Cops always stop me for nothing and I FINALLY caught it on video!!!

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Muscle Vs Tuner : Music was too loud? They must’ve heard the National Anthem coming out of the exhaust pipe 😎

Homo Moto : Also, I used to be a cop, filing a complaint doesn't do any good. The only thing that will get results is file a formal lawsuit and use your video footage as evidence.

El Salvador : You shouldn’t have told him about the camera straight away to see how long he lied for!!!

Anthony Colon : Never admit to having a dashcam to a cop see how far they take the lie

S Horn : I filed a complaint against 4 officers following an accident in which I was sitting still...vehicle off simply listening to the radio waiting on my friend to get off work when an idiot flew through the lot and hit me.  He told the cops I backed into him.  Ended up having 9 people file complaints because the officers refused to even get my side...literally told me to shut up, talked to the guy who hit me and next thing I know I was being handed 3 tickets including a no seat belt.  Luckily there were 3 cameras pointed where I was sitting and they were submitted.  It was years ago but after a massive investigation---ours weren't the first complaints--6 officers were fired as was the chief.  I support good cops but bad cops deserve to be fired.

News Now Victoria - B.C. Canada : You got busted ! .....for being a law abiding, good citizen.

Not So Silent : Always record the police.

Nathan Sumner : Obviously being pulled over for "music too loud" is a bunch of bull. But going 37mph in a 50mph zone should have been the reason to get pulled over. GO THE FREAKING SPEED LIMIT U DANG TURTLE!!!!!

YellowHammer : Lmao got busted at his own shop. Must've followed him from that noise stop

TheZmt325 : File a harassment complaint with your local police department.

James Guy : You are a marked man, Keep that camera rolling Brov.

DR. DRAGON : This is a sick society. We the American citizens are treated like criminals, people need to stop funding them. Always vote no to give them more money. FYI being a cop is one of the safest jobs in America. And they are never there to help us. They protect corporations.

Arlie Waite : They want your car. So they can sell it.

Etienne : Anyone passing through Louisiana is a fool. It's a third-world country. Last time I drove through was in 1973. I've bypassed it ever since. They're all missing a chromosome.

Str805Speed : Loud music? Wtf😂😂 these cops are trippin!

Gideon David : Wow dirty cops. They should be fired

kreg08 : cops in your country turned crazy, they much so pressure getting money from tickets to get a max revenue they now make stuff up...poor you guys...dashcam is mandatory now in US or you get screwed all the time...good luck with that!

Alex Siko : 3:10 This was so America

Louis Johnson : I never let the pigs know I'm recording, I allow them to destroy their credibility in court and on record.

Destroyer Grey Productions : It's time to cancel your plans on the house and move out of state. LOL

Nick : Move to Arizona, shits like the Wild West still. I fly past cops going 60-70 in 45 mph zones and they don’t do jack shit 😂

iBrochacho : I had a cop follow me , pull me over and say that my music was too loud.. tell me how that is when I didn't even have a radio in my bucket? he wasn't even like "oh my bad"..still proceeded to ask if I had warrants..I told him no...his answer was " oh not yet huh?"

Ezra T : You are so right. I have lived in many different states, and now here in Louisiana I get pulled over for nothing. I got handcuffed and read my rights because they said I was flashing blue lights on the interstate. Of course I have no lights, blue or any other kind of flashing lights in my car. They searched my entire car and of course found nothing. Just wanted to harass me at the grocery store. I am moving back to Texas when I can... You have a new subscriber. I have ordered my cameras and will be installing them all soon. Will be recording full time with backup systems, because the cops like to disassemble/unplug the cameras when they pull me over.

Sir Mack McCrack : Everyone like this comment so it gets bumped to the top, i want as many people to see this as possible Back in the day (:not really back in the day maybe 2000s) they had an incident in New York(?) (i’m not sure) where there was a serial killer on a subway train, and he attacked a man in the car. there were two cops in the very next car that watched the entire scene unfold. long story short the man disarmed the killer (being stabbed several times and sliced in the hand in the process) and once the man was disarmed the cops came in and arrested him. (don’t read any further if you are easily triggered , lol) Yes, the cops were armed with their handguns and could have prevented this from happening. oh, and it was the compassion of an old man on the car that used his jacket and shirt to try to stop the mans bleeding. yes, thankfully, he lived. the story was in the newspapers and on TV of course, but the two police officers received 90% of the credit. it was disgusting. once the man recovered he brought his case to court, which he LOST, because, it is stated that, are you. ready for this? The job of police officers is to enforce the laws, not to protect people. you heard that right. while there are a good bit of well intended officers that do strive to protect people, it is not their job, nor their requirement, and, i cannot stress this enough, you CANNOT be caught vulnerable, you CANNOT rely on their protection because legally it does not exist. you must be ready to protect yourself. get gun training, carry a firearm. i mean of course the liberals want to take our guns away but 2nd amndt says fuck that bullshit. (i had to) regarding the court case, the man lost and as a result he was paid Nothing. There’s a youtube video, uploaded by the guy this happened to, i recommend you watch it you

