Cops always stop me for nothing and I FINALLY caught it on video!!!

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MotoStache : ItsJustaCop.....

Cactus Tweeter : I've heard of BS like this. But to see it first hand is amazing.

jldude84 : I'm not gonna lie I clicked this thinking it was some arrogant prick doing 75 in a 55 and bitching about "getting pulled over for nothing" and I was gonna have fun.....but damn that's crazy there was NO music on lol that was legitimately no reason.

Warlock 6 : What you should do is send the video to the chief of police for what ever town that was so maybe something can be done about it. I am a police officer for 15 years and thats crap.

portalsofmadnes : Police state.

Muscle Vs Tuner : Music was too loud? They must’ve heard the National Anthem coming out of the exhaust pipe 😎

W W : Dont thank them after? Theyre gonna keep acting like that when you submit to them after a blatant lie

Julian Valenti : Just a made up excuse by the police to stop people and hope that they get someone on anything. I got pulled over recently by the state police and they said that they "thought" that they saw me drinking a beer. I didn't even have any beverages in my car.

PUGGDAD : So they still asked for your ID after they knew your music wasn’t on? Wonder what would of happened if you said “no I’m not giving you my ID if you’re pulling me over for music when I just showed you I didn’t have music playing”

Howlingmad Mudduck : I got pulled over in my 75 Chevy truck. reason...officer claimed I wasn't wearing a seat belt I had him shine his light at my lap and around my cab. Seat belt yes,shoulder strap sorry officer not an option in 75. Then he tells me I have no rear view mirror I tell him to shine his light on the chrome badge behind my shoulder the one that sez Camper Special. Once again sorry officer not an option.that's what the side mirrors are for. Then its he can't see my rear license reply your really pushing it youngster..first off its night you have your headlights and spot light lighting up the ass end if my truck like its day light. Secondly you called me by name when you approached my window and made contact with me,therefore you had ran my plate,thus you were able to see it to do so. Do you really want to go up against me in court? He gave me back my paperwork and wished me a nice I feel ya..this happens to me monthly. Some bullshit reason to stop you.

Husspower enthusiast : They jelly. That's why

Boosted Media : It’s the same all over the world. Here in Australia I got pulled over 47 times in 8000km in my modified BRZ. Never once booked for anything. Sold it and bought a BMW M235i. Haven’t been pulled over one single time since in 15,000km.

Gregory Trane : This supports my argument for never wanting to live in the South even though I'm white, it still doesn't matter. The last time I checked, as long as you're law abiding, it's still suppose to be a government for and of and by the people and not the other way around. Good video.

EdwardSnowdon : My hypothesis: you got stopped because young drivers of high-performance cars tend to drive like idiots. I'm an old guy who drives a boring car. I haven't been stopped in 15+ years.

Fish Tropic : Why give a license 😂 you committed no crime lol and also it’s seems there targeting you . I would file a complaint if this is an occurring thing 🤣

Texas Jack : False accusation for warrant check.

mr1uponu : Something evil is going on in this country against the public by our gov, I think it's called living in a police state ? Also cops are orderd to produce revenue ! Or they get pulled from field duty to desk duty ! Its the truth people !

Rodney King : I replied to someone else but really I should have put it here. You got pulled out for driving suspiciously. Driving under the speed limit is what drunk drivers do, and your exhaust is loud. Possibly your window tint is too dark also. I have had 4 different Mustangs in the last 10 years starting with a white 2000 convertible than a 2005 Red Fire convertible, then got a brand new Kona Blue 2012 and put the Shelby rally stripes on, and currently I have a Deep Impact Blue 2015 with red side stripes that I also bought brand new. I have had cops behind me , next to me, I have passed them going 5 over the speed limit, doesn't matter. Going really slowly is always suspicious.

al arias : You look Mexican lol

Trevor Mendez : if you can do that with your camera imagine what God can do with his camera!

TheZmt325 : File a harassment complaint with your local police department.

Dewayne Smith : People wonder why minorities complain about the police. Corruption much?

mujjuman : I live in NY and cops literally pull me over for nothing.......

Bobby Tucker : Don't take this the wrong way, my friend but I sincerely wish we could have cops here in Flint, Michigan who were "Pro-active", all they do here is take reports, ask you if you got 'homeowners insurance', hand you their business card and leave. This city is grossly understaffed.

Dollie Hall : Nevermind its a mustang

Tahvyy : 🤔The problem here is that most Cops are judging ppl and there perception of you and or others, are you may not be actually doing anything but they feel like they should be able to find something after they pull you or hoping that you’ll act out and then they themselves can be the victim and use there BS reason for stopping you even though it’s a lie in court after arresting you. And there’s a quota as well 😏.

CaboWabo70517 : I lived in Louisiana for 7 years and NEVER got pulled over...not even once. Go figure.

Roy Poud : NOT a lawful stop. fk his hand signal and fk his "Ya got ID".

pickin4you : Its time to stop laughing about that bullshit and get someone else involved and put a stop to it. File a harassment suit against them, and unlawful detainment. You have all the proof you need right on this video. And the next part...... you are going way too far the wrong way. You are being too nice with them. Why were they waiting for you just as you arrived??? This is abuse, and harassment big time.

Destroyer Grey Productions : It's time to cancel your plans on the house and move out of state. LOL

Bear Russell : I'm 65 yrs. old and never pulled over.

Cas Kenzington : they saw your mouth moving and assumed you were singing with loud music blaring

Jeremy Hetrick : Its not just you, trust me.

srq lisa : I sure as hell would have sent that to the local traffic judge, I'm sure your not the only one.

Billy Beane : This is wrongful stoppage. This needs to be exposed that they lied to pull you over. You need to get a lawyer and this needs to go to the media!

Nhat Tran : Lying cops like that heavily erode public trusts on the entire police force. They abuse their power, oppress people they supposed to serve, and even when caught red handed on video, there is no consequence. America is great!

Manny Lugz : I think those cops are corrupt. They are preying on innocent motorists so for some reason they can issue more tickets. They invent imaginary offenses and you really have no choice after that since if you disagree they will claim you are agitated and resisting them. Every motorists should do what you do, which is to bring a video camera and record what happened.

George Washington : COPS LIE...

Matt Burrows : I would file a harassment case and use this and any other video(s) as evidence.

Str805Speed : Loud music? Wtf😂😂 these cops are trippin!

Rick B : It';s Obvious man.... Mexican Cartels using fast cars to transport Drugs... Hum.... One guy... fast car....Driving the speed limit or slower.... That is suspicious these days... The radio claim is simply the excuse... They clearly saw that you were not nervous, were cooperative and the video helped.. There could also be a car matching yours that they are all looking for as well...

Kc Jones : Bro you should sue!!!

Shannon Wilson : And you gave him your id for what

Quentin Walters : Always film the police (for your protection)

That Guy : *We are stereotyped for the cars that we drive. We are pulled over to be set as an example for everyone else. It is intimidation practices and they do it to strike fear into us... So that they can control us.* I'm fucking tired of it.

Jose J Castaneda : Damn! You should be able to take those officer to court for harassing and incriminating citizens.

Bore Hog : You should've let him give you the ticket then informed him that you have been recording and you will see him in court.

Walid bahhur : It’s amazing how casual cops lie!

coyote 5.0 : But I thought only black people got pulled over for nothing lol.

awdeveau : Next mod going to need to be a permanent dash cam or 2 for different angles. Hard telling how that situation would have ended if it hadn't been on camera.