe 😎

Tiffany Draper 2 : Wow lol they are full of shit... loud music... yeah right. 😂

s a m p l e t e x t : I loved that part of the song where the beat dropped as you were saying "See that right there? That's three cop cars" Absolute summer banger man.

DuncanAndFriends : So this is why people hate cops

Hyenage : When you think youre driving a chick magnet - you realize its a cop magnet

TheZmt325 : File a harassment complaint with your local police department.

Pat Vavra : So the cops lied. Where is the integrity?

Lise Greaves : It's not you it's the car.. most cops hate people with expensive cars..Be safe

thegrimyeaper : THREE cars. I guess it's a good thing they have nothing to do.

Fahim Antoniades : I’m so glad I live in Europe where I’m actually free as opposed to being constantly told I’m free. When a society has to constantly remind its citizens they’re “free”...something’s not quite right

Auditing America : YOU REALLY APPRECIATE IT? No need to be nice to some one that was trying to lie and steal your money

Lady Cappie : He's being profiled for driving a sports car.😕

BtotheDtotheF : That cop should be fired for fabricating evidence.

Thomas Rock : Cops wanted to run your license, so they made up a BS excuse to pull you over. Happens every day in America.

Swedish Mgtow : hearing loud music from a car which dont play music? you must have some mothafocka super hearing.

HENRY THE RC CAR : That's the price of having a sports car, cops will always be scanning your plate and stopping you for no reason.

Forrest Franks : They are looking for civil forfeiture opportunities...

Balaxane : You live in a police state. You shouldn't be surprised.

Paul leonard : Must be that white privilege everyone is always talking about . LOL!

Bill Whitis : Cops in the deep south. a big reason I moved to Canada in the 90's.

John Conner : Buy a Toyota Camry and you will never be stopped!!! LOL

Bloody Knuckles : Pulled over for nothing. Caught the cops lying on camera but still gave up your license like a sheep. Goooood Job!

Katy Ellison : Why show license?! Illegal stop and you are absolutely not required to do anything! They can ask. But you can refuse. Further, you are enabling them! You should reference the laws and codes of where you are passing through- especially since you say you attract this sort of thing! Push back!

Juan Valladares : Cops are liars.

Homo Moto : Also, I used to be a cop, filing a complaint doesn't do any good. The only thing that will get results is file a formal lawsuit and use your video footage as evidence.

grumerguy : Louisiana?! I've been pulled over in that state too, and they crawled up me with a fine tooth comb!!! The only reason they pulled over was because I had out of state plates. I was completely legal and they couldn't find anything wrong but they had me stopped for over an hour!! Those piglets in that state suck!!!

Vivian Gray : "Blue lives matter" No they don't. Fry the bacon.

Sharon De Jesus : OMG!!!!,😮😮 wow, they got caught in the lie, keep the camera on from now on whenever you drive.

James Smith : Lying cops!

Str805Speed : Loud music? Wtf😂😂 these cops are trippin!

JLAShazam : Straight up liars, wow

Leslie McCaghy : Could you have kissed that cops ass any more?

Prince Penson : Classic example of cops lying.

Matthew Burnett's : Those police need a good smack in the head! Fkn lying pigs! File a formal complaint, You have the video proof that they Are pigs not cops!

Texas Jack : False accusation for warrant check.

Todd Tamayo : It's kinda odd how we do things that we think girls like but don't really care, we drive cool sports cars, overdue the bodybuilding and becoming gorillas we think the chicks would give us complements but only get that from dudes 😂 whenever I drive my string Ray only dudes say wow sweet ride or when I'm lifting heavy and where a tank other dudes say wow brother 💪 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Zach Kellner : Cops in the south suck in general. They'll pull you over just because they think you're an easy target.

Boy Genius : Lol... they heard loud music alright, those loud pipes. Sounds good man.

tye tyes : This is why we say police are the biggest most organised gang on the streets. Three police cars. All backing each other up on a blatant lie. This is what cops do when they are bored. Let's pretend this deosnt happen every single day in the hood where many are too poor or lack the knowledge to push back legally. Seriously, the anger against cops runs deep because this kind of corruption is almost normal. Methinks human beings will ALWAYS be corrupt if there's no accountability in place.

kuzjoe : He say's they always stop him for nothing and his car is nice. It's only a matter of time before they find or plant some evidence of a crime which they will use to justify taking his property (asset forfeiture) . I recommend installing several interior dash cams with audio or moving to a different state. All three cop cars came right after him and the officer said he and the other officers (collaborating witnesses) could hear his non existing loud music. Which is only a violation on a residential street not a highway. This corrupt policing needs to be exposed.

Bobby Ruffin : Your radio was not even on, the lies

The Missing Link's Younger Brother : That's like working nights in London and getting pulled over on the way home. "Do you know why we stopped you?" "Yes I'm the only car on the road!" Pffft

Harry Balafonte : You "appreciate " them pulling you over for nothing?

MAR Trucker : F the liar police comin' straight from the underground🎵

Destroyer Grey Productions : It's time to cancel your plans on the house and move out of state. LOL

Den : Profiling you.

Q U A T T R O : Pulled over for music too loud...proved it wasnt his music...still needs to show insurance and I.D.??????

mexrfw : They do that just to be able to run your information and see if you have warrants. Biggest BS in the book. if you weren’t doing anything wrong why do they need to run your license?

Genco Abbandando : You look middle eastern and you drive a nice car.

Rocky Velasco : Keep a dash cam at all times and a rear dash cam as well!!