kuzjoe : He say's they always stop him for nothing and his car is nice. It's only a matter of time before they find or plant some evidence of a crime which they will use to justify taking his property (asset forfeiture) . I recommend installing several interior dash cams with audio or moving to a different state. All three cop cars came right after him and the officer said he and the other officers (collaborating witnesses) could hear his non existing loud music. Which is only a violation on a residential street not a highway. This corrupt policing needs to be exposed.

Sarasdad91 Tim : Cops love to harass. Nothing to do but screw with people.... Thank technology for dash cams. Every should have one.

Brad O’Donnell : Lmao it’s probably because you have a slightly darker complexion, dark brown eyes, dark hair (dark features in general). Over in Louisiana if you ain’t Irish pale they assume you’re not “white”. They probably assume you’re brown from a distance, and find some lame excuse to pull you over shortly afterwards.

Phill Huddleston : I'd laugh if they tried that trick on me, the radio in my truck has been broken since 2000 and the one in my car was stolen before I bought it and has never been replaced.

BigSnead76 : Try being black

Texas Jack : False accusation for warrant check.

matay brock : It’s time for we the people to put criminal cops in jail, with everyone one protecting them as well. Won’t stop until we as a people stand up and do it.

RussianJesuz : install some cameras and slap a few hard drives in there and just constently record with different angles.

Jeff Jones : The only thing going on is that your car makes it obvious you have a few extra dollars to spend. They were just hoping to get you to contribute that $ to their pockets. Nothing but a blue collar mafia shakedown. Legalized extortion at its best.

Aaron Martin TV : I drive semi truck and I go for this s*** all the time. It's really starting to get to me.😤

Ballz Of'steel : Keep a dash cam at all times and a rear dash cam as well!!

Andrew Arceneaux : Louisiana you say? A couple of years back, I was pulled over on my way to work going through Denham Springs because apparently, I was rolling through town with my high beams on. I told the cop that my fog lights had been on, and your fog lights and high beams can't be on at the same time. And demonstrated what WERE my high beams. He told me I needed to have them adjusted. I never did. Nothing came of it.

Aéius Cercle : C.O.P. = Criminal On Patrol

Ronnie Paul : This seems like anecdotal on the surface but it isnt.. This is the shit we have been talking about for years.. I can ride around in my work truck speeding all day long but as soon as I get in one of my hate magnet muscle cars or on a bike I get pulled over for some bullshit like this.. I lived in a town for 2 years and drove a run of the mill truck and cops would even wave at me, the second I buy a busa I shit you not I made it 3 blocks from my house on its maiden drive... Wash rinse repeat for every cop I passed.... Took me an hour and a half to go 15 miles.... FUCK COPS Everyone thinks I am exagerating but not my friends with toys....

TonyMichaelLee TML Avant Garde Artist Painter : You maybe targeted. Research it.

Antonio Garcia : You better get a dash cam

Fred Rieger : It must be the Nike shirt!😄

CryptoChat : I didn't hear any music in that video... disobedient, incompetent cops. Let people know where this is so they avoid BS fines. Filing a complaint is a waste of time, its 100% a joke to have the department investigate itself.

Swanzo : Cops never lie the camera must be broken. You must of been playing music.

Johnny Q : Its because you look Hispanic

CarLords : the local police in your area definitely have something against you and they definitely know your car. they are targeting you. keep documenting these encounters..

Liofa : They just wanted to pull you over, just an excuse.

Blade Runner : No bro, but they got you, they got what they wanted, 1. They saw you driving 2. They need something to pull you over hence loud music excuse 3. What they wanted, to check your background for any outstanding warrants or if you're wanted. You were driving so they have the right to see your drivers license, what they needed was something to pull you over to get the ball rolling. Had you been walking and they had asked for your id then yes you can refuse to show them any but since you were operating a vehicle you have to give them your drivers license, even if they used bullshit to pull you over.

brendan wilson : Maybe you got some coke in the back

Frog King : This thing happens to me too even when I drive my PT Cruiser

Monster RAM : You are a target for these pigs. Time to record everything and retain a lawyer.